Do You Wear Socks To Bed? This Sleep Hack Might Make You Cringe

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Do You Wear Socks To Bed? This Sleep Hack Might Make You Cringe

A doctor on TikTok, is going viral and causing quite a stir in the process.

She wrote, “I wear socks to bed so don’t come at me I’m not weird.”

Dr Jess Andrade, DO, a resident in paediatrics, recently posted a TikTok video where she talks about wearing socks to bed to help you sleep.

Yes, that’s SOCKS in bed.

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She explains, “Wearing socks makes your feet warm and this opens up the blood vessels that cool the body down,” she said.

“The body being cool tells the brain that it’s time for bed. So actually people that wear socks to bed tend to fall asleep faster.”

The Debate

The video has been viewed more than 19.7 million times and sparked quite the discussion.

One comment read, “Ewwwwww, these people are WRONNG!!”

Another said, “I could never wear socks to bed, I feel way better and more rested without socks on in bed.”

Other comments include:

“Only when it’s really cold.”

“Too hot…I’d sweat like a pig.”

“No from me”¦It would keep me awake”¦it takes me ages to even adjust to have a shirt PJ on in winter.”


“Doesn’t work for me.”

“That’s a no from me, even in chilly ol’ Melbourne in the winter, but my kids wear them to bed most of the time.”

I must admit I feel like my feet are choking when I wear socks to bed. I can’t breath. My feet usually stick out from under the covers most nights or I feel too constricted. (weird, I know!)

Why Wearing Socks to Bed Helps You Sleep Better

The body depends on blood vessels located on our skin especially the extremities (hands and feet) in order to regulate our internal temperature.

When your body’s temperature is warm, your blood vessels expand in a process known as vasodilation. This helps to boost blood flow and circulate the warmer blood through-out the body; producing a cooling effect. On the other hand, if your body’s temperature drops, the blood vessels shrink, increasing blood pressure and forcing it to flow to the surface in a process called vasoconstriction.

According to one study keeping your feet warm before going to bed boosts the process of vasodilation. This helps your body relax and fall asleep easier.

The Benefits of Wearing Socks to Bed

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Not only does wearing socks in bed send you peacefully to sleep and keep you comfortable throughout the night, but it also has some other unexpected health benefits:

1. Prevents Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s Disease is a very rare condition that affects the blood cells and causes an overreaction to the cold. By wearing socks in bed your body is able to regulate itself and prevent the disease.

2. Prevents Cough

One tip for treating a cough/cold is to put vicks on your feet and pop some socks on. Wearing socks every night in bed will also prevent a cough in the first place.

3. Treats cracked feet

By wearing socks in bed you can prevent dry and cracked heels, a common problem that often occurs during colder months. Apply some moisturiser to your feet before putting cotton socks on and go to sleep.

4. Prevents Night Sweat and Hot Flushes

The socks enable your body to regulate its temperature, keeping your body temperature stable and preventing night sweats and hot flushes, which can often cause people to wake up in the middle of the night.

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5. Treat Fever

If you are suffering from a high fever, soaking your socks in apple cider vinegar before wearing them in bed will boost your immune system and help you to recover.

6. Warm Your Feet

If you suffer from uncomfortable and cold feet then try adding some hot chili or cayenne pepper to your socks. It will warm up your feet in no time!

Here’s my favourite from Etsy!

7. Improves mental health

One study from Asia found that people who wore specially made sleeping socks which is popular in South Korea fell asleep faster than others who did not wear the socks. What’s more, the people who wore the socks woke up half the time and slept for 30 mins more than the others.

8. Improves your sex life

One study found that 8 out of 10 couples who wore socks before bed had an orgasm but only 50 percent of couples who did not wear socks had the same experience.

NOTE: If you want to gain the most benefits from wearing socks to bed without overheating at night, make sure you buy the ones made of natural breathable fibers.

Do You Wear Socks To Bed? This Sleep Hack Might Make You Cringe | Stay At Home Mum

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