How to Write a Dating Profile To Attract Mr (or Ms) Right

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How to Write a Dating Profile To Attract Mr (or Ms) Right

Online dating is a $2.2 billion dollar industry…

It’s convenient, easy to use and great for people who don’t want to stand around in a bar waiting to meet someone special.

Online Dating now accounts for 1 in 5 relationships, and 1 in 6 marriages!  You can’t argue with those kinds of figures!

But just how do you go about presenting yourself online? Writing about yourself is awkward at best, but when it’s a necessary evil in order to facilitate the best matches for your online dating experience, a little bit of savvy goes a long way.

Read on to discover how to write a shit hot online dating profile that will attract the right sort of partner!

How to Write an Online Dating Profile | Stay At Home Mum

Come Up With a Non-Slutty Non-Sexual Innuendo User Name

Firstly, most dating sites will ask you to start with a username. You want this to be relevant to you without disclosing any personal details. Use your first name, or a nickname if it’s available but never ever use your last name unless you want a stalker.

Avoid number combinations if you can, it looks cheesy and predictable. You can try to blend words instead, or use your first and middle name.

Steer well clear of the use of inappropriate vowels. ‘HotGurl’ is not particularly attractive and isn’t likely to bring the quality suitors knocking on your door. You could make your username a funny play on words, a great way to draw the attention of a humorous date.

Maybe you’d prefer to incorporate song lyrics (please, nothing cheesy, more like ‘BohoRhapsody’) or casual pop culture references. ‘CrazyCatChick’ is more likely to engage someone and make them laugh (in a good way) than say.. ‘SexiAngelBabi’. See what I mean?

If you go for a sexual user name – you will end up with an inbox full of dick pics.

Happy couple enjoying on a long drive in a car. Friends going on road trip on summer day. Caucasian young man driving a car and joyful woman with her arms raised. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Writing the “About Me” Section

Next, you’ll move on to the personal description part of your profile. This is crucial to the kind of people you want to attract. Most people look at your pictures first (we’ll get on to that a bit later on) but at some stage, they’re going to read your profile. And let’s be honest, the kind of people you actually want to date are the kind of people who will take the time to read a profile. So let’s get cracking.

Firstly, for the love of all things good and holy”¦ USE YOUR SPELLCHECKER.

Do not abbreviate words, do not substitute numerals for sounds (GR8, anyone?) and absolutely make yourself familiar with the fundamentals of grammar. You’ll thank me later, I promise. You want to be engaging and stand out from the crowd. Resist the urge to describe yourself as sweet, funny or nice.

Every other profile out there already says that. You want to highlight the aspects of your personality that really sell you. And then do just that, sell it, baby!

Remember to be positive! No-one wants to read that you are grieving for your cat.

This can often be the hardest part of creating a profile. Invite a friend over, pop open a bottle of wine and have your friend list the things about you that they love. Get them to give you an example. Work this into your profile and I guarantee you will have a genuine, warm and approachable profile.

Don’t use any of the following comments in the ‘About Me’ Section:

  • Handyman with my own tool
  • It’s hard to be good, but good if you’re hard
  • Busty brunette who knows how to have a good time!

A Bit of Advice for the Fellas:

Please, fellas, don’t send us dick pics. We really don’t understand WHY you do that – it isn’t attractive and is certainly not how you go about meeting a girl you could potentially have a relationship with.

If all you are looking for is a quick pick up or booty call – there are other more appropriate places to ‘Advertise your wares’ than dating sites. Use Tinder and don’t waste our time.

Another thing – if you are serious about finding a relationship – there are certain turn-offs that will outshine a witty personality when you meet in person.

They include:

  • Brush your teeth.  We don’t need to smell your ‘dead-like’ morning breath at 8pm on a Friday night over garlic prawns.
  • Shower before you come out.  And use deodorant.  Personal hygiene is important.  If you can’t be bothered smelling your best for a first date, we can’t imagine what you will smell like six months down the track.
  • Go steady on the cologne.  We don’t want to smell your BO but we do want to smell YOU.  Just a teeny tiny drop will do.
  • Always have clean sheets on your bed.  We want to know that you change them regularly. If we get that far anyway…..
  • Iron your shirt and pants.  Look like you made an effort.  If you don’t know how to iron or don’t own an iron – invest in one and learn.
  • Open the door for ladies.  Even in these days of equality – it is a lovely gesture.  Pull out her chair too.

