3 Steps to Achieve Financial Goals

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3 Steps to Achieve Financial Goals

If you listen to any athlete or professional sports person, they are all about goals. 

They live it, they breathe it, they own it,  and it’s a good way to be.  After all how can you get to a destination if you don’t know where you’re going.

It’s easy to say ‘I’ll be rich and have a nice car, a boat, a white picket fence and a pool’ – but if you don’t know how to achieve it – it will never happen.  You have to make it happen, and that’s where goals are handy.

Most people give up on goals because they are too hard, they set them so far away and so high – it looks impossible.

1. Goals are hard – but the trick to keeping up with your goals is to break them down into mini-achievable goals.

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Say you want a holiday a Fiji and it will cost $5,000.00 and you want to go in 12 months time.   OK – that’s step 1 – you know your final destination.  Now we have to break it up into achievable sub-goals.  $5,000 divided into 52 weeks = $96.00 per week.  Ok – $96/week is a lot more achievable than $5,000.00.

2. Next step – you don’t have $96.00 spare to put away – you only have $80.00 a week spare.


This is the point most people give up.  Now put a picture of Fiji on your fridge or somewhere you will see it every day to keep the ‘spark’ going – and ask yourself how you can find an extra $16/week to put towards a trip.  If you can’t trim your budget any further, are you able to help someone out for a few hours a week to make up the shortfall, are you able to sell something of no use to you, can you give up your bottle of wine a week or a couple of coffees.   Anything is do-able if you have the desire to get there.

3. Open a savings account – you will accrue a little bit of interest.


Sure – it won’t be much – but it’s money you don’t have to work for or earn.

Setting goals are the way to make all your financial dreams come true!

3 Steps to Achieve Financial Goals | Stay At Home Mum

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