Top 25 Halloween Costume Fails

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Top 25 Halloween Costume Fails

In modern times, humour and ridicule are alive and well. Humour, in the form of those who are happy to take the piss out of themselves and their family for the observer’s benefit and plenty of those who are content to accept the possibility of ridicule for that inclusion of their family in their costume!

Halloween, you either totally dig it or don’t give two hoots about it, either way, you will always be intrigued by the level of effort that folks put into their costumes!

Also known as All Hallows Eve, Halloween is a yearly celebration that really gets happening in many countries around the world. Back in the dark ages, it began the time of year called ‘Allhallowtide’ which was dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all of the passed-on believers.

These days, it seems, Australia is included in the group getting into the spirit of things. Typical celebrations include dress-up parties, trick-or-treating, apple bobbing, prank-playing and the carving of pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns (way too much work, I say). The Christian religious aspect of All Hallows Eve may include attending church services, lighting candles on the graves of the departed and consuming only vegetarian foods.

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I’m not sure that many people these days would let their kids wander, supervised or not, around any neighbourhood collecting bags full of lollies (or asking to be tricked) in celebration of anything but I have seen groups set up areas near public places like parks where they all dress up and share a few goodies.

The dressing up comes from the traditional focus of All Hallows Eve which revolves around the theme of using humour and ridicule to confront the power of death.

25. Gingerbread Man

I laughed and I laughed. There wasn’t anything else to do. It’s simple, understated and the young man’s expression says it all. I think if he was an Aussie, he’d be wearing a slice of bread on each ear and his sign would read ‘Ranga Sanga’. Probably lucky he didn’t choose Gingernut biscuit!

ADD: One of the most punny Halloween costumes!

24. Iron Man

Well done for finding the iron and knowing it had a spray that goes with it! I like that his utility belt makes use of all those loose plug ends and that the cape, tights and sweat bands all work well with his awesome arms…um, I mean white singlet.

23. Something’s Fishy

Oh, Arielle you little sweetheart! Good to see that this mermaid has looked after herself all these years and has not caved to the pressure of removing facial hair.

22. C’mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party

Original, mint condition in a box! A bit clever, a bit funny, a bit brave and a bit crazy when you realise they are actually in the children’s section of a department store!\

21. Thanks For The Mammaries

How to stay abreast of the party shenanigans..wonder how many takers he had by the end of the party?

20. Sanitary Ninja

I want to say fail, but I’m close to giving him a round of applause for having the cahoonas to go out like this! Gross dude!

19. Serial Killer

Cereal Killer is an oldie but a goodie, this one I’ve seen at a fancy-dress party where the guy had a box of Weet-bix strapped to a chest with a knife sticking out of it and even one with a single Weet-bix rectangle stuck in between his butt cheeks. When I asked how that is a cereal killer, the guy replied ‘You haven’t smelled my farts’, I didn’t stick around to get a whiff either!

18. Creepy Tigger

It looks like a Disney Tigger Costume, but with the Spiderman bikini briefs, I’m confused! Extra creepy points for leaving the tag on what is clearly a child’s dress-up outfit, is he planning on returning it to the store tomorrow? Or worse”¦is it a gift for someone being taken for a test-run? Yuck!

17. ABC Goes Spooky

Whoa! No-one’s kids are going to ever watch Sesame Street happily ever again after seeing these two handing out treats!

16. Wonder Why Woman?

Shouldn’t be wearing this get-up, shouldn’t be posing with more than breakfast on display and most definitely shouldn’t be letting someone take a photo of it! You just know it’s going to end up online on one of those worst dress-up posts!

15. Piggy Backs

Took me a minute to work out this was a back-carry baby-wearing costume. I’ll admit I thought it was a get-behind-the-Mrs poor taste costume until I saw the back legs sticking out!

14. Hard Labour

I can only hope it wasn’t a sit-down dinner Halloween party! The poor love supplying the face of the birthing woman looks a who lot less impressed than the rest of the outfit, probably not getting much attention considering there’s a bloke with a stash down the other end busting out of a faux vag!

13. Pumpkin Pie

You know when you handle pumpkin too long without washing your hands they get covered that orange stuff that dries hard and makes your skin so tight you can’t stretch your fingers out properly until you scrub it off? I hope he has undies on.

12. JD and the Marlboro Man

The family that isn’t afraid to really put themselves out there! Note Mum running out the gate not wanting her face in the photo, just kidding, she’s gone to get more vodka!

11. Bon Appetit?

The dog looks worried…..

10. Toilet Humour

Starting to realise that her parents are full of crap when they said being a toilet this Halloween would be heaps better than a fairy princess.

9. Horsing Around

Pets are like children to some and are certainly family members, so they should never miss out on the fun of dressing up, especially when they obviously love it!

8. Happy Hobo

It’s wrong and it’s funny, so it’s perfect for Halloween, as will the photo be for this child’s 21st. Nice one parents!

7. Trolley Lady

While we’re on the subject of dodgy kid’s costumes, I thought this one would fit right in, the kid loves his collection though I’d say!

6. Hello Clarice

Makes you want to run up and untie him, except that is, for the possibility he might utter ‘Tastes like chicken’ then you just turn and run!

5. Not Even Close To Ok

Anyone who’s seen the 90’s movies Child’s Play and sequels will never forget that freaking terrifying homicidal little doll. I still recall the ankle-slitting scene when my toes poke under the bed. Not ok! Not ok!

4. It’s Zombie Time

Just the tip of the iceberg, keep reading, you’ll see what I mean.

3. Quality Zombie Family Fun

The zombie family that shops together stays together! Attractive zombies are awesome, they make flesh eating ok, and how cute is the obvious love between sibling zombies?

2. Got The Munchies?

Wretched zombie humour caught on camera. Oh, dear. This almost topped the list! This is almost similar to cultural horror stories where mothers died in childbirth and their kids turn into vampiric child.

1. The Worst Ever Halloween Costume Fail

And the WTF award goes to this crazy woman who has just bought herself 12 years of sleepless (or nightmare-filled) nights from her baby, unless that’s how she gets about and her offspring are quite conditioned to it. Freaking well freaking me out still!

We’ve all been there – you spend hours crafting the perfect costume, only to have it fall apart at the last minute. Whether it’s a ripped seam, a broken zipper, or a hole in the fabric, a ‘tume failure can be frustrating and embarrassing. But don’t despair!

Costume fails are actually quite common, and there’s no shame in admitting that your wears didn’t quite turn out as planned. In fact, we’d love to hear your Halloween costume fail story or see a picture of your failed creation.

So whether you’re dressed as a zombie bride who lost her headpiece or a vampire who ripped his cape, we want to see all of your glory!

Got A Halloween Costume Fail Story or Picture For Us?

Everyone has a costume fail story or picture. Whether it’s realising you’re wearing your shirt inside out, or your wig is on backwards, we’ve all been there. That’s what makes this scary time of the month so fun! So don’t be shy, share your most epic fail with us. We can’t wait to hear (and see) what you’ve got!


Top 25 Halloween Costume Fails Pinnable

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