Housewarming Gifts For Under $20

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Housewarming Gifts For Under $20

A housewarming is a lovely event for warming the house and hearts of people near to you. In past times a housewarming was reserved for the purchase of a house, often after a wedding, so housewarming gifts were also part of the setting up of new couples in their first home. These days a housewarming happens for many more reasons but in any situation, a new house requires a celebration!

Whatever the reason or circumstances, a present for the occasion may be warranted. Times have changed and it seems that every new household warrants a housewarming, so simply moving house results in a party!

Here are some of the best I’ve seen or received in the many years of moving house before settling into my little blue-trimmed cottage:


Herbs, indoor plants with large leaves, bay tree for the front step, window planter with lettuces, microherbs, sprouts or even a good chia pet. Plants improve the air quality in a house, give people something to look after, and provide food. A plant in theory lasts longer than a bunch of flowers too! Include some instructions on care and expected lifetime as well, so the recipient doesn’t get upset (or feel guilty) when it dies.

Kitchen gadget

An awesome can opener, kitchen scales, a zester or citrus juicer, measuring cups or an interesting set of silicone stirring spoons can warm the kitchen of a cook and are useful. I love pulling out the measuring spoons my grandmother gave me as a housewarming gift as they remind me of her and fill my heart and house with love.


Continuing on the kitchen theme, as it is the heart of the house and is an important life skill, a good basic cookbook or a specialised one if you know what the house warmer is in to (bbq, cupcakes, chocolate, preserving, breadmaking?) is a great gift! You can’t go past Once A Month Cooking from Stay At Home Mum, or one of the latest fad celebrity chefs. This is one thing that you might pick up second hand or on ebay for a song, or check out BookWorld for a cheaper option if you’ve got the time to wait for delivery!Housewarming Gifts For Under $20

Fix it book, home maintenance book, DIY book

Something of this genre is going to set the new house occupants on the right path, particularly if their more-handy parents, friends or family aren’t local to them! Most hardware stores have DIY books and pamphlets on things like fixing a hole in the wall, painting, hanging a picture or changing a washer and it’s easy to find something to suit most living situations in your local big-box store.

Tool kit and spirit level

While you’re in the same big blue, green or red store you could instead get a basic tool kit and spirit level. One of the best things I got for my 21st was the first toolkit I ever had, with a robust set of screwdrivers and a small spirit level. Even when renting, these things came in super handy and now that I’m a homeowner, I use those screwdrivers quite often.

Address stamp or stickers

Honour the fact that your friends or family have a whole new address and organise some address stickers or a stamp for them to put on the odd piece of mail they might send. Vistaprint do a great range for under $20 and nothing warms a house like being able to stamp your address on the back of a letter or postcard.

Home organising binder or control journal

This is more adult than fun but with a new house comes new bills, a new lease or mortgage documents, insurance details, change of address forms, and lots of details to keep track of. In stationery stores, department stores and of course online you can find binders, printables or books to help with the home economics and organisational tips. A calendar to track bills, a budget spot for planning or tracking spending, ring binders to keep bills neat and a spot to scrapbook dream bathrooms or paint colours, all in one handy-dandy spot.


Hooks are the answer to lots of problems in a house. If it’s a rental home, there is rarely enough storage or hanging space for tea towels, paintings, calendars or coats, so a packet of removable hooks can help! And when you’re a new home owner you can never decide where to hang things permanently until you’ve lived in the house for a while so hooks that won’t damage paint mean you can keep changing your mind.

Gift vouchers

Never go astray. Think outside the square and get one for the local takeaway or bottleshop to celebrate their new home! A gift voucher for the supermarket helps with setting up home or contribute to a local newspaper subscription.

What’s the best kind of housewarming gift? What have you received that you need to file under “super thoughtful” and share with the rest of the world?

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