18 Simple and Healthy After School Snack IdeasBecause our kids' nutrition should not be taken for granted.

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Kids are always ‘STARVING’ when they get home from school……

When I was a kid, I remembered clamouring for my mum’s homemade chocolate yogo every time I get home from school. To me, it tasted like heaven but it was actually filled with too much sugar that made me hyper until the night! But as a school kid, those afternoon snacks are too good to be true!

Now that I’m a mum, I make sure that my kids have something to go home to after engaging in a lot of school activities.

Here are some simple yet healthy snack ideas for the kids!

Novel Ways to Get More Fruit Into Them:

1. Fruit & Cracker Pizzas

Prepare some Ritz biccies and top ’em with some good old whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries and any other fruit. Your kids could get the sweetness they want but in a nutritious way!

30 Simple and Healthy After School Snacks | Stay At Home Mum
via sunshineandhurricanes.com

2. Baked Apple Chips 

Are your kids bored with having the same apple slices in their lunch bags? Try doing a twist on it by baking it and turning it into yummy, crispy chips!

30 Simple and Healthy After School Snacks | Stay At Home Mum
via alimentageuse.com

3. Nutella Banana Bite

Grab some Ritz biccies again, some strawberries (or any fruit your kids like), some whipped cream and Nutella. Layer them all together and you’re good to go! Perfect for adults too!

30 Simple and Healthy After School Snacks | Stay At Home Mum
via thirtyhandmadedays.com


4. Fruit Popsicles

Not only for summer, these fruit popsicles are perfect for an after school snack. The fruity coolness will soothe your kids’ tired spirits.

30 Simple and Healthy After School Snacks | Stay At Home Mum
via womansday.com

5. Caramel Apple Grapes

Caramel Apple Grapes are the perfect snack! Grapes dipped in caramel and then in nuts. A little treat that tastes like caramel apple in every bite.

Stay At Home Mum
via bellyfull.net


Healthy & Delicious:

6. Bananas Foster 

Warm up a few teaspoons of Coconut Oil in a frying pan.  While heating up, slice a couple of bananas and sprinkle both sides with cinnamon.  Fry on each side until golden brown.  You can add a scoop of vanilla coconut bliss ice-cream on top or eat warm in a cup.
Image Via Skimmy M’s.com


Prepare some ‘Graze Trays’:

7. Have an assortment of fruits and vegetables for your graze tray.

It should look appealing to your school-aged kid. Especially if he or she is a picky eater. We particularly love this one from Burp Rags and Bustiers!

Stay At Home Mum
via burpragsandbustiers.blogspot.com

8. You can also include some biccies and some antioxidant-rich fruits.

Stay At Home Mum
via flickr.com

9. Graze trays allow your school-aged kid to pick from different choices.

Stay At Home Mum
via hgtv.com

10. You could also opt for protein rich graze trays.

Stay At Home Mum
via huggies.com.au

11. Or introduce them to vegetables with this ham and cheese ensemble.

Stay At Home Mum
via barefeetinthekitchen.blogspot.com


Foods on a Stick:

12. Ham and cheese always go together.

Add a slice of an apple and poke everything with a stick, and you’re good to go!

Stay At Home Mum
via babble.com

13. A fruit barbecue is also a good after school snack!

Stay At Home Mum
via hoosierhomemade.com

14. How about a club sandwich on a stick?



Healthy Wafer Cone Snacks:

15. Fresh Fruit Cones


16. Fruit Salad Yoghurt Cones

Cooking Mamas
Cooking Mamas

17. Ice Cream Fruit Cones

The fruity goodness of fresh produce plus a hint of cream could actually make your kids think they’re eating ice cream from a shop. You can also incorporate some chocolate syrup if you want.

via reasonstoskipthehousework.com
via reasonstoskipthehousework.com

18. Taco Salad Cones

If the kids love Tacos then this one should be a winner! You can make them snack sized ones to make sure they finish everything up.

Do you have anything to add? Share it with us! 

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