9 Products I Refuse To Buy To Save Up For A Yearly HolidayThere are loads of items though that you can easily do without...

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  • 9 Products I Refuse To Buy To Save Up For A Yearly Holiday

Do you find yourself throwing the same items in your grocery trolley every time you go shopping, just out of habit? Yep, me too!

There are loads of items though that you can easily do without – with a bit of thought or just changing it for another product that is much more affordable. Here, I’ll show you 10 different products I refuse to buy – because dammit – I want a yearly holiday – and I’m sure you do too!

1. Fabric Softener

Fabric softener may make your clothes smell pretty, but not only can you substitute it for white vinegar (which softens the clothing just as well as fabric softener does), but adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil will make your clothing smell much nicer than fake-smelling softener. And no before you ask, it won’t make your clothes smell like a fish and chip shop (If I had a dollar for every time I’d been asked that, I’d have a nice lunch lol!). Plus vinegar is so cheap!

Savings: Ditch the fabric softener and be better off by $54 per year!


2. Rinsing Agents for the Dishwasher

Ditch the liquid you put in the dishwasher to ‘make your glasses shine!’. Instead, fill the same area with white vinegar. It works just as well. It will make your glasses shine just as bright and is also good at keeping ‘bad breath’ away from your dishwasher!

Savings: Ditch the rinse aid and make savings of $86 per year!

3. Pre-Made Pasta Sauce

Gahhh I hate pre-made pasta sauce. If you want tomato – use a tin of tomatoes with a little salt and pepper. Or even lazier – use a tin of tomato soup – super cheap, pretty good for you and delicious.


4. Paper Towels

I’m not going to lie, I do have paper towels at home — BUT — I don’t use them for cleaning. I use cloths that I use once, then throw them into the washing machine with the towels. This way, I get at least 12 uses out of every cloth – before they go to the shed and they are used in there for God knows what. I do however use paper towels to clean up dog and kid throw-up/poo — cause seriously, that is gross. I’m not a savage people!

Savings: Save up to $108 per year (but always have some on hand in case of vomit)



5. Shampoo

I haven’t used shampoo in 12 months now. And my hair is clean as a whistle! How? I now use conditioner as a shampoo. Perfect if you have frizzy hair, conditioner actually gets your hair really really clean – I shit you not! (Please feel free to come and sniff my hair at any stage!).

Savings: Ditch the shampoo and make savings of $240 per year (more if you buy the expensive stuff!)



6. Shaving Cream

Don’t bother buying shaving cream! Conditioner works just as well – and you have it at home anyway! Conditioner is particularly good when shaving legs! And fellas, it is good for your face too!

Savings: Ditch shaving cream and save up to $56 per year!


7. Laundry Detergent

Don’t stress about buying bottles upon bottles of laundry detergent when you can make your own from home for half the price with household products! You can make as many batches are you like all year round and you know exactly what products are going into washing your clothes.

Savings: Ditch laundry detergents and save $300 per year!

8. Chicken Nuggets

Nope. Do you know what they are filled with? Lips and arseholes — oh and baby chickens — so the rumours say. I now make my own and it takes no time and they taste so great.

Savings: Up to $144 per year!

Chicken and Apple Croquettes | Stay at Home Mum

Grab our recipe for Chicken and Apple Croquettes here!

9. Chocolate Custard

My boys love the little Yogo custard you buy in the supermarket, but the amount of sugar in these ‘chocolate desserts’ is truly frightening. I use this recipe now and cut down on the amount of sugar. I also put them in my own containers for school every day, plus you can freeze it into chocolate ice blocks that are the bomb-diggity.

Savings: Make your own chocolate custard at home and save $312 per year!

How to Make Homemade Chocolate Yogo | Stay at Home Mum

Grab our recipe for Chocolate Custard here!

What products do you refuse to buy to save enough money?

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