Easy Peasy DIY Glass Easter Basket

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Easy Peasy DIY Glass Easter Basket

We love to bring a little bit of a handmade feel to Easter, and this DIY Glass Easter Basket is a great way to do it.

Very decorative and super cute, it’s a great way to mix up the traditional Easter basket, or just get your kiddies involved in some Easter craft.

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Plus, it’s also the perfect frugal but lovely gift!

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  • Clear mason jar
  • Shredded green paper/green tinsel
  • Jelly beans
  • Chocolate bunny small enough to fit in the jar that you have

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  1. Take the jar and put a small amount of the shredded green paper or tinsel in the bottom.
  2. Make a small indent in the middle – this will help the bunny stay standing when it’s done.
  3. Place the chocolate bunny in the middle of the green paper or tinsel.
  4. Sprinkle a couple of jelly beans around the bunny. Or several – it depends on you.
  5. And you’re all done! Your DIY Glass Easter Basket is ready!

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