44 Ready-Made Foods To Stop Buying And Start Making From Scratch

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  • 44 Ready-Made Foods To Stop Buying And Start Making From Scratch

While buying ready-made foods is more convenient, there’s just more satisfaction with making from scratch — and it’s also easy!

Although it saves you time (and money in certain types of products), buying ready-made products can be the hassle-free choice for mums-on-the-go. But, with all the added ingredients in ready-made products sold in the market, you’ll never really know how healthy it is.

If you want to be sure that only the right types of food (and ingredients) go into your kid’s tummy, it’s better to be making from scratch.

We’ve got you more than 40 of the food products found in the supermarket and restaurants that you can make from scratch — we even have copycat recipes in here (click on the food to go to the recipe!). It tastes way better and I can have as many servings as I can!

Breads and Pastries:


You might think bread is pretty cheap to buy at the supermarket already – and to a certain degree, you would be correct.  With a loaf of white bread as cheap as 80c a loaf – is it really worth making from scratch?  Well, I think yes. But if you need gluten free bread which I’ve seen for up to $7 per loaf at the supermarket – here is where you can make some really significant savings.

Personally, I like to buy the wholemeal and multi-grain bread mixes and make them up at home in my breadmaker, with reduced yeast (as yeast makes my belly bloat).  It works out to cost about $1.30 per loaf – and it is always fresh and delicious. Plus waking up every morning to the smell of fresh bread is just amazing.  Breadmakers aren’t much work – I can usually get a loaf of bread on and cooking within a minute!

Some suppliers of bulk bread mixes and flours include:

Naan Bread

The pre-made Naan Bread you buy at the supermarket is NASTY.  Bread should be made nice and fresh – and Naan Bread is super easy to make at home – and it is sooooo good!  Add a little minced garlic to the pan for a taste sensation – then use the Naan Bread as wraps in school lunches or even use as a pizza base!

We have a great recipe on How to Make Homemade Naan Bread that is super easy!

Stay At Home Mum

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is another item I never buy any more at the supermarket.  I like to buy Turkish Bread from Aldi and make huge batches of my cheesy garlicky garlic bread in huge batches.  They freeze beautifully and are so good – you’ll never buy stale shop-bought varieties again.

40+ Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making From Scratch | Stay At Home Mum

Plus a recipe for Cheesy Chewy Garlic Bread!


Did you know that Fran Descher (the lady that played The Nanny) is an heir to a Crouton fortune?  Yet croutons are unbelievably easy to make!  Heat a pan on hot, add a little oil and throw some cut up bread in the pan.  Alternatively you can make them in the oven.  You can make loads of different flavours and really any sort of bread will do.  They only take a few minutes to make – so never buy them again!

Stay At Home Mum

Banana Bread

The last time I was in Sydney, I had a hankering for Banana Bread.  I was shocked when the local cafe I tried was charging $6 for one slice of Banana Bread.  Insanity!  I could make three whole loaves of banana bread for that kind of price.  Banana Bread is a great use of old manky black bananas and again (like most of my recipes) freezes well.  I think next time I go to Sydney I’ll pop a few slices in my suitcase!

Stay At Home Mum
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Pancake Mix

Pancake Mix is really easy to make yourself at home, but if you aren’t keen on the taste of the homemade variety, you can often save a heap of money by buying bulk pancake mixes which work out so cheap it is hardly worth making it at home!

Where can you get bulk Pancake Mix?


If you have kids at home, seriously you never need buy a cake ever again in your life.  Kids LOVE to bake – and it teaches them so much.  Maths, estimation, temperatures, how to clean up their damn mess when they are finished.  All important life skills.  You can pick up really cheap cake mixes for as little as 80c each from all the major supermarket.

Stay At Home Mum

Dips and Spreads:

11. Cheese Dip

40+ Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making From Scratch | Stay At Home Mum

12. Mayo

Stay At Home Mum

13. Ketchup

via servedfromscratch.com

14. Gravy

Stay At Home Mum

15. Hummus

Stay At Home Mum

16. Homemade Nutella


17. Peanut Butter

Stay At Home Mum
via pinchofyum.com

18. Jam

Stay At Home Mum

19. Guacamole

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20. Salad Dressing

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Make Your Own Pizza

21. Pizza Dough

Stay At Home Mum

22. Pizza Sauce

via eatingonadime.com

23. Pizza

Stay At Home Mum

24. Pasta

Stay At Home Mum

25. Pesto

Stay At Home Mum

26. Steak Sauce

Stay At Home Mum

27. Stock

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