Creamed Corn and Ham Toasted Wraps

Creamed Corn and Ham Toasted Wraps

Kids bored with peanut butter and jam sandwiches? I’m seriously so bored of making them! Here is a fresh idea to add to the lunch box rotation thanks to our friends at Tablelands Smart Spreads.

Keep the kids happy by filling their lunchboxes with these tasty and simple creamed corn and ham toasted wraps. The quantity below will make four wraps. You can wrap them in clingwrap to add to the lunchbox for that day and save the leftovers for yourself.  Or, add a couple to hubby’s lunch in the morning and win the Wife of the Year award. Add some veggie sticks on the side and you’re done!

Healthy Kids Lunch Ideas

Get more recipe ideas by checking out Tablelands Spread Lunch and Snacks Ideas. Or, for even more awesome healthy kids recipes you can get the Tablelands SmartSpread booklet delivered to your door for FREE at

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  1. If you don't have a sandwich press you can pop these into the oven under a grill for five minutes to give them a toasty warm feel, or simply serve them cold

  2. You can also swap the sliced cheese for grated cheese or even cream cheese if you want.

  3. While any spread will work, we tend to recommend using Aussie made and owned Tablelands Smart Spread because it's 33% cheaper than the market leading brands but is also free from added gluten, eggs, yeast, nuts or added milk products.

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