150 Unique Hobbies That Can Be Turned Into Small Businesses

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150 Unique Hobbies That Can Be Turned Into Small Businesses

Want to make money out of something that you love and enjoy doing?

Hobbies are so important for Mum’s – it’s a great way for us to unwind mentally – and some Mum’s are just not into sport or sweating.

So if you need something else in your life that is for you – and you alone. Something you enjoy doing, something to sink your teeth into. Many hobbies can also be turned into a small businesses that can give you some additional income on the side, and who doesn’t want a bit more cash in the tin at the end of the week?

These are some of my suggestions – and if you have some, let me know so I can add them here too!

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1. Arts & Crafts Based Money Making Hobbies

Build Doll Houses

Building dollhouses that can be bought in kit form in toy stores is easy because of the set of procedures that comes with it. But still, not everyone is able to follow what’s written on it, so why not help and build the doll house for them? Sure, they take a lot of time and effort, but if it is something you really enjoy doing, and you can do a beautiful job, you might just be super busy coming up to Christmas time!

If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of building one from scratch – you could make a current dolls house into a themed dolls house. Like a ‘Haunted House’. Fun!

Where can I buy doll house kits?

Here is a list of suppliers where you can find kits!

  • My Little Laser is an Australian-based Etsy store that sells wood doll’s house kits – amazing kits!  I want one!
  • Victorian Doll House is based in the United States and they have some super cute Victorian-style dolls house kits.
My Little Laser Dolls House Kit

Build Bee Hotels

We all know that we need to look after our Bee population.  Bee Hotels are a specially made place for Native Bees to rest in your garden.  They are pretty damn adorable and in demand.  Here are some great examples.

Most Bee Hotels sell on Etsy from $50- $100 each.

image 94 | Stay at Home

Upcycle Furniture

If you have a furniture in your home that’s already damaged, perhaps you’d opt to buy something new to replace it. But don’t throw it out – see if you can upcycle it!  You see, there are materials that you can source from the piece that you can use to make something new. For example, shelving or decorative trims. Add a few coats of chalk paint or similar – and you have a brand new piece of upcycled furniture that you can sell for a profit!

There are plenty of places to find Chalk Paint – here are some of our favourite suppliers:

150 Unique Hobbies That Can Be Turned Into Small Businesses

Design Your Own Fabric

You shouldn’t stick to boring if you can get out of it. Designing your own design on fabric is not hard. You can use paint and trace the pattern with it, or make use of photo editing software, if you have, to make designing more convenient for you. If you have the equipment to make the fabric, you can do it. But if you don’t, there are people who are willing to make it for you, and you can even find some manufacturers online!

More Information?

Dye Fabrics to Sell

This is a convenient way to colour fabrics. Fabric dyeing is easy because you just have to soak the fabric to the water with the dye. Dyes are cheap and there’s no need to make a pattern or whatsoever to achieve the style you’re aiming for. But to level up your game, you can also opt to do ombre styles which are trending right now. You can make the colour unequally distributed because it adds to the beauty. You can also add subtle patterns and intentional mess to make the fabric alive.

Where can you buy fabric dyes?

Sew T-Shirt Quilts

If there are t-shirts in your home that aren’t being worn anymore and are just stuck in the cupboard, you can either donate them to the needy or, yes, make quilts out of them! The good thing about quilts is that you don’t have to follow a specific colour pattern to make them. You can, but it’s your choice. All you need to do here is to cut the t-shirts into squares (make sure to show the prints) then put them all together.

These are a particularly great gift for a 21st Birthday!

If you aren’t much of a sewer, you can send the t-shirts to a supplier who will quilt them all for you!

Reputable T-Shirt Quilters:

image 0

Create Macrame Hangings

Macrame was big in the 80’s and has made a huge come-back in 2022.  There are loads of Youtube channels that will teach you how to start out in macrame – but it is essentially knotting and knotting and knotting, and nothing else! Macrame is a good decoration and is usually hung on the wall. But you can also make macrame pillow case, blanket, and bag, among others.

Find great macrame supplies at the following suppliers:

image 0

Make Hand Made Lace

Lace seems hard to make because it’s fine, very detailed and perfect. But it’s actually doable by hand if you are patient and have a good eye. If you have a machine, then it is even easier. Lace is everywhere, and I bet in your house there’s at least one thing that has lace in it or on it. Lace can be used for curtains, doilies, or even some clothing pieces such as this lace wedding lingerie below. So if you establish a lace business, it’s possible you’ll be very successful.

