15 Nifty Uses for Upcycling Baby Formula Tins

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15 Nifty Uses for Upcycling Baby Formula Tins

If you formula feed, you know all about the tins. They look so handy and the contents were used so quickly! They cost you near-on $20 but most of us end up just throwing them away.  Here are some fabulous uses for Formula Tins!

1. Use Empty Formula Tins as Kids Stationery Storage

Formula tins are great for storing crayons, pencils and crafting items for the kids.

Colourful desk organizers with recycled cans ... get creative and use different kind of containers in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen ~m

Via Jamie from The Crafting

2. Keep Your Old Single-Use Plastic Bags in One

This is a great place to squeeze all your old plastic bags into one place.  You can even cut a small hole in the top you can pull them out like tissues!

Round Up: 9 Cool & Creative Uses for Old Coffee Cans. The one pictured here I love--Perfect to toss in the car as we enter into soccer season--I always wish I had extra plastic bags on hand for trash, muddy soccer boots, wet socks, etc.

Image Via House of Grace

3. Great for Kitchen Storage

Use empty formula tins to keep foods fresh in the pantry.  Staples such as coffee (keeps them very fresh), rice, flour and sugar keep well in formula tins and protects them from moths and weevils.  You can also use empty formula tins to store those bulky items that always get stuck in the second drawer – the egg whisk, large spoons, soup ladle etc.

Formula tin, spray paint and thin black ribbon cut from the hanger ribbons inside T-shirts! This makes me (and my utensils) very happy :-)

Image Via Pinterest

4. Make Formula Tins into a Bespoke Vase

I adore what they have done here.  Using a formula tin as a base, glue some like-sized twigs around the outside of the tin, secure with some paper twine and pop in some flowers.  Cheap, cheerful and just gorgeous!

Vase+Can | Stay at Home

Image Via The PUrple

Shabby Vintage Tin Can Craft

Image Via Fox Hollow Cottage

5. Kids Storage for Hot Wheels Cars or Barbie Clothing

Grab one of the lids from a baby wipes pack and cut it out carefully.  Cut a suitable hole from the top of the formula tin and glue on the hinged lid.  You now have a nifty container perfect for hiding your secret stash!

Formula / milk powder tin + baby wipes packet lid = fun for baby & toddler!

6. Or a Place to Store the Kids Lego

Decorate the tin in Lego yellow, add a face and you have a perfectly sized Lego storage unit!

Homemade Lego people container made from an empty baby formula container.

Image Via Pinterest

7. They Can Be Turned Into a Christmas Table Decoration

Made this Holiday decoration from an empty formula can and items from the dollar store!

Image Via Pinterest

8. Or a Beautiful Punch Tin Can Lantern

Upcycled Craft Ideas for Valentines Day. Learn how to make an adorable tin lantern from an upcycled tin can! These easy DIY lanterns are made from just two recycled craft supplies: a tin can and a wire coat hanger. Perfect for rustic wedding, Valentines Day or a romantic décor. The Art Of Up-Cycling: repurposed tin cans to lanterns.

Image Via

50 Beautiful Christmas Home Decoration Ideas From Martha Stewart

Image via Family

9. A Cutlery Caddy Made of Upcycled Formula Tins – Genius!

I really love this idea!  Stick together a couple of tins to make this fun cutlery caddy.

Learn how to make a Tin Can Caddy that can be used as a cutlery or stationary and craft holder. It has so many uses! Watch the video tutorial too.

Image Via Madame Criativa

10. Stack and Glue Formula Tins to Make a Kids Shoe Rack

Upcycled formula tins are the perfect size for kids shoes – just use a bit of glue or tape to stack them up and they look fantastic!

Finally a use for empty formula cans and! A place for all those little shoes!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Image Via

11. Build a Vertical Garden

Drill a few holes in the bottom and sides and use them as a pot plant. Store larger seedlings, bulbs and pips/pods from fruit to dry out.

Vertical garden made from old pallet sanded back and painted black & formula tins spray painted silver.

12. Create a Unique Light Fixture

Homemade Recycled Aluminum Can Light Fixture | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Image Via California Light Fixture Art

13. Turn a Formula Can into a Drum

With a few different craft supplies, you can turn that used formula tin into a drum that your little one can drive you mad with!  Find the instructions from Teaching Mama.

b064dd3ddd3404bfdaa7d9cfd670ef94 | Stay at Home

Image via

14. For Dad’s Bits and Bobs in the Shed

Perfect for Dad’s/hubby’s bits and bobs. He can store things like nails, nuts and bolts etc from the shed. Perfect idea for a homemade Fathers Day gift.

5a0858476b59823e8d1a1b181d270865 | Stay at Home

Image Via Pinterest

15. Make Formula Tins into A Bird Feeder

Bird feeder. A simple bird feeder using an old plastic-lidded tin.

Image Via Happy Go Lucky

Got some more great ideas on how to upcycle formula tins?

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