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100+ Fun Christmas Gifts Under $20

100+ Fun Christmas Gifts Under $20

14 min read
100+ Fun Christmas Gifts Under $20

Having trouble looking for cheap but thoughtful gifts for the Christmas Stocking?

We’ve got you covered! Here’s a massive list of gift ideas for possibly everyone you’ll ever need to give a gift, too. And bonus, because we love you too much, nothing here is going to cost you more than $20. Totally not kidding!

Here are 100 Christmas Gifts Under $20!

Table of Contents:

1. Christmas Gifts For Kids Under $20
2. Christmas Gifts for Teenagers Under $20
3. Christmas Gifts for Girls Under $20
4. Gifts Under $20 for Mum
5. Gifts Under $20 for Dad
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1. Christmas Gifts for Kids Under $20

Melissa and Doug Truck Crayon Set

Crayons are always a great gift idea for kids, especially since this one comes in a truck case.

Melissa and Doug Truck Crayon Set | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Bluey Paint Your Own Wooden Family Set

The kids are going to have lots of fun painting the adorable Heeler family and getting to colour on their favourite characters. It comes in 8 colours, so much to choose from!

Bluey Paint Your Own Wooden Family | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Bluey Bubble Stickers 3-Pack

The Bluey Bubble Stickers 3-Pack will be a great addition to your kid’s stationaries or game-time fun, so don’t let them miss out!

Bluey Bubble Stickers 3-Pack | Stay At Home Mum

DOCTOR WHO Clip on Book Light

Watch as your novel comes to life in the dead of night after you attach the Dalek to your book and adjust to your preference.

Micro Wooden Robot Puzzle

This Cubebot micro wooden cube robot will trigger your kid’s inner ancient Japanese imagination!

Wooden Kaleidoscope

Toys like this one turn any outing to the park into a sci-fi extravaganza for the kiddos!

Building Blocks Cutlery Set

Any kid who loves legos will find these a delightful activity!

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Town Colouring Pad

Your children will learn about the places and people that make a district as they brighten up each scene on a mini-tour inside the town.

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Town Colouring Pad | Stay At Home Mum

Magnetic Play Pirates Book

Working together and finding all the missing magnetic shapes to finalise each pirate expedition with your child.

Magnetic Play Pirates Book | Stay At Home Mum

Flamingo LED Bedroom Light

This tropical lamp has a soft glow and would look great in your living room, nursery, child’s room, or anywhere else in your home.

Flamingo LED Bedroom Light | Stay At Home Mum

Duo Light

For outdoor activities, working on your car, or keeping by your bedside, this light’s magnetic bottom and pocket clip make it an ideal camping companion.

Flashlight | Stay At Home Mum

Schylling Tin Adventure Telescope

The Schylling Tin Adventure Telescope will get your little pirate ready for all kinds of imaginative adventures! Kids will love playing with this realistic-looking pirate’s spyglass tin toy, which features an extendable arm and a realistic design.

Telescope | Stay At Home Mum

Money Bank

Crafted to look like old-school handheld gaming consoles from high-quality ceramic materials. The saving game will be a lot more enjoyable, and it will be a treat for retro gaming fans as well!

Money Bank | Stay At Home Mum

Crystal Growing Kit

The Crystal Growing Kit is a fun way for kids to learn about chemistry and how crystals form. Everything you need is included in this amazing kit, so your kids can make real crystals while having a blast watching them grow and sparkle in front of their eyes.

Play-Doh Super Color Pack

The Play-Doh Super Color Pack includes 20 pots of varying-coloured Play-Doh, so your child may explore their inner artist. It’s non-toxic, easy to mould, and quick to clean up, making Play-Doh an ideal toy for kids.

1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Pic Flip Card Game by Mattel

Challenge your child to a round of the Pic Flip Card Game and see how fast they can flip and match the cards.

pic flip card game 800x 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Make Your Own Cute Unicorn

You can turn your child’s playtime into a fantasy-filled workshop full of creativity by giving them access to all the materials they’ll need to manufacture their own plush unicorn toy.

Make Your Own Cute Unicorn | Stay At Home Mum

Grow Your Own Unicorn!