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made lace and make your own fashion line!

Lace Wedding Lingerie

Do Some Cross-Stitching

In cross-stitching, there are a lot of patterns that you can follow but you can also make it fully customised. Different colours of thread are also available to make the final product more vivid. Cross-stitch is definitely a good wall decoration for your home. If you’ve been cross-stitching for a long time now, you might as well consider making money doing it!

Good idea for pieces to sell including anniversary gifts, wedding patterns or put together a customised Cross Stitch Kit.

Cross Stiching for Profit | Stay at Home Mum


Weaving is much easier because both ends of the longitudinal threads are attached to the equipment, so you just have to insert the needle with the lateral thread for both laces to interlace and form a pattern or image. You can make clothes, blankets, mats and lots more with it.


What’s enjoyable about crocheting is that you can make a lot of different tiny crochet plushies. I know it’s quite tricky but if you’ve already mastered the basics, it will just be so easy for you. You see, those crochet plushies sell more than plain crochets! But you can also make placemats, bucket bags, blankets, and so on with it.

Knit Custom Chunky Blankets

Knitted blankets are very helpful during the winter because they’re really effective in warming the body. You can use whatever size of yarn or wool you want but, can you see how pretty this one is? It’s made with a large, thick yarn and looks so beautifully fluffy and soft! Perfect for chilling out and snuggling on cold, rainy days!

You can pick up chunky yarn from places like:

They sell really well on places like:

  • Etsy has some beautiful chunky knit blankets from all over the world.

Make Rope Baskets

There are several tutorials you can find on the internet on how to make rope baskets –  you’ll need any kind of rope, be it cotton, linen, hemp, polyester, or wool; a glue gun; and an object that you can wrap the rope around. Rope baskets can be hard or soft. But either way, they are a good container for anything – great for laundry baskets and for keeping the kids’ toys in. And if they’re done well, they can also pass as a decoration.

Make Cushion Covers

Cushion covers that are bright and have differing styles can enhance the beauty of one’s interior. Making cushion covers is simple and the materials needed aren’t that hard to find. If you have a sewing machine at home, it will be much easier for you.

Make Tote Bags

Tote bags are a thing and a lot of people nowadays are preferring them over the typical bags. It’s comfortable to carry because it’s light, very convenient because it doesn’t have a lot of pockets (some don’t even have one), and cute because of the witty designs! It’s just easy to make them so why not try?

Pot Holder

Pot holder is very essential on every mum’s kitchen simply because it prevents them from having direct contact to the hot pot. Any pot holder will do, but isn’t it much enjoyable to cook if it’s this cute?

Fabric Wall Art

Instead of paintings and portraits, you can also sell fabric wall arts. It’s unique and not everyone is aware that a mere fabric can make the wall alive. It’s not a common wall decoration but there’s no doubt that they really bring colour to the wall. You should choose different patterns so that people will have a variety of options to choose from.

Personalise Blankets

It feels great to sleep on a bed that you know is really yours. You know you buy it, so it’s yours. But a personalised blanket helps because it makes your ownership official. Your name’s all over it! Try it so you’ll know the feeling. And don’t forget to make some for your neighbours too so they can feel it too!


A huge wallet with a lot of packets to fill in is sometimes making people stressed because, well, it’s too much! Sometimes they even forget where they put this and that and oftentimes their wallets are consuming too much space on their bags! Pouches are a good alternative because their paper bills, coins, cards, etc. are only a zip away!

Make Leather Works

Leather lasts long that’s why most people are preferring to acquire leather products. If you love leather as well and want to make a business focusing on leather works, you don’t have to make the leather product yourself especially if you don’t know how to. You can do buy and sell instead but make sure that your picks have great quality. But actually, making leather products is not that difficult because you just have to buy the leather material, make a pattern on it, cut the pattern, then sew.

Make Aprons

Aprons are mostly worn only when cooking so it’s safe to say that they’re only for the kitchen. Nonetheless, even though other people, especially those not in the house, won’t be able to see someone wearing one, a stylish apron still helps in making someone feel good. And you know what will happen when the one cooking feels good? The food will be delicious!

