These Cute Doughnut Wedding Cakes Will Save You Some Cash!

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These Cute Doughnut Wedding Cakes Will Save You Some Cash!

Doughnut wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to make, and undeniably cute.

Plus, they offer a fun twist on the traditional wedding cake. However, there are a few potential drawbacks to doughnut wedding cakes.

For one thing, they’re not particularly elegant. If you’re looking for a sophisticated dessert, doughnut wedding cakes may not be the right choice. Additionally, they can be messy, since the frosting is prone to melting in warm weather.

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Finally, doughnut wedding cakes may not be suitable for large weddings, since they generally only come in small sizes.

Doughnut wedding cakes are a fun and budget-friendly option for couples who are looking for something a little bit different. Just be sure to consider the potential drawbacks before making your final decision.

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Looking for a cheaper alternative for wedding cakes?

Cheaper doesn’t mean less sumptuous though! Trust me!

Weddings are overrated at times, most especially cakes. Trust me when I say that those grandiose wedding cakes are usually brought home and left to rot. Lol!

Here are some cute doughnut wedding cakes that are so good, and will save you some cash too!

A doughnut for your first bite as newlyweds is not bad. Not bad at all. 

In today’s society, it seems that couples are always trying to outdo each other with ever-more extravagant wedding celebrations. But what if you took a step back and kept things simple? Doughnut wedding cakes for your first bite as newlyweds are elegant in their simplicity.

It is also an impressive gesture that shows you are thinking of your guests – after all, who doesn’t love a free doughnut? And last but not least, it is an incredibly inexpensive way to make your wedding breakfast that bit more special. So next time you’re planning your big day, don’t forget the power of a humble doughnut. Who knows, it might just be the best decision you make.

How cute is this? I like the rustic feel of this setup.

Oooh, just look at that pretty glazed stack! Perfect for the blushing bride

These newlywed doughnuts are too perfect to eat! 

Lots of different variants on this one! Sooo cute! 

The succulents added to the beauty of this one. 

I love it! The choco dipped doughnuts are a beautiful contrast to the mint and white flowers. 

Simple yet lovely. 

Pink and white are my spirit animals.

I am such a sucker for sugar-glazed doughnuts.

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This multi-flavoured doughnut extravaganza is toooo good to be true.

Too lovely to eat!

The pink daisies are too lovely!

The frosted look is so fancy. And the doughnuts are sooo yummy looking! 

Simple and underrated. What’s important is it shows the love between the newlyweds. 

The twisties at the top make the whole look really cute. 

 A palatable smorgasbord of doughnuts!

Purple is just too beautiful and royal-looking.

The frosted doughnuts and the roses all belong together. So dainty and simple!

Just can’t get enough of these doughnut wedding cakes!

They’re really pretty!

Doughnut plus chocolate and strawberries? What more can you ask for?

Simple and elegant! 

You’re welcome!

Budget-friendly and cute, doughnut wedding cakes are the latest trend in nuptial desserts. But before you write off this budget choice as tacky, consider the sophistication that can be achieved with a well-executed doughnut cake. By stacks of doughnuts in tiers, adorned with fresh flowers or delicate frosting, these cakes can be strikingly dainty.

And because they come in a variety of flavors and sizes, there’s sure to be a doughnut cake that fits both your budget and your wedding vision. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice style, a doughnut wedding cake just might be the right choice for you.

These Cute Doughnut Wedding Cakes Will Save You Some Cash! Pinnable

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