100+ Fun Christmas Gifts Under $20

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100+ Fun Christmas Gifts Under $20

Having trouble looking for cheap but thoughtful gifts for the Christmas Stocking?

We’ve got you covered! Here’s a massive list of gift ideas for possibly everyone you’ll ever need to give a gift, too. And bonus, because we love you too much, nothing here is going to cost you more than $20. Totally not kidding!

Here are 100 Christmas Gifts Under $20!

Table of Contents:

1. Christmas Gifts For Kids Under $20
2. Christmas Gifts for Teenagers Under $20
3. Christmas Gifts for Girls Under $20
4. Gifts Under $20 for Mum
5. Gifts Under $20 for Dad
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1. Christmas Gifts for Kids Under $20

Melissa and Doug Truck Crayon Set

Crayons are always a great gift idea for kids, especially since this one comes in a truck case.

Melissa and Doug Truck Crayon Set | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Bluey Paint Your Own Wooden Family Set

The kids are going to have lots of fun painting on the adorable Heeler family and getting to colour on their favourite characters. It comes in 8 colours, so much to choose from!

Bluey Paint Your Own Wooden Family | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Bluey Bubble Stickers 3-Pack

The Bluey Bubble Stickers 3-Pack will be a great addition to your kid’s stationaries or game time fun, so don’t let them miss out!

Bluey Bubble Stickers 3-Pack | Stay At Home Mum

DOCTOR WHO Clip on Book Light

Watch as your novel comes to life in the dead of night after you attach the Dalek to your book and adjust to your preference.

Micro Wooden Robot Puzzle

This Cubebot micro wooden cube robot will trigger your kid’s inner ancient Japanese imagination!

Wooden Kaleidoscope

Toys like this one turn any outing to the park into a sci-fi extravaganza for the kiddos!

Building Blocks Cutlery Set

Any kid who loves legos will find these a delightful activity!

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Town Colouring Pad

Your children will learn about the places and people that make a district as they brighten up each scene on a mini-tour inside the town.

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Town Colouring Pad | Stay At Home Mum

Magnetic Play Pirates Book

Working together and finding all the missing magnetic shapes to finalise each pirate expedition with your child.

Magnetic Play Pirates Book | Stay At Home Mum

Flamingo LED Bedroom Light

This tropical lamp has a soft glow and would look great in your living room, nursery, child’s room, or anywhere else in your home.

Flamingo LED Bedroom Light | Stay At Home Mum

Duo Light

For outdoor activities, working on your car, or keeping by your bedside, this light’s magnetic bottom and pocket clip make it an ideal camping companion.

Flashlight | Stay At Home Mum

Schylling Tin Adventure Telescope

The Schylling Tin Adventure Telescope will get your little pirate ready for all kinds of imaginative adventures! Kids will love playing with this realistic-looking pirate’s spyglass tin toy, which features an extendable arm and a realistic design.

Telescope | Stay At Home Mum

Money Bank

Crafted to look like old-school handheld gaming consoles from high-quality ceramic materials. The saving game will be a lot more enjoyable, and it will be a treat for retro gaming fans as well!

Money Bank | Stay At Home Mum

Crystal Growing Kit

The Crystal Growing Kit is a fun way for kids to learn about chemistry and how crystals form. Everything you need is included in this amazing kit, so your kids can make real crystals while having a blast watching them grow and sparkle in front of their eyes.

Play-Doh Super Color Pack

The Play-Doh Super Color Pack includes 20 pots of varying-coloured Play-Doh, so your child may explore their inner artist. It’s non-toxic, easy to mould, and quick to clean up, making Play-Doh an ideal toy for kids.

1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Pic Flip Card Game by Mattel

Challenge your child to a round of the Pic Flip Card Game and see how fast they can flip and match the cards.

pic flip card game 800x 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au