12 Fresh and Creative Easter Basket Ideas

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12 Fresh and Creative Easter Basket Ideas

If you’ve grown tired of putting all your colourful Easter eggs in one classic basket, why not spruce it up and make it as colourful as the celebration!

It’s that season of the year again when bunnies and eggs take the centre stage and bring fun to everyone. As your kids gather all the Easter eggs they can get, they’ll need a basket to put all their prizes, but you wouldn’t want it looking boring, would you?

So, we’ve got you some fresh and creative Easter basket ideas that you and your kids will definitely love.

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1. Flower and Twigs

What better way to make your classic carry-all the fresh look than by putting some fresh flowers.

Wicker basket for flower girl white wedding basket with a image 1

2. Truck

Put your kid’s monster truck to good use and turn it into a fun and awesome basket.

10+ Fresh and Creative Easter Basket Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
Easter Basket Ideas via womansday.com

3. Lego Basket

You can do anything with Lego, right? So make a basket out of it! Cool!

4. Unicorn

Make this season magical too by having a unicorn-themed Easter basket.

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5. Football Helmet Basket

Your kid’s favourite football helmet may double as a basket too! Awesome!

6. Rain Boots

When not in use, rain boots make great hampers for your kids’ goodies.

7. Edible Cereal Easter Basket

Let your kids have their own basket and eat it too!

8. Personalised Mermaid Basket

Just add some tutu, decorative starfish figurines and voila! — you have one dreamy mermaid Easter basket.

Buy it here!

9. Easter Bunny Tutu Basket

Have lots and lots of paper and wrap it in your basket for this easy and fun easter basket fringe.

Get it here!

10. Minnie Tutu

This amusing basket is perfect for your Mickey and Minnie loving kids.

Get it here!

11. Fabric Easter Basket

Looks tedious but ultimately fulfilling! This Easter fabric basket is an all-around basket for all your treats and needs.

| Stay at Home Mum.com.au
Easter Basket Ideas via etsy.com

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12. Velvet Bunny Bag

easter basket 2 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Here’s a bonus…

You can ditch the bags and make these Easter Carrots.

Make some orange paper cones with green ribbons on top and your Easter carrots are ready for the occasion!

Happy Easter!

12 Fresh and Creative Easter Basket Ideas | Stay At Home Mum

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