55 Best Party Foods For Kiddos

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55 Best Party Foods For Kiddos

55 of Our Favourite Kids’ Party Foods

Here are some great (not always healthy) ideas for kids’ parties – a lot from when I was young and had forgotten about!

Plus we also include some healthy options that are certainly far from boring! We even have a section for food allergy-friendly party foods!

So if you are stuck for ideas on what to serve for your child’s next birthday party – check out the list!

Table of Contents:

1. Sweet and Naughty Party Foods
2. Savoury Party Foods
3. Healthy Kids Party Foods
4. Frugal Kids Party Foods
5. Allergy Friendly Party Foods

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1. Sweet and Naughty Kids’ Birthday Party Food:

Not every parent now wants to fill 10 odd children with sugar and red cordial and send them home – but kids do love the sweet and naughty stuff, here is the more traditional sweet birthday party fare:

Marshmallow Tea Cups | Stay at Home Mum

2. Savoury Kids Birthday Party Foods:

F5A9534 | Stay at Home

3. Healthy Kid’s Birthday Party Food:

4. Frugal Kid’s Birthday Party Food:

And if you are on a budget – we haven’t forgotten you! There are plenty of Kid’s Birthday Party Food that is inexpensive to make!

5. Food Allergy Friendly Birthday Party Food:

There are hundreds more kids’ favourite party foods and I’ll add them as I find them. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

55 of Our Favourite Kids Party Foods | Stay at Home

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