60 Ways to Make $100 FAST!

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60 Ways to Make $100 FAST!

Money is essential to life, but sometimes we just don’t have enough of it.

So what are we to do when we have bills to pay, mouths to feed, or things that simply must be bought? Well, we need to make more money! Here are some ideas on how to get that done.

You don’t have to leave your full-time job for this! Here are easy peasy and of course, legal ways, to make $100!

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1. Become a Mystery Shopper

Shopping means spending, but you can earn money from it, too. And if you become a mystery shopper there’s a possibility that you’ll get the clothes you want for free. If you love shopping, then this is an opportunity for you to earn while doing what you love. Not everyone thinks that being a is worth the money, but if you love shopping, this is definitely one to look into.

How Much Can You Expect To Make?

Well, it depends on the job.  Experienced Mystery Shoppers can easily make $100 for a detailed report.  Beginners can expect free products and $50+ for their first gig.

2. Take Online Surveys

  • How much can you expect to earn? Up to $100 per week

For those with access to a computer and a reasonable sense of patience, online surveys can be a great way to earn money on the side.

If you think you can’t make money just by having opinions, think again. Surveys are really important for businesses to improve, and in order for them to do that, they should know what other people think of their product or services. Opinions are what help them determine which aspects they need to improve on. While there are surveys that don’t pay, there are some that do.

25 web resources that will maximize your productivity | Stay at Home

3. Rent Out a Spare Space

If your house is big enough and there are lots of unused rooms, and you don’t mind having someone else inside the house then renting out one or two rooms is a great way to make money.

With the current rental crisis in Australia – not only will you make extra money – but you will be possibly keeping people from living in their cars or on the street.

If you don’t have space inside the house (or don’t want a flatmate) and have a shed you aren’t using, or a hardstand space – you can rent this out too for people who own caravans or boats and don’t have a spot to store it.

Apartments can be expensive. Tourists, as much as possible, want to have a budget-friendly travel experience. Instead of renting out a spare room for the locals, you can also make it available for the tourists who want to experience your locality at a much cheaper price. This is a much better choice if you want temporary occupants.

Where to Advertise for Tenants:

Post it up on sites like AirBnB or Spacer and make money on it all year round for travellers looking for authentic local accommodation. Just make sure to background check the potential occupant. Check your local Facebook Rentals Page (nearly all areas have them) or put your name down at real estate agents.

Some of the spaces you can rent out include:

  • Garage
  • Backyard Space
  • Spare Room

4. Become a Tutor or Make an Online Course

  • How much can you expect to earn? About $50 per hour!

If you’re knowledgeable in a certain subject, or you have a knack for teaching, advertise your services as a tutor. It can be rewarding in more ways than one.  If you are looking to become a tutor try the following companies:

Alternatively, if tutoring isn’t your thang, think about creating and selling an online course! Everyone is good at something, and when you are good at something, you can create an online course to sell!

The easiest platforms to start an online course are:

  • Udemy
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
 Become a Tutor

5. Return Unwanted Items For A Refund

Bought something only to realise you shouldn’t have because you didn’t really need it? Return those items quickly and get a refund!

Always ensure you keep the receipts for everything – just in case!

Sell Unwanted Items

6. Sell Unwanted Items

From eBay to Gumtree to your local Buy, Swap, Sell page on Facebook, there are so many places to sell your unwanted items to others.

You can do a garage sale or have an online shop, whichever you prefer. It’s money just waiting for you.

We outgrow clothes, so those that don’t fit anymore, sell them. Don’t let them be in your closet just for the sake of keeping them because they don’t help at all especially when you’re choosing what to wear. Don’t stress yourself looking for just a piece of blue shirt!, If your baby has already outgrown the baby gear, don’t just store it in the basement.

You can also post a picture of it on social media, and sell it for a lower price. The same goes for household items you no longer need or gifts you received that are of no use to you. Not throwing stuff you don’t need anymore is one of the reasons why your house is messy. If you have time, try sorting out your things and put those you aren’t using anymore together, clean them up a bit and sell it.