When your children open their brightly coloured package, they’ll discover a candy-pink tree stump instead of a unicorn. However, if they submerge the stump in water, a unicorn will appear out of nowhere, as if by magic!

Grow Your Own Unicorn! | Stay At Home Mum

Board Game

Get your children engaged in the “original guessing game” you used to play when you were a kid! It has been upgraded with new functions and characters that are perfect for your little ones.

Classic board game Guess Who? is being adapted into a television game show  | Dicebreaker

2. Gifts for Teenage Boys Under $20


Designed with a sleek jacquard elastic waist and soft cotton fabric, these trunks fit snugly and come in a variety of trendy colours and prints. They’ll be a hit with your son!

Boys Bonds Kids Underwear Bulk 9 Pack Trunks Trunk Boyleg Boxer Shorts

2500mah Power Bank

Why not drink and charge at the same time? This high-capacity, high-current power bank is excellent for all USB-powered devices because it’s small and lightweight. Built for everyday usage— the Portable Power Bank 2500 (9Wh) gives you access to extra power whenever you need it!

Flash Drive

Play songs, store text messages, and transfer photos—the possibilities are endless when you organize and manage your files without depending on iTunes!

0b23f108 34e2 4d24 95b8 e371eda9daf8 fussan8gbcz50cb 2 a | Stay at Home Mum.com.au


This portable tripod is small and light enough to bring along on any journey, and the 360-degree ball head allows you to easily rotate your camera to obtain the best shots possible!

Tripod | Stay At Home Mum

Aluminium Mouse Pad

The aluminium-metal mouse pad is compatible with all types of mice, including lasers, optical, and mechanical models, although it works best with wireless models.

34a9ff52339a51c7305b694c3a784c4d | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Brut Original Deodorant Spray 150g

Perfect gift choice for men who wants to stay clean and smell fresh all the time!

fa8a3ea71d719aef4416eb16d63cc914 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Uno Flip Double-Sided Card Game

The competitive aspect of this Uno Flip Double-Sided Card Game would make family bonding even more enjoyable. And oopsie! No quick-tempered allowed!

Uno Flip Double Sided Card | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Boost Your Brain Puzzle Book

The Boost Your Brain Puzzle Book will help your child’s brainpower improve! To help youngsters strengthen their brains while having fun, this book offers them 160 challenging problems to solve!

boost your | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

12 Metal Puzzles

This ingenious metal puzzle game will certainly strike boredom in anybody who desires a challenge. Isn’t it obvious? But this game’s difficulties will push your problem-solving abilities to the max while keeping it interesting!

12 metal | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Puzzle Time Cube Colour Square

A mind-blowing action-packed game of Puzzle Time Cube Colour Square. With their hands and brains occupied, it improves concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities!

puzzle time cube colour | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

3. Gifts for Teenage Girls Under $20

Bling Purple Peace Journal

Allow your kid to write in style in their journal when you give them the Bling Purple Peace Journal to use!

bling purple peace | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Grow Your Own Boyfriend

Wish to avoid the hassle of courting, stupid inquiries and nagging from your mother-in-law? Grow A Boyfriend is a solution! Just add water and he’ll blossom into the ideal guy for you!

mdi grow your own boyfriend yellow octopus | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Magical Moon Trinket Plate

Make a magical remark with this trinket tray. A crescent moon rises from the centre, ideal for storing your rings!

Magical Moon Trinket Plate

The Original Glowstars Glow 1000

The Original Glowstars Glow 1000 comes with a Zodiac Chart, as well as two big and four tiny sticker sheets. Let the stickers be exposed to light for a short period of time, then switch off the light to see how they glow!

The Original Glowstars Glow | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Diamond Dotz DOTZ BOX, Sloth Universe

A great and fun activity for youngsters where they may use pre-made drawings to create a diamond dot design. Here’s a sloth!

Photo Pearls Bead Craft Set | Stay At Home Mum

MOR Emporium Classics Triple-Milled Soap – Belladonna

This smooth creamy product is combined with exotic trademark scents for an indulgent skin delight. You won’t want to leave home without it for gifting or vacation!

4 c09dc11647 emso03 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Travel Glass Case

You want to protect your eyeglasses, but carrying around a case may be a hassle. It’s especially important if you’re someone who often dons them!

