Why CBD Oil Has Been Making a Buzz on the Internet

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Why CBD Oil Has Been Making a Buzz on the Internet

Why CBD Oil Has Been Making a Buzz on the Internet

Just a few short years ago CBD was virtually unknown. Most of the research being done surrounding marijuana and hemp was either done in secret or at least not inside the USA. It was all about the THC, or so it seemed. Hemp products were dubiously legal and the draconian and probably incorrect ideas espoused in Reefer Madness were still considered completely valid by many.

All this, despite the fact that Oncologists were among those fighting for legalization. (Some) Cancer doctors knew that compounds found in both marijuana and hemp could ease the suffering patients they saw daily. Innovations and changes in legislature in the last few years has changed all of that.

Now you can find CBD information and products all over the internet.

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What’s With All the Buzz About CBD Oil?

Part of the problem with marijuana has always been the psychoactive compound THC. Everything about it puts some people, and most governments, off. That is where CBD comes into the picture. Like it’s cousin THC, the chemical composition of CBD has been studied to effectively help treat a massive number of conditions. The best part is that it doesn’t have the, ‘high,’ that disturbs so many people.

Given how useful it is, you might expect wholesale CBD oil to go out of stock faster than any supplier can keep up with, and retail shelves to be treated like a Walmart on Black Friday when the cases of this precious substance come in. This is not (yet) the case, but the buzz is warranted.

If you’re more skeptical in nature then you might instead be wondering if this is the next miracle cure that never really worked. From hundred dollar bottles of powdered papaya in capsules for dieters, to people who claim coconut oil can cure everything, there are more than a few incredible claims.

Many claims are exactly that, not credible or valid. Once in a while however, someone discovers Aspirin, a white willow bark concentrate that helps with fever and pain among other things. Other notable discoveries include Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, which shows some early promise in potentially regrowing nerves and brain tissue and might help with Alzheimer’s someday, or Penicillin (mould on bread that is a powerful antibiotic). CBD is on that list for its ability to treat epilepsy.

What Actually is CBD?

Technically, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid. It is a substance found in plants from the cannabis family like marijuana and hemp. It is part of the chemical makeup of both plants. Intriguingly, it’s a part that has shown some stunning scientific evidence that gives weight to the claims that it is a Panacea with the ability to (potentially) help a multitude of conditions. The studies on many health issues, including movement disorders, cognition, pain and anxiety give a lot of hope and some clinical evidence to back up the claims of health benefits beyond epilepsy.

Unlike THC, which is chemically distinct, the CBD has no ‘high,’ no particularly noteworthy psychological distraction factor. Most CBD comes from Hemp rather than it’s more infamous cousin marijuana. This leads some to disparage the source as inferior, and assures others that it is indeed not just another name for ‘pot.’

How Can You Use CBD Oil?


This is a fancy word for a spray. Aerosols are used in several medicines, most notably Asthma inhalers.


Different from aerosol is the option of smoking or vaping. Using it in this way is likely one of the biggest reasons it is still confused with marijuana.

Oral Solutions

CBD can be mixed with water or other liquids and swallowed.


CBD extracts are also found in edibles. Savory or sweet, it can be baked or mixed into most foods.

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What is CBD used for?

In one form, Epidiolex, CBD is FDA approved as a treatment for epilepsy. As previously mentioned, there have been studies providing some evidence that it may treat pain, help with movement disorders like palsies, and improve cognitive functions as well, but more testing is needed.

The unofficial uses trump the official approved applications. The sheer quantity of information available is enough to at least warrant a second look for numerous conditions. Naturally, regulatory organizations like the FDA and DEA are skeptical about the claims. This has contributed greatly to the storm of internet buzz-worthy articles.

Why is Anyone Trying to Stop CBD From Being Sold as a Health Supplement?

So… why would anyone try to stop people from using CBD freely? Well, it may or may not surprise you to know that it is the useful nature that is the largest part of the holdup. If CBD was devoid of any health applications it would not be such a noteworthy substance.

Anything that can be used to treat medical conditions is strictly regulated. In part, this helps to keep medicines pure and holds them to a standard that allows patients to be assured of receiving the full benefit. Validation allows sellers to make the claims about its health effects. Lack of validation will get a company a stern warning not to make a claim that is unproven.

While early studies show promise, more high quality clinical research is necessary before CBD can be accepted by the scientific community for other uses. In order to pass muster and be allowed to be marketed as a valid health supplement or a drug there are many hurdles to pass. What is ‘common knowledge,’ and what is accepted medical fact are not, and should not be, the same thing. (It was once common knowledge that the earth is flat and a human body could not travel over 35 MPH without collapsing, but now we have the International Space Station and cars that routinely take us much faster than was once believed possible.)

In addition, many industry insiders consider the production methods questionable. Current methods can lead to contaminants in the oil and other forms of corporate abuse among ‘bad’ companies. Sadly, anytime something can make a fortune, there is someone who wants to cut corners and make a bigger fortune with lower quality products. Fortunately, there are also some very good sources who sell high quality CBD oil.

Legalities of CBD Oil in Australia

According to the Office of Drug Control in Australia, hemp seed oil is fit for human consumption and able to be imported provided:

  • The total cannabidiol content of the hemp seed oil is 75km/kg or less, and
  • The total tetrahydrocannabinol content of the oil is 50mg/kg or less

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

CBD is wonderfully complex. Like anything with real world health applications it must be scrutinized carefully and the sources questioned. Without a doubt some medical uses have been proven, and others show promise that was once thought impossible in a single substance. Moving forward it seems likely the industry will only grow, and hopefully that means more strict safety and purity guidelines in production.

When you read the buzz on the internet it may seem incredible, but there is more than enough evidence to back up some of the otherwise unbelievable claims.

If you are planning to use it, or have friends and family who do, be sure you research your providers carefully for the best possible outcome.

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