List of Platforms to sell unwanted items:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • EBay
  • Gumtree

7. Babysit or Housesit

  • How much can you expect to earn? About $15/hour for babysitting or $200 per week for housesitting

Whatever you want your level of responsibility to be, there’s money to be made in the ‘sitting’ business. Advertise your services on local Facebook Pages (and start your own page too).

bigstock Pretty babysitter playing with 84688511 | Stay at Home

8. Enter Competitions

  • How much can you expect to earn? About $50 – $100 per week

Some competitions offer cash money, others offer items that can be easily sold for cash, and they’re certainly a good idea.

Check out the following websites that collage all the competitions:

As well as online competition websites – check out the back of all the grocery shopping you do – quite often they run free competitions to enter. Most of them will require the receipt number, so again, make sure you keep all those receipts!

9. Become a Freelance Writer

  • How much can you expect to earn? Up to $2000 per week

For those with the skills, becoming a freelance writer is a challenging and interesting way to earn some extra money. If you know how to write effectively, you can try freelance writing. There are lots of people who are looking for freelance writers so even though there’s a competitive environment in the field, build your portfolio and showcase your best writing samples there. You’ll find a client in no time!

Want More Information?

10. Sell Your Old Jewellery

Just because you don’t wear it, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth something. Advertise it online, or sell it to your local pawn shop.

You can just send in your old gold jewellery for valuation, and if it’s worth something, they’ll transfer money straight to your bank account (otherwise they just send the jewellery back to you!)

Other reputable places to sell your jewellery include:

baby | Stay at Home

10. Use a Platform to Hire out Your Baby Gear

There are baby hire programs now where you can rent out your used pram, cot, breast pump – any baby stuff!  Get cash for hiring everything out!

Places, where you can list your baby stuff for hire, include:

11. Apply for a Government Grant

There are so many grant opportunities out there, so if you have a good idea and a decent head for grant writing, try it out!

Try the following websites to see if there is a grant to fit your situation:

Write And Sell An Ebook

12. Review Websites and Apps for Cash

There are thousands of brand new websites coming online every single day. And with every new website is inevitable teething problems. And there is a website that will PAY YOU to find those bugs and will pay you for it.

You need to sign up to the site, then answer the screen questions, and then test, test test!

Sign up for User Testing and get paid up to $10 per website review.

13. Write And Sell An Ebook

  • How much can you expect to make? Up to $1500 per week

The ebook market is currently in a state of massive growth. Take advantage of this by writing your own and selling it online.

The brilliant thing about e-books – is that they are the ‘perfect product’. Once the ebook has been written, you can sell the same ebook again and again and again, without having to post it!

Our Ebook tells you how to write your ebook, how long to make it and where to sell it!

how to write an ebook for profit | Stay at Home Mum
shopnow1 | Stay at Home

14. Ask Your Boss For A Pay Rise

If you’re working, talk to your boss about the possibility of getting a pay rise. Be upfront and honest about the fact that, without extra money, you may need to seek other employment.


15. Check Your Centrelink Entitlements

It’s easy to miss things with Centrelink, with things changing all the time. So take a few hours to look through your Centrelink entitlements and make sure you aren’t missing anything you’re eligible for.

16. Start A Blog Or Website

Yes, you can make money through blogging. You can earn through advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, online courses, and so on. There are a lot of blogs and websites out there today, so of course, earning from the blog will take time. Before you’re able to make money out of blogging, you have to have quality posts, a good number of readers, and an established online presence, which all will take you years to acquire.

For more on how to start a blog, check out our ebook!

Become a Party Planner

17. Become a Party Planner

Love to party? Share that love with others by starting your own party planning business! There’s some more info here!

19. Write Resumes

If you have experience with resumes, and you’re a good writer, consider hiring yourself out to write resumes for a fee. Advertise in local Facebook Groups to get work.  You can expect to make from $300 for each resume you do!

