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Gift Ideas for High School Aged GirlsThey’re Young Women Now, But Still Kids At Heart

So your daughter is in high school and you have no idea what to get her as a gift for Christmas this year. We’ve been there! It can be hard to find the right thing.

These girls are young women now, but they still have some childhood to enjoy, and a present that spans the gap is what you need.

Gift Ideas for High School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum

They’re definitely not into toys, and wary of anything that is going to make them seem like little kids (God forbid). As teens they’re looking to be on trend, gain experiences, and ultimately have things to share with their mates. So, we asked the Stay At Home Mum experts, you guys! Here’s what you think are the best things for teenage girls this year.

General Great Gift Ideas for High School Aged Girls:

Magazine Subscription through iSubscribe. We particularly like Girlfriend Magazine (an Aussie classic) as well as Seventeen and Teen Vogue, both US-based magazines aimed at teen girls.

Gift Ideas for High School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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A Good Book:

Books make absolutely fantastic gifts, and there is an absolutely booming young adults fiction world out there are the moment with so many great picks for high school girls. Our picks include a mix of good series, as well as a few fantastic standalone novels. They are:

Throne of Glass Series

Gift Ideas for High School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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City of Bones Series

Gift Ideas for High School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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The Fault in Our Stars

The Hunger Games


A Fortunate Life

Stay At Home Mum
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Tech Gifts Ideas:

Technology-focused gift ideas are pretty much always a hit with modern teens, and high school girls are no exception. A part of a teenager’s persona among their friends is the tech that they have, and keeping up with the curve is a constant concern for them. OF course, parents aren’t expected to shell out for everything, but on special occasions like Christmas they do make a wonderful ‘big’ gift for an almost grown up.


Stay At Home Mum
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iPhones are the ultimate gift for high school girls, particularly those that love to chat, be social with their friends, and who are active on social networks.


Stay At Home Mum
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Next up alongside the iPhone in terms of awesome gift is the iPad. These are also perfect if you’re concerned about your daughter straining her eyes from lots of screen time on a small iPhone screen.

Wireless Earbuds

Stay At Home Mum
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The next big thing in tech is definitely wireless earbuds, and high school girls are in on that trend. There are lots of designs and colours they’re sure to love.

Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker

Stay At Home Mum
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If your high school aged daughter loves music and enjoys the odd shower concert, a Bluetooth Wireless shower speaker will really encourage her to enjoy those tunes anyway.

Retro Polaroid Camera

Stay At Home Mum
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In the instagram world, you wouldn’t think these would be a hit, but they absolutely are. There’s something magical about taking a picture and getting an instant print, and high school girls just get that.

Party Mouse

Stay At Home Mum
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Stay At Home Mum
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Getting fit is great, providing it doesn’t become an obsession, and for teenage girls a Fitbit could be the thing that gets them out of their rut about exercising and getting sweaty. Embrace it!

Laptop Satchel

Stay At Home Mum
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Perfect for carrying around the all important laptop from home and school, think about one that matches your teen girl’s individual design preferences for maximum longevity.

iPhone Charger Sets

Stay At Home Mum
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As long as teenage girls have iPhones, they will need iPhone charges, and it’s always better to have a few different ones for different areas so they’re never without. God forbid.

Hair & Makeup Gift Ideas:

Makeup Brushes

High school girls are just getting into the makeup game, and you can ease the road by providing some great accessories to get them started. We recommend a really good kit of make up brushes, so they’re building on a good foundation of high-quality brushwork!

Stay At Home Mum

Our Pick:  Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Set for $39.95


Hair Straightener

ghd hair styler | Stay at Home Mum

Our Pick: GHD V Gold Styler in Ruby Sunset by RY.com.au


Now that they’re a bit older many high school girls are trying to figure out their personal style, and that sometimes means straightening their hair. A good quality straightener is a great gift for them, and they’ll thank you for it.

Makeup Bag

Stay At Home Mum
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If your teenage girl is into makeup, she’s probably going to need a decent make up bag. One that travels well, and has space and compartments for all her favourite things, well it just makes sense.

Gel Nail Kit with Lamp

Stay At Home Mum
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Painting the nails is a great way to express yourself, particularly for high school girls. A gel nail kit, complete with a lamp, is the perfect gift for a teenage girl who loves nail art and everything that goes along with it.

Contour and Highlighting Collection

Contouring and highlighting are the big things these days, and some high school girls are just artists with this style of make up. If your teen girl is interested in this kind of thing as well, a kit like this will just rock her world!

Stay At Home Mum

Our Pick:  Nude by Nature Ultimate Contour & Highlight Collection for $149.95

Manicure Set

Stay At Home Mum
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For those parents of teenage girls who have just started being interested in their nails, a manicure set is a wonderful gift. It will give them all the tools they need to keep their nails looking healthy and stunning.

