Spaghetti and Cheese Jaffles

Spaghetti and Cheese Jaffles

Do your kids ever come home from school starving? Waiting until 6:00 pm for dinner can be tough for everyone and if my kids don’t get an after school snack, they normally start losing the plot around 5:00 pm (aka dinner prep time). Avoid the 5:00 pm meltdown and offer your kids something that is both filling and healthy with these spaghetti and cheese toasties. This was one of my favourites as a kid and I still love them today. Both the kids (and the grown-ups) will want to gobble up these delicious toasties!

Special thanks to our sponsors over at  Tablelands Smart Spreads for sharing this recipe with us. They have a number of other great healthy kids lunch recipes and kids snack ideas at: 

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  1. Heat up jaffle (toasty) maker.

  2. Spread Tablelands Smart Spread onto desired bread.

  3. Place spread side down into the maker.

  4. Top with spaghetti and cheese.

  5. Place on the lid and toast until golden brown.

  6. I use one slice of multigrain bread and one slice of white bread for my kid's jaffles and serve them with the white bread side up. That way they are more inclined to eat at least one piece of the 'healthy' bread they so desperately despise.

  7. If you don't have a jaffle maker you can still create the grilled sensation by adding a small amount of Tablelands Smart Spread to the outside of each slice of the bread and frying in a frying pan on low until golden brown (about three minutes). Flip once the first side is browned.

  8. This after school snack is one of our most frugal kids snack recipes on the site! And Tablelands Smart Spread is not only 33% cheaper than the leading market brands, but it also tastes great and is Aussie owned and made which means you can feel good about feeding it to your family. Tablelands Smart Spread is also free of cholesterol, artificial flavours and colours as well as added milk products, yeast, eggs and gluten.

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