Hot Hint:

You can download some shit hot resume templates from Etsy that will make your job a whole lot easier and many of them are under $20!

We love these stores that have epic templates:

Resume Template CV Template Professional Resume Template image 0

20. Sell A Story To A Magazine/Website

Got a great story to tell? Why not sell it to a magazine, website or other media outlet, most of which pay for inclusions. And you aren’t just limited to Australian publications – you can go global.

Here are some outlets that pay for stories:

  • The Sun
  • Harper’s
  • Listverse
  • BuzzFeed Reader
  • Women’s World
  • The Greatist
  • Motherwell
  • Dame Magazine
  • Boston Globe
  • The Frisky
  • Skirt
  • Cracked
  • Extra Crispy
  • Kveller
  • Narratively

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21. Sell Your Photos As Stock Images

If you’re a budding photographer with a large database of images, consider selling them on a stock website for some extra cash. Once uploaded to a Stock Image site, if people purchase your image you can make 25c – 45c per download.  The higher quality of the image and the more unique it is, the more you can expect to make. 

But the fantastic thing about uploading your images to Stock Image sites is that you can sell the same image again and again.

Here are some Stock Image sites that will pay you for your images:

  • Getty Images
  • iStock Photo
  • Shutterstock
30 Easy Ways to Make $100

22. Write Family Trees

How much can you expect to earn? From $25/hour

For people interested in genealogy and with a passion for computers and research, there might be money to be made writing family trees.

You would need to have a good computer and subscriptions to multiple genealogy sites such as:

  • 23andme
  • Find My Past
  • Family
  • Family Tree
  • My Heritage
  • AncestryDNA
  • Family Tree DNA
  • Living DNA
Getty woman family 3481521b | Stay at Home

23. Make Youtube Videos 

Got a video camera and a great idea? Make a YouTube video and post it online! Viral videos can earn a substantial amount in advertising.

Read our article on How to Become a Professional Youtuber

How to Become a Professional Youtuber

24. Become a Small Business Social Media Manager

If you are great on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, see if companies will pay you to look after their social media needs.

Find out How to Start a Small Business in Marketing here –>

25. Become a Virtual Assistant

A lot of people are already choosing to work from home because it’s indeed more convenient especially if you’re taking up further studies or if you’re already a mother and you have children with you at home to take care of. There are several online jobs you can do, and one of them is being a virtual assistant. Secretarial and office work experience will definitely come in handy!

If you’re a skilled typist and organisational queen, think about becoming a virtual assistant, working remotely for a regular wage.

Read our article on ‘How to Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia’.

26. Become a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Love dogs? Advertise yourself as a dog walker in your local community or city. Pet owners don’t always have the time to take their pets on a walk, feed them, cuddle with them, and so on. Sometimes, too, they are out of the house, so there’s no one to look after their pets. This is an amazing job because pets are a joy to work with. 

You can get fit and get paid.

Alternatively – you could start your own business being a Pet Sitter or start a Pet Daycare Centre!

27. Do Some Night Fill Work

Night-fill jobs aren’t just jobs for the young. Night-fill work can be great for parents struggling to manage work with kids, as long as you can manage the odd hours. Perfect when you want to earn extra income because the hours you need to work are flexible. We made a guide on how you can find a night fill job, check it out!

30 Easy Ways to Make $100

28. Do Pamphlet Delivery

Advertisers are always interested in accessing customers, with many using pamphlets to do so. Sign up to deliver them, and there’s money to be made.

apply promotional goods | Stay at Home

29. Register To Count Votes

If the election is coming up, there are spaces available to count votes in your local area. Check it out before the spaces fill up. It pays REALLY well!

Register To Count Votes

30. Ironing Lady

Some people find ironing to be relaxing. If you’re one of them, consider advertising your skills as an ironing lady and make some money during the day at home.