Bedroom Decor:


Your teenager’s room is a part of their personality, and a cool bean bag will really set the entire thing off. Plus, it’s a good way to encourage them to hang out in their room when you want some peace and quiet!

Stay At Home Mum

Our Pick: This Giant Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag from Woouf for $199.99

New Bedroom Light

Let your high school girl decorate in style with this pretty flamingo neon light. These are a statement piece that your teen might fall in love with!

Stay At Home Mum

We adore these cute Flamingo Neon lights from Yellow Octopus from $29.99

Fabulous Fashion & Accessories:

Sparkly Phone Case

Stay At Home Mum
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Teenagers aren’t always the most cautious people, and if your high school girl has a phone a good phone case is a sound investment. Make it work for her by getting a nice sparkly one, if she’s into that.

Cuffed Knee-High Slipper Socks

Stay At Home Mum
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Perfect for just lounging around the house in on cold and cosy days, these knee-high slipper socks are guaranteed to be a hit with high school girls, plus they’re so instagram ready.

Giant Inflatable Donut

Stay At Home Mum
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When it comes to food that does double duty as fashion, donuts are it. As a pool accessory, your teenage girl is going to love this giant inflatable donut, perfect for just floating around your local water spot.

Toast USB Hand Warmers

Stay At Home Mum
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These aren’t just super cute and guaranteed to elicit a scream, they’re also surprisingly effective at keeping the hands warm. If the teenage girl in your life always seems to have ice-cold hands, this could be for her.

Glass Drinking Bottle with Infuser

Stay At Home Mum
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Infused water is another very popular thing these days, driven by the clean-eating phrase. For high school girls, it’s also a super trendy way to ensure she’s staying hydrated and opting for water over fizzy crap.

Gift Idea: How about an amazing experience?

Indoor Skydiving (Gold Coast)

Stay At Home Mum
via iflydownunder.com.au

Go Indoor Skydiving on the Gold Coast!

When you skydive indoors you can twist and turn, spin and enjoy all kinds of fun, without the months and months of training involved with outdoor skydiving. AND your family and friends can watch all the action from an all-glass viewing platform just a few feet away!

Powered by multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber, the vertical wind tunnel produces a wall-to-wall airflow that is indistinguishable from freefalling during a 14,000ft skydive. Professional instructors assist you to make the most of the air flow so you can truly experience the closest thing to human flight.

Learn The Flying Trapeze

Stay At Home Mum

You will learn how to fly on the trapeze at Melbourne, Sydney, The Gold Coast and Perth’s indoor flying trapeze school and get a taste of what it’s like to be a trapeze performer! After a safety briefing, your training session will start with a run through of the procedures and basic body positions.

Then it’s time to harness up and swing the trapeze! At the top of the ladder you’ll be talked through how to do various moves based on your strength and skill level. After a few practice sessions you’ll have the confidence to attempt a release and catch, where a trained professional will catch you after you – gulp – let go of the trapeze mid-flight!

So whether you just want to try something new or if it is the beginning of a new fitness regime, flying the trapeze is suitable for anyone from age 6 and up that wants to learn to fly in complete safety! The session lasts 2 hours and your instructors are professional aerial artists that have worked in world-class aerial productions.

Located in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth

Swim with Sharks

Stay At Home Mum
via viator.com

Locations include:  Sunshine Coast Qld, Sydney, South Australia, Melbourne

Jet Pack Experience

Stay At Home Mum
via News.com.au

Try the most exciting new experiences in Australia! The Jet Pack & Jet Board is awesome, safe adventures and almost anyone can do it with minimal training.


Sydney Bridge Climb – Sydney Harbour Bridge

Story Bridge Climb – Brisbane

Barista Course

Stay At Home Mum
via blackmarketroasters.com.au

Lots of young people work in hospitality to support themselves through university, or at the start of their careers. A barista course can be a really practical gift for your high school girl, both to help her figure out if she wants to work in hospitality, as well as to get her started. After completing a course like this, teenagers are much more likely to get hired, so it’s really a good idea all around. Not to mention, the course can be really fun and creative.

Horse Riding

Stay At Home Mum
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Rock Climbing

Stay At Home Mum
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Photography Course

Stay At Home Mum
via ngstudentexpeditions.com

Everyone has a passion, and if your high school girl’s passion is photography then a photography course is a smart gift. These courses run in most cities and towns, and cover all aspects of photography from beginner to advanced. Depending on her skill level, and her interest level, your teenage girl might really enjoy a proper photography course. Talk about a creative gift.

Full Day Stunt Academy at the Gold Coast

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