Top 16 TV and Movie Streaming Sites Available in Australia

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Online TV and movie streaming services are now a normal thing in Australia with a majority of households having access to at least one streaming service.

Australia, like the rest of the world, has embraced these services as users can watch our favourite TV shows and movies whenever and wherever we like, and on any device. Plus let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot on commercial television these days! Most of these services are somewhat affordable compared to the olden days where you had to pay $7 to rent a DVD at the local video store.

We have a list of free and paid streaming services, and the pros and cons of each!

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List of Free TV Streaming Services:

1. ABC iView

When ABC launched iView, nobody expected that it would leave a massive impact on the TV and entertainment industry. Despite
being a new idea, the streaming service broke the barriers and won the hearts of many. Currently, iView has a pack of its original content. It streams some amazing shows and even live videos,

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  • Device compatibility: You can stream the videos using your desktop and smartphone. Its Android and iOS apps are user-friendly interfaces that you can easily interact with. You can use the phone to stream from whichever location in Australia. If used on desktop and laptop browsers, the service will store all your favourite shows. iView can also be viewed from other gadgets such as Xbox, PS3, PS4 and smart TVs.
  • Data friendly: It is quite good when it comes to data usage for any given timeframe.
  • If you missed your show, you can still watch it within one month after it was aired.
  • The service is super fast and is constantly updated. It is an ideal streaming service if you are trying to stay within a tight budget.


  • The major disadvantage of iView streaming service is the quality of pictures. You cannot use iView to watch in HD.

2. SBS On Demand

Since it started on air, SBS has grown to become a much-loved home of quality TV programs and movies, and after it began its SBS On Demand six years ago, which is the network’s catch-up service, SBS has surely made its way into its viewers’ hearts.


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  • Its casual browsing is quite fast with a browse-by-genre and by-channel options.
  • You can stream its videos on most devices such as your desktop and smartphone. You can view it on Android, iOS and Windows apps, on game consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, and on smart TV.
  • If you didn’t catch up on your show, you can watch it within 14 or 30 days.
  • While the network’s current offerings are mostly limited to recently-aired episodes, some programs have the entire seasons available for on-demand viewing.
  • Ads are included before and during the programs, although it has only three breaks of two ads per program.


  • Most of its video quality is in standard definition, while some are in 720p resolution.

3. Plus7

Plus7 is a part of the partnership between Channel 7 and Yahoo. It offers a list of shows that have on-demand viewing and has a live mobile streaming.

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  • Lets you stream live on-air content.
  • It has a “TV Snax” section that has different exclusive online videos that can only be seen on the site.
  • Its apps are available on iOS, Android, Playstation and Xbox, Fetch TV, Telstra TV, Apple TV and smart TVs.
  • You get push notifications on your mobile device for new episodes.
  • You can also check out your favourite shows across any device through signing in with a Yahoo accout.
  • Its programs have commercial breaks but it tells you the number of ads to be played and how long it runs (the average would be less than 90 seconds).


  • Some shows only offer a few episodes. Only some have its entire seasons available for viewing.
  • Its video quality is fair. By that I mean, the quality is quite blurry on a large display but is clearer on smaller screens.
  • Its user interface is a bit old-fashioned.

4. Ten Play

This is the Ten Network’s way of getting people to catch up on their favourite shows they missed. It also offers live online streaming and some of its shows offer other content such as interviews, trailers, news and information related to the show.


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  • It’s available on Apple TV, game consoles, and smart TVs, Fetch TV and Telstra TV.
  • There are ads before and within the show but are shorter compared to the ones you see on broadcast.


  • It’s not available on Google Chromecast.
  • Some shows are aired in standard definition, while others are on near-HD resolution.

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