9 Tips to Make Ironing Your Clothes a Piece of Cake2 | Stay at Home

31. Become a Cleaner

Got an eye for detail? Have a look around for work as a cleaner doing everything from houses to cars. There’s a surprisingly large amount of work out there. 

Most cleaning jobs start from $35/hour!


32. Do Some Fundraising

If you’ve got great people skills and you know how to make a strong argument, sign up to be a paid fundraiser, working for a base rate plus commission, with a charity or fundraising company.

Here are 100 Fundraising Ideas for Schools

100 Fundraising Ideas for Schools | Stay at Home Mum

33. Market Research

Companies always want to know what their customers are thinking, so why not make some money off them for a change by participating in market research.

market researcher

34. Be a Morning School Run Coordinator

Got a car and some free time in the morning and afternoon? Organise a school carpool for kids in your area, and get paid by their parents!

Read our article on ‘Being a Morning School Run Coordinator”

Start Your Business Being a Morning School Run Coordinator

35. Sell Your Hair

It’s a little left field, but if you have long, good-quality hair, there’s money to be made from it.

sell your hair

36. Sell Your Fresh Produce from Your Garden

If you’re got a garden that overproduces, you’d be mad not to try and make a profit on it. Sell it at farmers markets and local markets for some extra dough.

Vegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners | Stay at Home

37. Propagate Seedlings

For those with a  green thumb, you can make a little extra cash on the side by propagating seedlings to sell at markets or direct to your local nursery.

Propagate Seedlings

38. Register your Home or Property as a Film or TV location

If you have a lovely or unique home, register it now as a film and television location. It does require flexibility, but the money is really good.

SimpleSpareRoom | Stay at Home

39. Become a Delivery Driver or Casual Courier

For those with their own car and some time on their hands, consider registering as a delivery driver or casual courier, as a bonus income stream. You can offer to give a parcel to anyone from the place you’re going to on behalf of another person, or receive a parcel intended for anyone from your hometown. You can also use applications for that if you want to do the work even for people who aren’t in your neighbourhood.

Some apps you can use include:

  • Sherpa
  • Passel

Or do Food Delivery!

This one’s an awesome option and you can totally do this in your neighbourhood. Sometimes, people are too lazy to prepare or even buy their own food so they’d be happy to order through you.

Some of the food delivery platforms include:

  • Uber Eats
  • Deliveroo

40. Attend Trivia Nights

On the fun side of money-making, trivia nuts should sign up at local trivia competitions, where there are often cash prizes!

BurkeTriviaNight 103 | Stay at Home

41. Design an App

If you have a head for design and a great idea, explore the possibility of designing your own app. You can make money from the app and advertising.

design an app

42. Photo Editing

Know how to really make a photo pop? Advertise your services as a photo editor to photographers for a creative at-home job.

photoshop editing 136396272873303901 150218152746 | Stay at Home

43. Design Your Own T-shirts

There are loads of places where you can print your designs and sell t-shirts online, so get started on a winning concept today.

44. Become a Paid Forum Moderator

All forums need to be moderated, which means there’s money to be made as a forum moderator. Another bonus? You can do it anywhere!

The Beginners Guide to Successful Blogging | Stay at Home Mum

45. Take on Odd Airtasker Jobs

Taking on Airtasker jobs is a good way to earn money during your spare time. Their tasks include painting walls, typing, dish-washing, designing clothes, and house cleaning. There are several tasks you can find from there, and some even pay you not just $100 but $300!

Airtasker is a website where people can post tasks they don’t want to do or need help with. You bid for the task, and if you win, you can make money!

46. Sell on Etsy

The creatives among us will find ample opportunities to make money on Etsy, with arts, craft and design all going for solid bucks online.

47. Bake And Sell

If you love to bake, turn it into a little at-home business by selling cupcakes, going to community bake sales, or even decorating cakes for cash.

bake and sell

48. Style Hair

Love those YouTube hair tutorials, and have some good designs up your sleeve? Offer those services to kids, teens and adults for special events!

