20 Cheap and Cheerful Mince Recipes That Will Save You Moneyand the kids will love!

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I do love mince. It is relatively cheap and nowadays there is so much of a variety.

Of course the old fashioned beef mince is still my all time favourite.

Here are Stay at Home Mum’s 20 Cheap and Cheerful Mince Recipes That Will Save You Money!

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1) Porcupine Mince Balls

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Porcupine Mince Balls | Stay at Home Mum

Delicious beef mince balls, rolled in rice and soaked in a delicious tomato sauce!

2) Cheesy Beef and Macaroni Bake

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Cheesy Beef Macaroni Bake | Stay at Home Mum

Topped with some cherry tomatoes and basil for something really spesh!

3) Grilled Gooey Cheesy Rissoles

 Grab the Recipe Here!


Melt in your mouth goodness!

4) Cheesy Beef Puffs

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Cheesy Beef Puffs | Stay at Home Mum

One brilliant leftover mince recipe!

5) Mince Scrolls

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Mince Scrolls | Stay at Home Mum

Yummy and scrummy!

6) Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls | Stay at Home Mum

Such a great twist on the usual sausage rolls!

7) Chicken Pot Pie

Grab the Recipe Here!

chicken pot pie (3)

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie is the best!

8) Corn Chip Casserole

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Corn Chip Casserole

Such a simple recipe to whip up! The kids will love this.

9) Golden Bake

 Grab the Recipe Here!

golden bake

A very frugal and very simple recipe!

10) Beef Tortilla Stack

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Beef Tortilla Stack | Stay at Home Mum

Looks like pizza, tastes way better!!!

11) Top Deck Meatloaf

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Top Deck Meatloaf

Meatloaf is often a winner for people with kids, and if it isn’t yet this Top Deck Meatloaf will ensure it will be.

12) Slowcooker Lasagne

 Grab the Recipe Here!

slowcooker lasagne

Yummy, meaty lasagne….

13) Shepherds Pie Cupcakes

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Shepherd's Pie Cupcakes | Stay at Home Mum

The whole family will love Shepherd’s Pie Cupcakes with a yummy sweet potato topping!

14) Mini Lasagne Cups

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Mini Lasagna Cups | Stay at Home Mum

Fun to make and definitely fun to eat!

15) Cottage Pie

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Cottage Pie | Stay at Home Mum

Even the pickiest of kids will be coming back for more!

16) Pork Stuffed Capsicums

 Grab the Recipe Here!

pork stuffed capsicums

Yummy! This is definitely making the most out of minced pork.

17) Beef Chow Mein

 Grab the Recipe Here!

Beef Chow Mein | Stay at Home Mum

Never settle on anything that’s not delicious!

18) Gassy Lasagne

 Grab the Recipe Here!

gassy lasagne | Stay at Home Mum

*whispers* Make sure your windows are open and you don’t have plans for the rest of the night.

19) Low Fat Turkey Burgers

 Grab the Recipe Here!

low fat turkey burger | Stay at Home Mum

Perfect for lunch and dinners – whenever you’re on a rush! Mince doesn’t just mean beef!

20) Chicken and Spinach Meatloaf

Grab the Recipe Here!

Chicken and Spinach Meatloaf | Stay at Home Mum

No guilt!

What are your favourite go-to mince recipes?

20 Cheap and Cheerful Mince Recipes That Will Save You Money

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