20 Totally Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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20 Totally Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Out of Unique Ideas to Wrap Your Christmas Gifts This Year?

While you want your Christmas gifts to look lovely, you will be wasting a lot of good wrapping paper each year by purchasing rolls and rolls of the festive prints. Instead, why not think outside the square and use some of these totally unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas!

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1. Create Your Own Christmas Design

Spend the afternoon getting crafty with the kids and creating your own paper. All you need is plain white paper and coloured markers. Write fun sayings, draw pictures of animals or just let the little ones scribble all over the place. Sure, it may not have that shiny store-bought feel, but this is a great way to wrap family presents (for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the kids) as it comes from the heart.

2. Download Christmas Computer Designs

Another option is to check online for fun Christmas templates. Look for Christmas phrases or scrapbook templates. Simply print them out (you will need several) and tape the printer sheets together by putting tape on the opposite side of the words. All of a sudden, you have an instant large wrapping sheet!

3. Use Old Magazine and Newspaper Scraps

If you have a collection of old magazines collecting dust in the corner, why not cut the pages out, tape them together and use as wrapping paper? This is a great way to wrap up kids’ presents from Santa and gifts that will remain in the family. Sure, it may not look as pretty as expensive wrapping paper, but your kids will most likely rip into it before they even realise that the wrapping paper features all the latest gossip from last year.

4. Tea Towels That Can Be Part of the Present

Another great gift wrapping idea is to purchase a bulk set of tea towels (bonus points for Christmas-themed ones). Use the tea towel as the wrapping paper. This is a perfect option for presents that remain within the house (such as to your hubby) as well as when wrapping baked goods, mugs and other smaller gifts to teachers, co-workers and neighbours. There’s no question about re-usability, and they add that extra personal touch you may be looking for.

5. Santa Stockings

6 Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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For little stocking stuffer items, such as cologne, makeup, lollies and key chains, why not place these items in a sock? These items will most likely be given to your kids. Opening up a sock to uncover a gift is just as exciting as opening up a nicely wrapped present and so much cheaper, especially to a child. It is also a lot less time-consuming wrapping presents in softs rather than cutting and taping wrapping paper, especially for smaller items.

6. Santa Treasure Hunts

You can also forgo the tradition of wrapping presents for the kids to find on Christmas morning by instead making a treasure hunt in your house.

Leave a note from Santa with different clues as to where the presents are hiding (under the bed, behind the lounge, in the garage). Simply cover these items with a blanket and put the kids to work in the morning. You will love sitting back with a cup of coffee and watching the kids run around the house with excitement.

7. DIY Lighted Christmas Tree Gift Wrap

Light things up with your lighted Christmas tree gift wrap that will excite the kids. Be careful with the wirings though so it won’t turn into a disaster.

Watch the video tutorial here!

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8. Punch-a-Present

A totally great idea when you’re opening gifts together and help kids release their excitement in a fun way.

9. Decorate with a necktie

Out of ribbons? Get your husband’s old necktie that he may not be used for ages and wrap it on your gift. Suspenders make great ribbons too.

10. Old jeans as gift wrap for drinks

Don’t throw away those old jeans just yet. They could come in handy when you’re out of wrapping paper especially for wines and other drinks.

11. A gift wrapper with your face on it.

If you want to scare your kids that they will just want to tear the wrapping paper apart, you could print your face on it.

12. Crossword Gift Paper

No need for gift tags on this one!

13. Emojis!

A fun way to express what you’re feeling as you wrap the gifts.

14. Gift wrap with an activity

This way, kids will not get too excited to rip the wrap apart and enjoy it for a while before they get to have their real presents. That’s like giving two presents in one!

15. Gift in a Bucket

Make your kids’ Christmas wish or ‘bucket’ list come true by literally putting them in a bucket. They could even use it later to store other things in their room and keep their room organised. One less job for you, Mum!

16. Crocheted Mason Jar

Mason jars are the best in storing just about anything, but it’s see-through, which means you won’t be surprising your kids with your present that much. So to surprise your kids, put a crochet over your jar and wait for their reaction once they pop open the jar.

17. Snowman Gift Pots

When you think pots are only for plants, think again. Just paint some Christmas characters on it, such as a snowman, then place your gifts in it and voila!

20 Totally Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts | Stay At Home Mum

18. Chocolate Bouquet

Make Christmas Day feel like Valentine’s Day with this unique bouquet wrapper.

20 Totally Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts | Stay At Home Mum
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19. Gifts inside Mitts

Just like socks, mitts can be fun gift wrappers too. Just place your gifts inside the mitt!

20. DIY Paper Cones

Who doesn’t love paper cones? They remind you of ice cream and everything nice — now, including gifts!

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Christmas is all about making new traditions. Enjoy!

20 Totally Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts | Stay at Home Mum

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