5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas

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5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas

I’ve been to engagement parties held in Ma’s and Pa’s backyard and others held at restaurants and gardens.

Each vary depending on the bride and groom, so to host an engagement party, find your go-to theme and start planning! But before anything else, here are some FAQs about hosting an engagement party.

Who hosts the engagement party?

Traditionally, it was the bride’s family who host the party for the newly engaged couple. Though in modern times, engagement parties can be hosted by the bride and groom themselves or friends and family members.

5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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Where to hold the engagement party?

Anywhere! It all depends on your personal preference and the type of wedding you are planning to have. Stick to the same theme as your wedding if possible.

When is the traditional time to have an engagement party?

Engagement parties are usually held not long after the proposal and at least six months before the actual wedding. Most engagement parties are hosted around the 10 months before the wedding mark.

To inspire you to on where to have your engagement party, here are some fun ideas for you.

1. Picnic

If you’re planning on a party that would make your guests feel relaxed, try having a picnic engagement party. Just take out huge blankets and simply lay it over the ground. Add some balloons or other decors for a little party feel, then put your food and plates over the blanket and voila! Your picnic party is all set!

5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Movie Night

You can also gather your friends and family for a movie night as your engagement party. Either you watched movies when you had your first date or you both love movies, having a movie night engagement party will take your friends and family to the first time you met and sealed your love for each other.

5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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3. Couple Costume Party

Try donning you and your partner’s favourite costume for a fun-filled costume engagement party. You can also ask your guests to come in their best impersonation of their favourite actresses or actors and characters. Surely, this party will be one for the books.

5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Hawaiian/Fiesta

Everything Hawaiian or fiesta is pure fun and sunshiny and bright! It’s a great wedding theme too! So, for your guests to have a sneak peek of your wedding theme, create a Hawaiian or festive mood as your engagement party theme where all of you can dance and sing all night long either at a beach or a pool.

5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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5. Backyard Party

You can also create a homey feel for your engagement party by setting up a backyard party. Put on some comfy clothes like you do at home, bring in your favourite foods, up the music and party the night away!

5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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How about the nitty gritty of your engagement party? Click next!

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