100 Christmas Gifts Under $10Have a cheap yet cheerful Christmas with these inexpensive gifts!

Can you smell Christmas in the air?

Christmas isn’t far away you know — so  we have compiled a list of over 100 Christmas Gift Ideas under $10 for Mum, for Dad, for Nana and Gramps or for anyone special in your life!

Here at SAHM, we promote frugality (even at Christmas) because we have been there — stretching that Christmas shopping budget trying to make everyone fit on the list. It can be stressful!!! *rolls eyes* Just a reminder that it isn’t so much how much the gift costs, as the thought behind it that counts.

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Gifts for Anyone and Everyone Under $10:

  • A paperback novel and bookmark

  • New coffee cup filled with candied popcorn.

  • A board game

  • A pair of thongs, jiffies or slippers

  • Crossword Puzzle Book

  • A large tumbler cup with a straw

  • Set of wooden spoons wrapped in a tea-towel

  • Bubble Bath.  Everyone loves Bubble Bath.

  • Block of Chocolate wrapped in a tea-towel

  • Suduko Game Book or even a roll of Suduko Toilet Paper!

  • A magazine wrapped with a chocolate bar inside.

  • Pack of playing cards

  • Pack of Tarot Cards

100 Christmas Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

Gifts For the Girls:

  • Set of nail polishes and nail polish remover.

  • A Shaving Kit (pink razors and some girly shaving cream)

  • Rockabilly Bandana or Headband.

  • Make some bath bombs at home (get the recipe here) and include some bubble bath or a candle.

  • A set of lip balms (or make your own)

  • Nail care set

  • Bubble Bath or Bath Salts

  • Goats Milk Soaps or handmade soaps

100 Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

This Burt’s Bees Bounty Trio Tin Set is only $7.99 from Catch

  • Tube of hand moisturiser

  • A handkerchief with the recipient’s name embroidered

  • Make-up bag

  • Make up brushes

  • A pair of exfoliating gloves and some body wash

  • A Pedometer

  • Coin purse

  • A yoga mat

  • Aromatherapy oils

  • Eyelash curler

  • Fancy shower cap

Hint:  Visit your local chemist and check out their bargain bins!  Most of the time it is just products they will no longer stock, so there is nothing wrong with it – and it is cheap as chips!

100 Christmas Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

These Disney Princess Swim Goggles are only $9.99 from Catch.com.au


Edible Gifts Under $10

Ohh, we have a recipe section dedicated to edible gifts, too!

100 Christmas Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

Hint: Another great place to find inexpensive gifts is your local cheap shop.  They quite often have great finds if you have a good look!

Home & Office Christmas Gifts Under $10

  • A pretty diary (check out your local Newsagent)

  • A fountain pen

  • A packet of postcards from the persons favourite place ie London or Paris. They look great framed.

  • A mini photo album

  • A brightly coloured phone charger or charger for the car.

  • A travel mug

  • An address book

  • A wall calendar

  • A Wax Stamp

  • Self Improvement Book

  • Personalised post it notes

Hint:  Large stationery stores like Officeworks have discount bins – if you can put a few items together in a basket – it makes for an inexpensive gift that is useful too!

Outdoor Christmas Gifts Under $10

  • A pair of gardening gloves and some seeds.

  • A pot plant

  • Car cleaning kit

  • Golf tee’s

  • A pouch to keep your mobile phone in when you are exercising.

  • A Sun Hat

  • Citronella Candles

100 Christmas Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

The Gourmet Christmas Gifts Under $10

  • A set of Salt and Pepper Shakers (look for antique or retro ones at the Op Shops)

  • Selection of spices

  • 1/2 kilogram bag of macadamia nuts

  • A bottle of wine

  • A Stubby Cooler

  • A set of personalised coasters

  • Fancy cloth napkins or doilies

  • A cake or muffin tin

  • Bottle Opening or corkscrew

  • Set of shot glasses

  • Sushi kit (bamboo roller, chopsticks, seaweed sheets)

  • Set of Salad Spoons

Christmas Berry Wreath Pavlova | Stay at Home Mum

Christmas Gifts for Mums and Grandmas Under $10

  • A Traditional Writing set (you can usually pick them up at News agencies)

  • Your Mum’s favourite magazine wrapped around a chocolate bar

  • A pretty apron and matching oven gloves

  • Beautiful smelling candles

  • Glass vase

  • A satin pillowcase

Christmas Crafty Gifts Under $10

  • A couple of balls of wool and some knitting needles

  • A mini macrame kit with some instructions and a small kit from Spotlight or Lincraft

  • A set of Christmas Cookie Cutters

  • Grab a second hand teacup and saucer and plant a succulent – makes for a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Christmas Gifts for Dads and Grandfathers Under $10

  • A funny T-shirt

  • A $10 Gift Certificate from his favourite store

  • A deck of cards

  • A set of shot glasses

  • Stubby Cooler

  • A gourmet beer

  • Barbecue apron

  • Barbecue tongs

  • Boxer Shorts

  • Socks

  • Shower radio

  • Shaving mirror

Want to be more extravagant for Dad? Here are awesome gift ideas. He totally deserves it!

100 Christmas Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

Christmas Gifts for Little Kids Under $10

  • A set of colouring in books and coloured pencils or crayons

  • Make a big batch of play dough in different colours or even try making Edible Playdough

  • A pack of coloured paper and a book of origami instructions

  • A Paint by Number Kit

  • A yoyo

  • Water balloons

  • A new beach towel (I’ve seen them on the Canningvale website under $10!)

  • French Knitting Set

  • Hair accessories

  • Glow in the Dark stars for the ceiling of kids bedrooms.

100 Christmas Gifts Under $10 | Stay at Home Mum

I love this Star Galaxy LED Projector – perfect for little kids for only $9.99

Christmas Gifts for Grandparents Under $10

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Fluffy socks

  • Picture frames with photos of the grandkids

  • Sewing Kit

  • Knitting needles and wool

Christmas Spirit Gifts Under $10

  • Personalised Christmas Baubles

  • Christmas themed serving bowl or plate

  • Christmas cookie cutter set

  • A snow globe

What other Christmas gift ideas do you have under $10?


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