Alarm Clock

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in this cutie alarm clock?! I’m my alarm would be this cute, I don’t mind waking up early!

5 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Wrist Watch

Meh! Wtvr! I’m gonna be late anyways— perfect for a friend who never arrived on time!

Wrist Watch | Stay At Home Mum


Get irresistibly yummeeh with this aromatic fragrance!

Selfie Light

With this clip-on smartphone light, you’ll always have the ideal lighting for your selfies! Simply attach the light to your smartphone and you’re ready to take the ideal pouty selfie.

Plush Pug

This lively pug enjoys a good nap and is the ideal size for a cuddle companion. Like a genuine puppy dog, he will like going on excursions with you, but his favourite part of the day is bedtime!

Plush Pug | Stay At Home Mum

MooGoo Lip Balm (Strawberry Tinted) 5g

You’ll be licking your lips in no time after tasting the natural strawberry flavour, which is OK since it’s completely edible!

moogoo lip balm strawberry tinted 5g | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Makeup Brushes

The instapop eye brush set is designed for applying eye makeup with a thick layer of coverage. Use to apply loose pigment shadows with a sweeping motion!

Makeup Brushes | Stay At Home Mum

Aliver 6 pcs Set Liquid Lipsticks

These high-colour glosses provide a long-lasting vibrant colour to the lips. These glosses offer all-day hydration and colour for a beautiful pout!

1 f0fedbcaeb alilipbaby kgn | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

This top

Wear this TOO RAD TO BE SAD TEE to spread the word! For a killer look, pair yours with their Snakeskin Skirt!

168d77a0debe8ddc368eec112dbb5ea4 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Sam Edelman Women’s Swimwear Swim Bottom Separates

Look chic with this swimwear! Like a crop-top, halter tank wearable with awesome underwear swimwear!


4. Gifts Under $20 for Mum

Estelle Microfiber Hair Drying Turban + Headband 3 Pack

Made from high-quality microfibre. With its high absorption, the substance helps to prevent split ends, breakage and frizz in hair. A single size fits everyone!

ESHRDRTRB3A 8 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Spascriptions Clay, Dead Sea Minerals & Charcoal Mask Pack

Be pore-free with SPAscriptions essentials!

Spascriptions Clay, Dead Sea Minerals & Charcoal Mask Pack | Stay At Home Mum

Mum Off Duty Socks

Because dull socks are for boring people, and your mother is not one of them, they deserve these vibrant pink socks with gold glitter accents!

Mum Off Duty Socks | Stay At Home Mum

Good Morning F#ckers Mug

Speak your mind to those “f**kers,” even if it’s just till you’ve had your morning coffee!

Good Morning F#ckers Mug | Stay At Home Mum

Nak Care Balance Conditioner

Proteins that give body and volume to fine hair are included in this formula. Your mother will adore you even more!

Nak Care Balance Conditioner | Stay At Home Mum

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxurious Oil Infused Comb

Use in combination with Macadamia Luxurious Oil Treatment for best results in terms of nutrition and shine!

Macadamia Natural Oil Luxurious Oil Infused Comb | Stay At Home Mum

Wine Cooler Spill-Proof Sippy Cup

The double-walled insulation in this handy little vino container keeps your wine colder for longer, and the resealable top ensures that you won’t spill a drop!

Wine Cooler Spill-Proof Sippy Cup | Stay At Home Mum


A fantastic deal on JS Eyewear’s inexpensive sunglasses ensures you’ll always have a pair on hand for any occasion!

Sunnies | Stay At Home Mum

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

The Lovehoney Magic Bullet puts an orgasm powerhouse in your pocket. This bullet, which is cast in a sleek gunmetal grey, is equipped with 10 delectable features and takes you barreling towards the climax with military accuracy!

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator | Stay At Home Mum

Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator

This dial-controlled vibrating love egg will spin the wheel of fate and even greater thrills. It’s as simple as sliding the intensity to your desired strength with a single fingertip. You’ll get that sumptuous eggstacy! 

Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator | Stay At Home Mum

Best. Mum. Ever.


