The Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers

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The Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers

Selecting the best mobile plans for teenagers is a crucial decision in today’s digital age, where connectivity is important.

As your kids become teens, navigating the complexities of social interaction, education, and personal development becomes part of their daily lives so having an appropriate and reliable mobile plan is essential.

Now, whether your teenager has a pre-paid phone or is on a plan with or without data, you don’t want them going crazy and charging up a $30,000 phone bill from texting their mates. 

You want both a cheap and good mobile plan that covers what they need and nothing else, until they can pay for it themselves that is!

Cheapest and Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers

Buy Them Refurbished Phones

Before we even start on the cheapest mobile plans, let’s look at the actual phone.  Kids will be kids.  They will drop them, they will lose them.  That’s why it’s a good idea for the first mobile phone (or second or third) to be a cheaper refurbished phone.

Just because they are second-hand, doesn’t mean they are dodgy or don’t work.  In fact, many of the refurbished phone sellers have warranties and guarantee battery life. Check out the following refurbished phone sellers for pricing

Boost Mobile logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNGBoost Mobile has refurbished iPhones from $249See Phones
Cheap Phones - Refurbished, Used and Ex-Demo Smartphones | Oz MobilesAll refurbished phones from Ozmobiles come with a 12-month warranty and free returns for the first 30 days. They also offer free shipping and guaranteed battery life.See Phones
Kogan Mobile LogoKogan Mobile has refurbished iPhones starting at $259.See Phones
dick smith au | Stay at Home Smith has a good range of refurbished iPhones that start at just $299See Phones
download 1 | Stay at Home of premium refurbished phones. Get the latest iPhones.See Phones
PhonebotPhonebot has new, ex-demo, refurbished, and gently used corporate mobile phones, tablets, and computers.See Phones
Cellect Mobile AUOffers refurbished phones with a sim plan on Optus. They have sold over 1,000,000 devices since 2012. All phones come with a 12-month warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.See Phones
Mobile Guru High quality refurbished mobile phones with up to 24 months of warranty.See Phones
Green Gadgets | Refurbished Devices Value for money refurbished devices. Get 5% off when you sign up for their newsletter.See Phones Shop online for Electronics, Apparel, Toys, Books, DVDs &  moreAmazon has cheap refurbished mobile phones starting from $209.See Phones
Cheapest and Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers

Cheapest SIM-Only Plans

1. Boost Mobile– 3GB for $10 Prepaid PlanSee Deals
2. Southern Phone– Small Plan: $10/2GB Data
– Small Plus Plan: $15/10GB
– Medium Plan: $25/20GB
– Large Plan: $35/40G
See Deals
3. OzMobiles5GB Plan $10/Month
50GB Plan $22/Month
100GB Plan $28/Month
See Deals
Best Pre Paid Mobile Plans for Teenagers

Cheapest Plans for Teenagers

TPG12GB Mobile Plan
– $10
– 12GB Data
– Get 50% off the First Month
Catch Connect30 Day Plan 4GB
– 4GB Data
– Per 30 Day Renewal
See Catch Connect
Dodo$10 Mobile Plan
– 2GB Data
– No Contract
See Dodo

We are adding new plans all the time to this article – so check back as sales and specials will change the pricing!

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