What Is It Like To Be A Father?Today, we promise to forget all the gross things our husbands and dads do and admit that they are a work of art.

What is it like to be a dad?

Does being a dad mean looking after the baby while mum is away, changing nappies and preparing their food? Does it mean putting your thinking caps on while evaluating children’s books or singing for your little girl because she needs someone to sing with?

It’s Father’s day, today, in Australia, so for 24 hours, we promise to forget all the gross things our husbands and dads do… and admit that they are a work of art.

Fathers are made with big feet for dancing on..


Strong arms to keep us safe..


Hands that are capable to fix almost anything…


Ears that will listen to your problems…

Sturdy shoulders we can ride on…


And big hearts that love deeply…


Dads can be funny and sweet.

Sometimes, they just like to annoy us…

But really, they’re our real life superheroes…

Most of all, we celebrate Father’s day because we know what these main men of the house go through for their families.

Biological fathers or being a friend in any father-like capacity plays a great role and creates an impact to the society. We honour the dads who play good role model to our kids.

Dads, Step dads, mentors, coaches, friends, or any man who has taken children under their wing and made it their life’s mission to protect and love, thank you. Enjoy this day and know that you are celebrated.

Happy Father’s Day!

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