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30 Best Online Factory Outlet Stores in Australia

Want to save a load of money this year on any any purchase? Well you have come to the right place!  Did you know that there are loads of Factory Outlets that have now gone online because of COVID-19?  That’s great news for you – it means you can shop at a discounted price without having to leave home – and having it delivered to your door.

What are Mum's Buying Online in 2019 | Stay at Home Mum

What Actually Are Factory Outlets?

Factory Outlets are a physical or online location where manufacturers or stockists can sell their products directly to the public.  Many Factory Outlet stores are used to sell products that are seconds – or not quite perfect.  Perhaps the colour isn’t right, or there might be some small fault – but if you can look past that – you can grab a really good deal – some up to 90% off!

Factory Outlets aren’t just a modern idea.  They have actually been around for over a century.  Old school Factory Outlets used to be located next to the actual factory the goods were made in.  These outlets were used as a way for locals to buy imperfect, slightly damaged or overstock.

These days factory outlets are usually located all together in one location – and this makes it a ‘destination’ for shoppers wanting to get a bargain. Think of the DFO stores!  The problem with physical outlet stores is that people outside the area can’t shop there!  So with many going online now (like the following list) everyone can take advantage of the deals!

Let’s look at all the Factory Outlets we could find here in Australia:

30 Best Online Factory Outlet Stores | Stay at Home Mum

General Goods Discount Outlet Stores:

Like a Department Store – but a Factory Outlet – and online.  Many of these businesses are in the business of buying seconds and over-stock to sell to the public at discounted prices.


Ozsale releases daily deals from huge name brands – and it changes every day.  But if you need linen, designer clothing, electronics, beauty products, furniture or kids stuff – it is certainly worth checking out Ozsale and seeing what is on sale.  Their really fantastic deals sell out quickly though so it’s the kind of website you have to check regularly!

See their website here >



Catch (formerly Catch of the Day) is like what Amazon SHOULD be here in Australia.  They have everything you can think of – and they are so cheap!  They have daily specials too to get extra discounts.

See their website here >


Deals.com.au finds localised deals close to you.  They have huge discounts on services such as cheap Keratin Treatments, discounted tickets to shows and theme parks, travel discounts and personalised gifts.

Check them out here >


Kogan is the discount King of all things electronics.  Great deals on laptops, phones and appliances.

Check them out here >

Crazy Sales

Crazy Sales put together discounts and offer them to you saving up to 80% off the recommended retail price.  It is one of Australia’s largest online department stores and is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Check them out here >


I love Costco – now they don’t have online services YET but I do hear they are thinking about it.  To shop at Costco you do need to be a member which is about $65 (you join up directly at the front desk) – and some of their stuff is cheap.

Home and Decor, Bedding & Manchester Outlet Stores:

Sheridan Outlet

If you love Sheridan (and who doesn’t!) – but don’t like the prices – check out their outlet.  The Sheridan Outlet has items that are ‘Just less than perfect’ – and I have purchased loads of things from here and it looks damn near perfect to me!  Great for luxurious sheets, duck down doona’s, fluffy towels and loungewear.  Plus if you sign up to their newsletter – you can get 10 – 15% off the already discounted price!

See their range here >


Ozsale has different sales every day and quite often they have great deals on bedding and manchester.  I’ve seen brands such as Sheridan and Morrisey come up – you just have to check back regularly as they only have limited stock and they go very fast!

Here are direct links to the following categories:

Check out their range here >

Clearance Outlet

Based in Sydney, The Clearance Outlet has been around since 1985 and offers end of line and clearance merchandise at competitive prices.  Brands that they support include Innovations, The Fox Collection (needlework and craft), Victoria Hill, DAMART, Gaiam Inc and TVSN.

Check out their range here >

Adairs Outlet

For beautiful homewares, sheets, home decor items and outdoor furnishings.

Cookware Brands

Zanui Sale Section

365 Factory Outlet (United States)

Factory to Home

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Factory Outlet Stores | Stay at Home Mum

Women’s Fashion Outlet Stores:

Factory Outlet Stores

Men’s Fashion Outlet Stores:

Kid’s Fashion Outlet Stores

Factory Outlet Stores | Stay at Home Mum

Shoe Outlet Stores

10 Best Squat Proof Leggings for Your Daily Workout | Stay at Home Mum

Name Brand Outlet Stores

We are CONSTANTLY updating this article and adding more Factory Outlets as we find them – so don’t forget to bookmark this article and check back regularly!

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