36 Mum-Approved Ways to Save Money

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36 Mum-Approved Ways to Save Money

For mums, finding ways to save money on everything is always an aim, but sometimes, it’s the hardest thing to do when we want to do the best for our families.

It sucks when we see money down the drain (well, not literally though). But, we’ve got some good news for you, mums!

Here at SAHM, we’ve got lots of ways to save money so you don’t have to waste any more money.

We’ve listed some of them here — and feel free to add more if you have your own ways to save money that you can share with all mums! Happy saving!

On Food and Drink:

1. Eat less.

We eat way more than we should. This is making us extremely unhealthy. Stick to recommended serving and portion sizes and eat less— yes, creative and healthy ways to save money!

2. Find frugal recipes that your family will love.

We have lots of three-ingredient recipes for the whole family. Just pick one that your family will love, and enjoy!

3. Re-grow some of your food.

Don’t throw away those kitchen scraps! You’ve got a lot of use for them. You can regrow some of your food so you don’t have to buy anymore. Here are some samples of kitchen scraps that you can regrow. Here are some of them.

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4. Use the “Pink Basket Method”.

Always have a pink basket in the fridge where you can put the items that are already close to their use-by date to be used first.

5. Bake your own bread.

While it’s convenient to just buy bread, you can save more if you just make your own. Here’s some homemade bread recipes for you.

6. Stop buying water.

Tap water will do. It’s not just clean, it’s also free!

7. Make your own dog food.

Dog food can really add to your expenses. Here are some homemade dog food recipes that your beloved pooch will enjoy.

8. Buy your produce at local markets.

Fresh produce becomes expensive when it’s sold at supermarkets, so it’s better to buy those at local markets where they are cheaper.

9. Use sauces and curry powder to flavour ‘boring’ food.

You can use sauces and curry powder that you generally use to flavour your food.

When Cleaning Your Home:

10. Stop buying commercially made cleaning products.

You don’t have to spend so much when you clean your home. You can just DIY some of your cleaning products like the ones we have here. .au1 | Stay at Home
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11. Clean little, and often.

Cleaning your house often makes cleaning quicker and easier as you’re not letting dirt pile up.

12. Use lemons to make your home smell fresh.

Lemons make everything clean and fresh. Here are some of the ways you can clean your home with lemon.

13. Make your own washing detergent at home.

This is one cleaning product that you can definitely just do at home. Here is our recipe.

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Around The Home:

14. Turn off appliances at the switch.

Did you know that even with your appliances switched off but still plugged can still cost you money? It is said that “anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of your household energy bill might be coming from devices that you leave plugged in 24 hours a day, whether you are using them are not.” So unplug all your appliances when not in use.

15. Close your curtains to keep out the heat.

Keep your home cool by closing your curtains so you don’t have to use the air-conditioning unit as much when it gets hot.

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16. Invest in a door snake for any exterior doors.

When the weather gets cold, a door snake or door draft stoppers can keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

17. Learn how to fix household items on YouTube.

This one is among the best ways to save money— YouTube videos are lifesavers! You don’t have to hire somebody to fix household items for you. You can just DIY with great tutorials from YouTube.

18. Follow buy swap and sell Facebook pages.

Buy, swap, and sell Facebook pages are aplenty. Just go search for those that are trusted.

19. Don’t buy large purchases on impulse.

Think twice if you want to buy large purchases on a whim. Have a look, walk away, and think about it and if you still really want it in an hour or two, then you can buy it.

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20. Only use your dryer in cases of emergency.

Use the scorching heat of the sun to dry your clothes. It’s great for your clothes and it’s free!

21. Ring Telstra, your bank and your insurance companies, and ask for a better deal.

Telecommunications companies, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions always have best deals. So before you subscribe, pick one that suits your needs.

22. Don’t buy fast fashion.

Classic and classy trends in clothes are always in.

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On Your Finances:

23. Avoid paying late fees.

When you pay a bill late, you can incur a fee. Another best ways to save money is to avoid paying unnecessary late fees, write down the date your bills are due on your family calendar so you never miss a payment. Also, place all your bills on a large bulldog clip, with the due date highlighted with highlighter on top! Keep the clip somewhere you can see it every day!

24. Keep every single receipt.

Receipts should always be kept because you just never know when they might come in handy — for example, if you have to return an item, to seek warranty, or just to prove ‘proof of purchase’. This is good for your tax return at the end of the financial year. Even if you keep them all in a shoebox – at least you know where to look when they are needed!

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25. Double check your grocery shopping receipts.

Supermarkets make mistakes ALL. THE. TIME. Check your receipt. Most of the time, if you notice an error, you will get that item for free, and if you have bought multiple items at the incorrect price, you can usually get the first one free, and a refund on the difference on the rest of the items.

26. Try to consolidate your driving trips.

When going out on grocery shopping or for running errands, plan your trip, so you’ll save up on gas and money.

27. Don’t stay loyal to insurance companies.

Insurance companies also have great deals for its customers. You just have to shop around for those with lower rates with the best coverage.

28. Set up your bank to do direct payments for bills.

So, you don’t have to line up again to pay your monthly bills. Your bank will do it for you.

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On Purchases:

29. See if you can buy it secondhand.

There’s nothing wrong with buying things secondhand. There are some items that are secondhand that are still in good condition. Look for these types of products at a very cheap price.

30. Don’t ask – don’t get.

It’s as simple as if you don’t ask for it, you don’t get it. Speak up!

31. Always ask for a better deal.

Haggle! You can often get a better deal just by asking for it!

32. Start a Christmas account.

Setting up a Christmas account will save you tons of money by the time the season arrives. Just save a little each week so that when it’s time to buy gifts, you just take the money from your Christmas account. That way, you don’t spend the money you have allotted for other more important things.

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33. Sign up for loyalty cards.

Loyalty cards have benefits that only members can enjoy. So save up by being a member of your favourite grocery or online store.

On Activities:

34. Following your local council on Facebook.

They quite often have free kids days at the library, kids fun and games at the local swimming pool, art classes at the art gallery and so on. Especially during school holidays when keeping the kids entertained can get really expensive, this is a great way to get them involved in the community and keeping money in your pocket!

35. Ditch the gym – and start gardening instead!

When you can’t find time to go to the gym to exercise, look no farther than your garden! Gardening is a great exercise not just for the body, but for the mind as well, as it is an effective stress reliever.

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36.Look for cheap tickets on Groupon or through your RAC membership.

Plan your next family holiday or activity by buying tickets on Groupon or your RAC membership. They have a lot of activities for your family to enjoy at a cheaper price.

What are your ways to save money? Share it with us!

36 Mum-Approved Ways to Save Money | Stay at Home Mum

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