Five Reasons Why We Love Pancakes In The Morning

Five Reasons Why We Love Pancakes In The Morning

Pancakes. Is it just us or does the mere mention of the word send your taste buds into overdrive?

Here at SAHM we just love pancakes they’re the one breakfast choice that will always satisfy you, no matter what country you live in or if you have just stumbled out of bed. So, needless to say, we got very excited when Nutella shared with us their take on the nations five favourite types of pancakes!

Pancakes are a brekkie staple around the world and with International Pancake Day just around the corner on February 9th, there’s no better time to talk pancakes for breakfast. We’ve partnered with Nutella to share with you our top five reasons why we love pancakes, especially in the morning. And get ready as we’ll share some simple yet tasty recipes along the way.


1. Sweet or Savoury

There are countless ways to eat pancakes. Whether you like your pancakes sweet or savoury, there’s really no way to go wrong! Here at SAHM, we love the classic combination of lemon and sugar, or sometimes we like to go a little more fancy with a berry compote or bacon and maple syrup.

As well as being versatile, pancakes are easy to make. This is especially important if you’re whipping up a batch first thing in the morning it’s unlikely you’ll have to rush out to the shops as you probably have all the ingredients at home. Here’s how:

Pancake Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 ½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

1 egg, beaten lightly

1 ½ cups milk

2 tbsp butter, melted

Our favourite topping: Nutella because adding a touch of this delightful spread makes everyday moments a little more special!

2. Pancakes are for everyone

Pancakes appeal to all ages and are commonly served up for breakfast across the globe. Pancakes are not guided by age or gender “” they are simply for everyone because of their versatility! As pancakes are globally considered a “comfort” food and Nutella is considered a universal “feel-good” spread, chances are that if you’re travelling and need a little slice of home, you’ll be able to hunt down this classic breakfast combo! You can even make gluten free pancakes, meaning even those members of your family with intolerances to wheat will be able to enjoy pancakes for breakfast, with this seriously-scrumptious gluten free recipe!

3. Pancakes make you deliriously happy

A meal of pancakes for breakfast will brighten your mood and put a spring in your step. You can share them, hog them or surprise someone with pancakes in bed. You can’t go wrong with pancakes, which is why they are just so right!

You could also say that pancakes and Nutella are the ultimate “happy” breakfast food. You can eat them standing in the kitchen wearing fluffy slippers, cook them on the barbecue when camping with friends, or serve them up for the entire family on a Sunday morning.  

4. Pancakes have many different names

Flapjacks, crepes, griddlebacks, panky-doos, berry patches, flipjills, butter gutters, charlia browns, and okonomiyaki, to name a few. These are just a few of the many unique names from around the world but you get the point!

Scientists have even tracked the origin of pancakes to some 5300 years ago, meaning our prehistoric ancestors just may have eaten pancakes. Yes, that’s right, even cavemen loved pancakes!

Let’s face it, pancakes are a breakfast staple we just can’t live without. And a touch of Nutella is the perfect accompaniment. The fluffy texture and varied flavours have been cemented into our society for years and yet we still can’t get enough of them.


5. There is a day dedicated to them

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is an annual tradition in certain cultures and religions that involves eating pancakes all day! Shrove means forgiven for wrongdoings, and Shrove Tuesday is held the day before Lent begins.  It happens on a different date each year depending on when Easter is. History tells us that long ago, before Nutella and pancakes married in culinary matrimony, Shrove Tuesday was a day for feasting and having a good time. People went to church to confess the bad things they had done and would be forgiven before the start of Lent. As rich foods such as eggs were forbidden during Lent, one way of using them up would be to make pancakes! These days, Pancake Day is held in communities all over the world and Nutella has become the topping of choice! Give pancakes with Nutella, mango and raspberries a try “” check out this video below for a little inspiration!


So don’t let this Pancake Day go by without cooking up a batch of Pancakes with Nutella and your favourite fruit It’s a tradition that is well worth getting the entire family out of bed for “¦ and you certainly don’t want to miss out on that all-too-good feeling we like to call: Deliriously Pancake Happy!!

You can see all of Nutella’s delicious pancake idea videos here 


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