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How to Find The Perfect Dating Site

When it comes to dating sites – you want to find one with the best success rate.  We have found the best to be eHarmony.

eHarmony is an online dating website designed specifically to match single men and women with each other for long-term relationships.  I like that they can match you by age and your area.  They have a dedicated area for seniors.  The way they match couples is all science-based and are so successful they have patented the technology.  11,000 members have married through meeting on eHarmony. Recommended for: Anyone looking for marriage and children.

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What are the do’s and don’ts in an online dating profile?


1.  Be honest, share personal anecdotes, be engaging.

2. Be honest if you have children and you’re comfortable sharing that information.

3. State what you want in a partner. “The right person for me is charming, will make me laugh, can cook a mean spag bol and will fearlessly hunt down spiders.”

4. Get a friend to help you create your profile by bringing to your attention your sparkling personality traits.

5. Provide an opening for conversation in your profile by listing things that you like, your interests and hobbies.

6. Keep it concise, eloquent and detailed enough to draw interest. Three paragraphs tops.

7. Perception is all in the language. State what you want.



1. Don’t overly discuss your personal life. We don’t need to know about your ex or your 17 cats.

2. Don’t use their names, mention their ages or post their pictures.

3. Don’t be negative in your profile. “Don’t contact me if you’re insecure, jealous or live with your mother.”

4. Do not drink all the wine with your best friend and then decide to post a profile. Best done sober. You’ll thank me later.

5. Don’t be too honest about all the things you like, your interests and hobbies. If your weekend hobbies consist of trash TV and multiple bottles of wine (there is nothing wrong with that, by the way… I hear you sister), it’s okay to tell a white lie in this situation. Tell them you like antique shopping and café coffee.

6. No need to sum yourself up in two sentences but also don’t waffle on. Leave a bit of mystery.

7. Don’t use terms like ‘hope’, ‘need’, ‘looking for love’ — it makes you seem needy.

Now we hit the fun part.. pictures!

bigstock Smiling young woman in lounge 432318665 | Stay at Home

Choosing the Right Picture for Your Online Dating Profile

Most online dating sites allow for multiple pictures. Your first picture needs to be a head shot and a solo one at that. No group shots please! Take a few pictures and try not to have all of them self-taken. Make sure you include at least one body shot if you don’t, people will assume you’re trying to hide something. Smile in your pictures and try to let your pictures reflect who you are. Look directly at the camera.  Pay careful attention to the background in your pictures!

No one will notice your beautiful smile if you’ve taken it in the bathroom with a toilet in the background. Do not include pictures of your children, you have no idea who is viewing your profile.

Please for the love of God – don’t photoshop your images!!!!  You want people to like and be attracted to the real you, not a fake version of you.

A hint is to have a fun photo session with a friend and get them to take a few photos in a light and fun setting.

It is a fact that other people see you differently than how you see yourself in the mirror – so get your friend to choose the photos that best reflect you!

Other great hints for capturing a great profile picture:

  • Do something random and fun (but still you) in a photograph.  That could be washing your cat, jumping on a trampoline or riding a bike at the beach.  Something that is outside of the box rather than just sitting or standing there smiling in the photo.
  • Wear a bright colour!  Think reds and pinks and even yellows.  Try and avoid neutrals – they can come across as boring.
  • Make sure you are front and centre of the image.  Don’t take a photo from a long way away – you want potential partners to see you at a quick glance.

Make sure that your pictures are recent and an honest reflection of who you are. Remember that your pictures are there to supplement the wonderful, charming person that you are. You don’t need to display yourself in an unnatural way in order to snag a date, so keep the pictures classy! It’s the best way to attract the right kind of people.

What a Good Profile Picture Looks Like:

This is a fantastic example of a good profile picture:

How to Write a Shit Hot Online Dating Profile | Stay at Home Mum

Online Dating Profile Examples for Men | Online dating profile examples, Online dating profile, Dating profile

Now a few examples of some terrible online dating profiles:

We are pretty sure some or all of these are fake – but you get the picture….

sexy fail poo | Stay at Home

15 Of The Worst Online Dating Profiles Ever | TheTalko

ok cupid profile fails - Modern Thrill

By now, you should have a cracking online dating profile set up and ready to go. Get out there, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. And if you do meet Mr or Mrs Right, you can always tell the family you met them in the fruit aisle at Woolies.

Do you have more tips for online dating?

Share it with us in the comments!

You can also check out these dating websites… Happy hunting!

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