9 Incredible Uses For Fruit Peel You’ve Never Thought Of…Double Duty For Orange, Avocado and Bananas

You never thought of using the peel from fruits for extra things? For shame! Here are 9 ideas for using the peel of things you’ve already got going into your green bin, chicken scrap bucket or maybe even your bin still!

Wart Removal

It takes around 10 days but you can use banana peel to remove warts! Put a wart-sized piece of banana peel down onto the wart, flesh side down, and use a piece of strapping tape to hold it there overnight. Repeat nightly for 10 days and the wart should be dead. You can do the same thing overnight for a splinter or just rub it on to reduce a bruise! Frozen pieces make great bump-booboos in my house.

removing warts with banana

credit: healthyfoodstar.com

Stop Itch!

Rub a small piece of banana peel onto a mosquito bite to stop it itching almost immediately. Great for babies and young kids who can’t control the urge to scratch.

Health-Benefits-of-Bananascredit: howtotut.com

Soil Booster

Dry banana peels in the oven on a low heat for a few hours, then crumble and use to give your roses, veges and fruit trees a boost.


credit: vegetablegardener.com

Grease Cleaner

Use a piece of fresh orange peel to scrub a greasy stove or tiles – you’ll be amazed at just how effective the oils in the skin are!

Sugar softener

Put a piece of orange peel in with your brown sugar, to keep the sugar from absorbing too much moisture and going hard.

orangepeelsugarcredit: lifehacker.com

Stop That Fridge Smell

Fill the orange peel left over from orange quarters with rock salt, and place on a saucer in the fridge for a super-easy and effective fridge deodoriser.

orange salt

credit: themotherinlawskitchen.wordpress.com

Beauty Hack

Avocado peel is a great moisturiser! Turn the peel inside out and rub on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off. You can do the same with avocado flesh on your hair – a great way to use up slightly browned flesh next time you make guacamole.Putting Peels To Good Use

Heel Balm

Rub the inside of the avocado peel on dry heels and put on some socks. The moisturising properties of the skin and flesh means your feet will be softer and smoother afterwards! Bonus points if you can put the peel on the heels, put the socks on over the top and sit back with your feet up and a glass of wine in your hand, for a DIY pedicure.

Skin Scrub

If you have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin bumps, often on the upper arms or outer thighs), use avocado skin right side out for an exfoliation treatment with added moisturising properties.

avo skin scrub

credit: dailymail.co.uk

What weird and wonderful uses do you have for “food scraps” in your house? Egg shells for keeping snails and slugs away? Leftover oatmeal as a face mask? Coffee grounds as a deodoriser? Share some of your family’s tips with other SAHM readers!

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