Best. Mum. Ever. Top | Stay At Home Mum

Ferrero Collection Rocher Raffaello Rondnoir Chocolate Gift Box 15 Pack

Give Ferrero Rocher Chocoates as a memorable present! The luscious creamy centre, crisp wafer shell, and best chocolate and hazelnut bits will surely delight them.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates | Stay At Home Mum

Glasshouse A TAHAA AFFAIR Candle 60g

A portable sensory getaway in mini-size. With delicious caramel and coconut, it transports you to Tahaa’s beaches!

Glasshouse Miniature Triple Scented Candle 60g - A TAHAA AFFAIR (Vanilla  Caramel) | Lazada

Revlon Ciara 68ml

This beautiful perfumette comes in a stunning glass vase with a luxurious golden atomizer!

MOR Peony Blossom Eau De Parfum Perfumette 14.5ml - Perfume Clearance Centre

5. Gifts Under $20 for Dad

Really Useful Coffee Mug

This handy coffee cup contains some odd but very valuable facts and formulae to assist you to handle any situation! Learn something new or keep knowledge handy!

Really Useful Coffee Mug | Stay At Home Mum

“Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh#T” Milk Chocolate

This present is both cheeky and sweet, just like you!

"Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh#T" Milk Chocolate | Stay At Home Mum


A convenient and tasty present will never get out of style!

Pizza | Stay At Home Mum

Man Flu Survivor Mug

A wonderful present for the Man Flu Survivor in your life who defied the odds and got up. Give him a steaming mug of coffee as a token of your appreciation.

Man Flu Survivor Mug | Stay At Home Mum

Libbey Dimple Beer Mug

A pint of beer isn’t always enough. With the comfort of this Libbey Dimple Stein Beer Mug, you’ll be ready for whatever your thirst may bring!

Libbey Dimple Beer Mug | Stay At Home Mum

Founders Barrel-Aged Series Tumbler Glass

This glass is ideal for sipping Founders Imperial Stouts with style.

Founders Barrel-Aged Series Tumbler Glass | Stay At Home Mum

1881 Beard Oil 30ml

This beard oil has been precisely designed to help keep your beard smooth and manageable. Be prepared to have an irresistible and pleasant odour!

1881 Beard Oil 30ml | Stay At Home Mum

Beard Styler Kit

It includes everything you’ll need to look your best wherever you go with the Beard Styler Facial Grooming Kit from Remington!

Beard Styler Kit | Stay At Home Mum

Sudoku Toilet Paper

If you know someone who can’t get enough of the numbers game, help is on the way! Seriously. Sudoku toilet paper is the perfect solution for anybody who is secretly addicted to the game!

Sudoku Toilet Paper | Stay At Home Mum

Sandal Socks

Confused? Uhh, me too!

Gift ideas for Everyone Else:

Zefal Cycling Water Bottle

This bottle was created for those who need to stay hydrated while moving at a fast pace. Perfect for our buddy who loves the outdoors!

03fd685b5e82c5b3fb08176c10143b38 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Goldair 10cm Rechargeable Handheld Fan

A Rechargeable Handheld Fan is the ideal summer companion! This fan is rechargeable and has 3-speed options. It has desk base support so you can stay cool in any circumstance.

77 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Vibrating Head Massager

Try having a loved one put it on top of you and then gently pull up and down to produce euphoria immediately followed by blissful relaxation.

Vibrating Head Massager | Stay At Home Mum

Panda Heat/Cold Pack

If your lower back hurts, your shoulders ache, or you just want some soothing heat, you may use this warm plush Panda. A chilly night in the winter? Panda has you covered!

Panda Heat/Cold Pack | Stay At Home Mum

Fake News Stamp

Never again will you have to put up with FAKE NEWS! What your desk has been lacking is a large red self-inking stamp in this size. For phone bills, notes from colleagues, or even news stories that seem a little shady, try it out!

Fake News Stamp | Stay At Home Mum

Grand Pawpaw Gift Set

A classic gift set for someone who wants to avoid glamorous set kits!

| Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Soooo… there you go! Give your loved ones a gift that they will truly enjoy! They deserved it!

What stocking stuffers are you stocking up on this year?

100 Christmas Gifts Under $20 | Stay at Home Mum

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