Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

If you are already dreading the tedious task of preparing school lunches then here are some great healthy lunch box ideas for kids.

Kids in school need healthy food so that they can stay on top of their schoolwork and get the energy they need to concentrate on the whole day. Packing your kid’s lunchbox might be a chore sometimes, but if you want your child to grow up healthy and strong you need to make sure he or she gets a proper lunch every single day. Our healthy lunch box ideas for kids can help take the boredom out of school lunch preparation and ensure your kid’s come home with an empty lunch box every day. Here are some nutritious and easy to make healthy lunch box ideas that your kids will love.

Frozen Fruit Salad

Apples, bananas, and watermelon make for delicious healthy lunch box ideas no matter what age you are.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

  • Kids like their fruit cut into pieces for them, so here’s a great way to make a fruit salad that will stay fresh until the lunch bell rings.
  • Chop up all the fruit the night before and put it in a freezer container, then freeze it overnight.
  • In the morning, put a bunch into a GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bag and pop it into the lunchbox. The GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bags are the perfect size for fruit salad and other smaller snacks and come with a secure lock guarantee. You can feel the seal when sliding your fingers against the bag.

Pizza Quesadillas

10 kids out of 10 approve of the taste of yummy, cheesy pizza. Here’s a way to make a nutritious variation with the same delicious flavors.

  • Take a normal flour tortilla or a piece of pita bread and put it in a frying pan on medium heat.
  • Spread some spaghetti sauce over the top, add a sprinkle of grated cheese, and finish it off with meat and chopped vegetables.
  • Place another tortilla over it and fry it like a grilled cheese sandwich, making sure both sides are brown, until the cheese melts.
  • Cut it into mini pizza slices and wrap in GLAD wrap. The new GLAD wrap comes with an amazing EasyCut Dispenser which prevents tangles and saves your fingers from cuts.

bigstock-Heart-Sandwich-Shape-Wood-Boar-42249283Shaped Sandwiches

Speaking of cookie cutters, if you want to get your kids to eat a regular sandwich, just cut it into a fun shape. This is a great way to add some fun to the lunch box all the while offering a fulfilling meal:

  • Store your shaped sandwiches in a ziplock bag o

Stuffed Apples

If your kids are like most, fruit slices can get boring pretty quick. Instead of slicing and dicing, try this:

  • Cut out the core and then stuff the inside with peanut butter (if they are allowed to take it to school!).
  • Put some raisins or nuts on the top for extra flavor.
  • Store in a container

Mini Muffins

Maybe it’s because they’re smaller than us, but for some reason kids just can’t get enough of “mini” anything and mini muffins make the perfect healthy lunch box ideas. Make some mini banana muffins to send to school with your kid and experiment with the different flavours and leftovers in the fridge. Use those old bananas for banana muffins or grate in the leftover vegies for savoury muffins. We have a wide range of excellent muffin recipes to last you an entire school term.

  • Pop a couple in a GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bag to take to lunch.
  • Store the additional muffins in a GLAD Large Sandwich Bag and leave in the freezer. When you are making school lunches, take out a couple to add to the box.

Mini Pizza Sub

Once again, mini is mega in your kid’s mind.

  • Make a miniature sub sandwich with a hotdog bun, tomato sauce, pepperoni slices (or ham), and cheese.
  • Grill or bake the sandwich until the cheese melts
  • Seal in the flavour by wrapping with GLAD Wrap before adding to the lunch box

bigstock-Cracker-With-Cheese-24777683Homemade Lunchables

Lunchables are a type of prepackaged meal that come with divided sets of cheese, lunch meat, and crackers so that kids can make their own mini sandwiches. If you’ve ever seen these at the grocery store, you might know that they’re a little costly but you can make your own version of healthy lunch box ideas:

  • Use cookie cutters to slice bits of polony/devon (depending on where in Australia you live) or ham and cheese, and buy Jatz crackers.
  • Put it all together into a divided Tupperware container.

Frozen Snacks

There are plenty of snacks that you can prepare now and freeze for later. This makes lunch preparation so much easier! Some of our favourite frozen snack options include cocktail frankfurts and grapes but there is no limit to what you can use:

  • Place cocktail frankfurts in a mini GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bag, seal and place in freezer for 3-4 hours. They will keep frozen in the bags for up to 4months, write the date on the label section on bag.  Take out of freezer and place bags  in lunch box with a small container of tomato sauce for dipping.
  • Place grapes in Snap Lock Reseal Bags and place in freezer for 3-4 hours they will keep frozen in bags for up to 3 months. Remove when ready for use and place in lunchbox.

We’ve got plenty of other great healthy lunch box ideas in our Back to School Recipe Section. What are your healthy lunch box ideas for kids? Share with us in the comments below!

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