Fotolia 40775770 Subscription Monthly XL | Stay at Home

49. Become a Film or TV Extra

If you aren’t worried about being the centre of attention, consider signing up to an agency as an TV or film extra. It’s a cool experience, and cash to boot.

Become a Film or TV Extra

50. Drive Others Around

Taxi services like Uber, and similar, allow anyone to make money with nothing but their car and a smartphone. If you’re interested, it can be a great money maker. The cost of petrol isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s increasing and increasing and increasing as time goes by. As a result of that, people would rather take the public transportation because it’s cheaper.

But then, why endure the traffic jams and the air pollution when you can actually save more, and even earn more, driving your own car?

Some of the carpooling apps include:

  • Uber
  • Lyft

51. Join a Cashback Site

When online shopping, what most people don’t know is that you can make money out of it while you spend. Through the use of cashback sites, every time you purchase an item, points or an amount will go back to you. Although the amount is small, it’s better than nothing, right? If you aren’t a big spender, you can volunteer to online shop for other people and take advantage of it.

If you want to level up your game, use Ebates when shopping. Ebates, also called Rakuten Rewards, gives you more than just cashback. It also exposes you to a wide range of discount coupons, hot deals, and rewards, which are all what we consumers want!

52. Do Remote Data Entry Work

This is much like virtual assistant work but the nature of the job is focused on data entry. Data entry is easy, even college students can do it. You just have to input the data on the data processing software and that’s it. Just don’t forget to be accurate. The most common software being used is Microsoft Excel, but some also use a word processor. You can find data entry jobs on Upwork, Craiglist, or Freelancer, and even on Google.

53. Take on an Exchange Student

If you have enough resources, try hosting an exchange student. Treat them as one of your kids and at the same time, earn money from it.

54. Buy Products Cheap, And Sell Them For Profit

Buy and sell is a proven way to earn money. You can buy products in bulk, wholesale, then sell them at a reasonably higher price. You can actually buy and sell any product, be it clothes, food, accessories, or household items.

Read about our 25 Low-Cost Products with High-Profit Margins (and where to buy them)!

55. Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

If you want your addiction to watching videos to become useful, try using Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars is a website that gives you money by watching videos, as well as by taking online surveys, playing games, reading emails, and shopping. Yes, those things other people find very unproductive can be a source of extra income! Who would’ve thought, right?

56. Make Music and Sell the Rights

Making music is a thing that not everyone can do. Even the best singers, sometimes, don’t know how to produce music. So if you know that you have the talent as well as the skills to make great music that people will like, sell the rights and earn money from it.

57. Create an Online Course

If you have deep knowledge on any subject, share them to other people who want to have deep knowledge about it as well. Nope, you don’t have to meet and discuss the topics personally. You can conduct courses online! Online courses are a thing now so you shouldn’t worry about the medium you have to use to relay the message to other people. You can advertise your online course through your blog or your social media accounts.

58. Become a Proofreader

Not all people, specifically writers, are detail-oriented and have enough knowledge about grammar. If you are the kind of person who’s able to spot errors easily and have deep knowledge about the language, then why not be a proofreader? Proofreading is a job that only a few can do. You’re one of the rare ones, so might as well introduce yourself to the world as one.

59. Sell Other People’s Stuff on eBay

If you don’t have enough things to sell, then sell other people’s stuff. Even though the money will not be yours, at least you’ll get a commission for each product sold. You can use eBay or any other online shopping websites you know.

60. Rent Out Your Vehicle If You Aren’t Using It

If you don’t use your car a lot, you can rent out your vehicle and make money from it. Of course, you should be careful who you’ll lend your car to. Perhaps stick to the neighbours or friends that are close to you. Nonetheless, you can also use applications for that.

Some of the apps include:

  • Car Next Door
  • Carhood
  • Getaround

How do you make money fast?

60 Ways to Make $100 FAST! | Stay at Home Mum

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