Scary Halloween Feasting Platter (That is HEALTHY, too!)

Scary Halloween Feasting Platter (That is HEALTHY, too!)
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The Ultimate ‘Family Scare’ Centrepiece for Entertaining at Halloween

This Scary Halloween Feasting platter is just the perfect healthy Halloween spread for the whole family! This year, we’re more health-conscious about what we put in our mouths so we’ve put in an effort to add more veggies and other healthy stuff with some goodies as well!

Give a healthy scary twist to family Halloween celebrations with our Ultimate ‘Family Scare’ Centrepiece.

It is a Scary Halloween Feasting Platter that will feed an army – and looks damn spooooky!

Scary Halloween Feasting Platter (That is HEALTHY, too!)

Looking for a spooky way to feed your Halloween partygoers? Woolworths has got you covered with their Scary Halloween Feasting Platter. The platter comes complete with an array of ghoulish treats, including ghosts made from melted cheese, black olives and cream cheese, spiderweb mini pizzas, and Eyeball Kabobs made from grape tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and green onions.

There’s also a selection of creepy dips, including “bloody” salsa and guacamole. Woolworths has thought of everything, even providing ghost-shaped cut-outs so you can create your own spooky scene! So if you’re looking for a Feast that’s sure to please this Halloween, be sure to check out Woolworths’ Scary Halloween Feasting Platter.

Scary Halloween Feasting Platter | Stay At Home Mum
Feature Pic Platter 1 | Stay at Home

We dashed down to Woolworths for the ingredients so if you’re interested in making this Scary Halloween Feasting Platter here’s what you should jot down on your grocery shopping list:

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Woolworths Halloween | Stay at Home

Check out this healthy, yummy and gorgeous spread below!!!

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SnciTwBQ | Stay at Home
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It’s so pretty that I dreaded eating it!!!
Scary Halloween Feasting Platter | Stay At Home Mum

Head down to your nearest Woolworths and get started on this beautiful Scary Halloween Feasting Platter!

Scary Halloween Feasting Platter | Stay at Home
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