4 Stories About Women Who Brutally Killed Their Cheating Partners

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4 Stories About Women Who Brutally Killed Their Cheating Partners

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It is a well-known saying, and when you read what these women did to their husbands/partners when they felt wronged, you can understand why the author would pen such a phrase.

1. Jian Chen: “The Penis Hacker”

Mother-of-two Jian Chen attacked her younger son’s father after he made threats to take her son with him to China.

Jian believed her ex-partner, Jin Xiang Peng, was a conman who would sleep with wealthy women to impregnate them and later take their money, so while cooking for him one night, she devised a plan which began with adding sleeping pills to his soup.

He woke up several hours later with his wrists and feet bound and Jian went on to stab him a number of times in the neck and groin in her North Ryde, New South Wales home on February 9, 2011.

He died the following night from his injuries.

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The Supreme Court heard she mutilated Peng’s penis and flushed it down the toilet to make sure he would not be able to recover it. Psychiatric reports tendered to the court say Chen, who was arrested at her home after calling an ambulance, said at the time “He was a monster to me … his face was twisted.”

“He uses his penis to harm women and children. Something inside me said ‘destroy his weapon (and) don’t let him harm any more women and children’.”

Jian was sentenced to a minimum of three years and nine months in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter. The charge was reduced from murder to manslaughter because she suffered from a “substantial impairment of the mind” due to mental illness and the belief Jin Xiang was going to take their young son to China.

2. Clara Harris: “The Bitch on Wheels”

Clara and David Harris had some of the whitest smiles around. The Texan couple owned a chain of successful orthodontist offices and were financially comfortable. But the relationship began to fall apart when David began having an affair with his former receptionist, Gail Bridges. He didn’t hide the fact, in fact he flaunted it.  He told Clara that his new squeeze was hotter and skinnier and had better breasts.  Clara was devastated and hurt.  She began exercising like crazy to try and lose weight to please her husband.  But he continued the affair.

Clara hired a private detective agency to spy on her husband and his mistress, and on July 24, 2002, the agency notified Clara that her husband was at the Nassau Bay Hilton Hotel.

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When Clara went to the hotel to confront him, she reportedly attacked Gail and when hotel security guards escorted Clara to her Mercedes-Benz, she was apparently still mad. Armed with nothing but a steering wheel, she took her anger out on her husband and when David and Gail came out of the hotel, Clara struck down her husband in the parking lot as her teenage stepdaughter sat in the passenger seat.

According to the medical examiner’s office, Clara ran over her husband three times. David was dead at the scene, and Clara was charged with first-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Valentine’s Day, 2003.

Ironically, that Valentine’s Day would have been Clara and David’s tenth wedding anniversary.

3. Karen Biraghi: “Cheater Becomes The Cheated”

Karen Biraghi had been having an affair with a mystery man and had even slept with the next door neighbor after she felt her husband did not pay her enough attention. But when Alan Biraghi decided to reach out and make a connection with another woman, Karen took revenge by shooting him in the head while he slept on the couch of their Brooksville, Florida home on Christmas Eve, 2011.

Court documents portray Biraghi as a lonely woman who sought affection elsewhere “” and became increasingly angry and despondent “” as her decade-long marriage turned cold.


By 2010, records showed Karen was corresponding with men she met online, complaining that Alan didn’t make her feel wanted and she sought to arrange meetings with the men. By the summer of that year, she was in the midst of an affair and a week before the killing, records showed Karen had a sexual encounter with a neighbor. About a month before his death, Alan and a co-worker struck up a friendship that quickly progressed and they decided he would move into her Spring Hill home on December 26. Alan got a second cellphone to keep the relationship secret, but on December 20, he admitted the relationship to his wife.

The next morning, Karen Biraghi went to a pawnshop and placed a down payment on a .38-caliber handgun. She told investigators later that she bought the gun because her husband was mentally and verbally abusive and that he scared her. About 3am on Christmas Eve, Alan sent a text to his mistress telling her he loved her. He finished his paper route, returned home, and fell asleep on the couch. While he slept, Karen left the house, returned to the pawnshop and picked up the gun.

Authorities say she returned, found her husband’s second cellphone and discovered the romantic text messages. She retrieved the gun from the bedroom and loaded it with six bullets and shot him in the head. Karen called 911 and when the operator asked her why she had done it, she said: “Because I have been suffering years of mental and verbal abuse and I just felt like I’ve reached the end.”

4. Gay Oakes: “The Morbid Gardner”

Doug Gardner was dug into the garden by his de-facto wife in January 1993. He wasn’t discovered at the Christchurch home until 14 months later, when Gay was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Her motive? Gay claimed to have suffered from Battered Women’s Syndrome after being repeatedly beaten and abused for more than a decade.

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Gay gave her partner a drug overdose by loading his coffee with prescription pills and after he died the following morning, she hid his body on her property. In her book, “Decline into Darkness”, which she wrote in prison, she describes how he would beat and mentally torture her as well as stealing money from him.

She writes she did not intend to kill him, she just wanted to put him to sleep to escape more abuse. After he fell asleep, Gay dragged him into her bedroom and left him on the floor, out of sight of their four children so they would not be disturbed. She said Doug was still breathing when she got up in the morning, but later, when she returned from shopping, he had died.

She wrote that she panicked and had a friend help her to bury him under a lean-to beside the garage on her property. Police were tipped off to the body and the remains were exhumed. Gardner’s family have commented in the media, saying Doug was not the monster Gay made him out to beHer attempts to have her sentence reduced due to Battered Women’s Syndrome were denied as she did not report the death immediately and lied to police when questioned about Doug’s whereabouts after his death.

Do you know more stories of women who killed their cheating partners?

4 Stories About Women Who Brutally Killed Their Cheating Partners

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