List of Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes in Australia 2021

List of Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes in Australia 2021

List of Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes in Australia 2021

Coffee Subscription Boxes and Tea Subscription Boxes are now just as popular as Wine or makeup boxes. It’s crazy!

But if you are a rabid coffee or tea drinker, using a subscription can actually save you a heap of cash in the long run.  Here is a list of the biggest and best suppliers in Australia!

List of Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes | Stay at Home Mum

1. Tielka Organic Tea Subscription Box

The Tielka organic tea subscription box gives you a look into Australia’s most awarded organic tea company. Over the last three years, Tielka has won an incredible 18 awards and has earned a strong reputation for its beautiful organic single-origin teas, blends and herbals. You can choose an ongoing subscription or sample the range through the Tielka Discovery. Once you’ve found your favourite, you can switch to an ongoing subscription of your choice.
The Details:
  • 6 Month Mini Discovery ($12/month)
  • 12 Month Loose Leaf Discovery ($24/month)
  • 12 Month Tea Pyramids Discovery ($24/month)
  • Ongoing Subscriptions (choose your own, swap any time – from $18/month)

Find out more about the Tileka Organic Tea Subscription Box by clicking here

and mention Stay at Home Mum in the ordering notes and you’ll get a free gift with your subscription!

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2. Beanhunter Coffee Subscription Box

The Bean Hunter Coffee Subscription provides you with unique coffee from around the world. You can customise your subscription plan with either espresso or filter machine process, the frequency of delivery and the number of grams you want to per delivery.

The Details:

  • You can choose from a three month, six month or 12 month subscription.
  • Delivery: Customize: Every two weeks or 4 weeks
  • Pricing starts from $58.50 per month (for a three-month subscription)

Discount Codes:

  • Get 50% off your first shipment with the code ILOVECOFFEE

Find out more

Beanhunter Coffee Subscription cover

3. Rumble Coffee Roasters Subscription Box

Rumble Coffee Roasters Subscription Box offers delicious coffee from one of Melbourne’s premier coffee roasters and delivers Australia wide.  This company supplies some of Melbourne’s most popular coffee spots and has a mixture of the best beans from Brazil and PNG.

The Details:

  • One box is $66.00
  • 3 Boxes is $192.00
  • 12 Month Supply is $720.00

Find out more!

Rumble Coffee Roasters Subscription Box cover


4.  Pablo & Rusty’s

Pablo & Rusty’s started as a cafe on Sydney’s North Shore in 2003 with a small off-site roastery.  They have two stores in the Sydney CBD and Brisbane CBD.  Their coffee is specialty grade that is sustainably farmed and tastes amazing. They offer three distinct blends designed for milk.

The Details:

  • Offers free shipping to anywhere within Australia

Find out more here!

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5.  Coffee Scout

Coffee Scout offers a monthly subscription for only $25.00.  They discover Australia’s finest specialty coffee and deliver it to your door, every month. You get to taste beans that are sourced from all over the globe and are roasted right here in Australia.

You can choose from 250 grams, 500 grams or 1kg packs – in whole, ground/espresso or ground/filter.

Find out more here!

Coffee Beans - Monthly Subscription

7. One Coffee Snob

One Coffee Snob offers a different Australian coffee roaster sent monthly delivered to your door from $24. You can choose from three different sizes:

  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 1kg bag

Then choose your roast, and then your grind.

Tell them Stay at Home Mum sent you!

Find out more here >

9. Alternative Brewing

Choose from espresso or filter coffee.  Get 50% off your first shipment with the coupon: first50 at the checkout.

Find out more here >

6. Tea Garden

Based in Canberra, Tea Garden offer a monthly subscription box for the type of person who keeps a teapot on their desk and keeps themselves happy and hydrated all day.

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7.  The Rabbit Hole Tea Subscriptions

The perfect gift for the tea lover in your life or a handy way to make sure you never run out. We’ll send you a specially selected pack (50 serves) to enjoy eve. This subscription box provides you with organic tea with two types of plans: blended and pure. The blend contains floral, Fruity, Zesty, Spicy and Creamy flavours with a specially selected tea each month. Pure contains only the leaves
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Blended- $145 every 6 months. Pure- $125 every 6 months
Subscription | Stay at Home

8. Tease with Tea

Tease with Tea provides you with gourmet tea around the world to be delivered to your door. Each box includes 3 premium teas, steeping guide enough for 38 cups, a bite-sized surprise & an inspiring note There are two kinds of plans: Forever Curated Tease Box and Tease Box.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Forever Curated: $50/month, Tease Box: $28/month
  • Use the code FIRSTWELCOME to get 10% off your first order.
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9.  Honest Tea

Australia’s first subscription box for tea lovers like you! There three subscription levels and each pack with 30 cups. Honest Tea was started in 2004 by Annie Young, a tea lover who wanted to show others just how good tea can be!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Premium Exotic- $39.95, Deluxe Exotic- $59.95, Rarest Tea Gardens- $99.95

10. Tea Blossoms

With tea blossoms, you choose any high-quality tea to be delivered to your home!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Costs: Price starts at $15.00

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11. Neo Tealicious Tea Box

Neo’s Tealicious Tea Box Subscription is perfect for a Tea Lover who enjoys tastings of various types of teas ranging from the Traditional Teas to Zesty Infusions and Summery Tisanes.

This subscription provides you with 30 packs of tea for 30 days. You can choose your payment plan, every 6 months or 12

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $30/month
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12. Three Thousand Thieves Coffee Subscription Box

Three Thousand Thieves Coffee is a Melbourne based coffee bean supplier that ships roasted coffee beans from a new Australian roaster every month (so every month is different!).  Sometimes you will get a fruity filter roast, sometimes a delicious espresso blend.  You can choose whether you want espresso, filter or decaf roast.

The Details:

  • Delivers monthly
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Cost depends on amount you purchase.  250 grams is $25

Find out more here!

3TT | Stay at Home


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List of Coffee and Tea Subscription Boxes in Australia 2021 | Stay at Home

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