Create Fascinators

A bare head is a no-no for occasions that are filled with glamour. A fascinator makes an outfit more elegant especially if the colours and the style complement to it. Compared to hair clips, head bands, and flower crowns, fascinators are more classy and sophisticated.

Make Pet Clothes

Even though pets don’t really have to wear clothes like people, it’s still cute if they are wearing one! So why not give them the opportunity to be cuter than they really are?

Candle Making

It’s important for every home to have candles because they’re a source of heat and light. If ever one feels so cold, they can light up a candle. If there’s a power outrage, they can light up a candle. There are also some that has repelling content. For example, citronella candles that make the insects go away. Candles have several uses so selling them is a great way to earn income.

Make Organic Soaps

There are soaps in the market that are too harsh for people with sensitive skin, so it’s best for them to look for some that have natural ingredients in them. Plus, most of the soaps being manufactured by large business are filled with too much chemicals, making our skin dry. And that’s one of the main reasons why people opt to buy homemade soaps instead. Homemade soaps are a great product to sell because the materials and ingredients needed aren’t expensive. They’re also easy to make and you can make a lot in one soap making session.

Make Unique Food Necklaces

A necklace gives emphasis to one’s neck so women are really a fan of it. Especially if it’s done well and if it matches the outfit, it can enhance one’s look. It’s very easy to make necklaces because the very basic way to do that is to put together the chain and the pendant. It’s just up to you if you want anything else to include.

Craft Clay Earrings

There are a lot of people who sell clay earrings, especially online, because aside from being inexpensive, you can make your own designs. You can also use a lot of different colours of clay or acrylic paint for them to be more appealing. Well, basically, you have the freedom to do anything because clay earrings are handmade and customised.

Making Beaded Bracelets

Making bracelets is one of the common businesses that you can find all over the internet, so you might as well try it. Beaded bracelets aren’t difficult to assemble because you just have to insert the string to the beads and to others that you want to add into the bracelet and that’s it.

Customise Hair Clips

Hair clips are a good item to sell because girls love hair clips so much. It’s very girly and cute! You can buy already-made hair clips in bulk but you can also customise them to make your product range much wider!

Make Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are also one of the head accessories girls love to wear because they’re pretty. You can either use real flowers to be more natural or fake ones so they won’t wither.

Make Jewelled Picture Frames

Jewelleries can also be used as design for everything. If you want to try something new, you can even make jewelled picture frames!


Almost all people have keychains nowadays, which implies it’s a very good business because they’ll really sell. There are lots of designs and styles to choose from so you wouldn’t be at loss for ideas. Plus, they’re also very easy to make!


Do you love gems and stones? If you do, then this one’s perfect for you. Lapidary is the art of engraving, cutting, and polishing gems and stones. You can sell your designs to jewellery makers or you can also make your own jewellery line!

Make Resin Art

Tired of the typical designs? You can make resin art and make everything glossy and protected from any discoloration! It makes use of epoxy resin, making the object durable. This is very easy to do because you just have to pour the resin to the object. You can pour different colours all at once if you don’t want plain.

Make Pottery

Pottery is a perfect activity for us mums because it wouldn’t take so much of our time. It’s also satisfying and a great stress reliever because it soothes our fingertips. No doubt you’d enjoy this!

Make Ceramics

Instead of pottery, you can make ceramics instead. The only difference between the two is that pottery is made of only clay while ceramics are made of clay and other materials.

Wood Etching

In wood etching, you can use either a wood burner or a chisel, depending on the outcome you want to have. You can also choose between softwood and hardwood. The first thing you have to do is to draw the pattern on the wood. Once you’re done, start engraving!


If you want the curves to be three-dimensional, you can opt to do sculpting instead, which is much more difficult. But if you have the skills, why not?


Stencilling is easy because the pattern is already there and you just have to put them on top of a blank paper then dab the sponge dipped into paint on it to form the art. You can make the pattern using cardboard, any hard paper, or even metal.


Calligraphy is a skill and is related to lettering. Here, you have to know how to make curves the right way. It’s mostly used for invitations or any type of typography. It is done with a broad tip writing instrument or a brush.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is mostly done on t-shirts. Nonetheless, it can also be done on tote bags, banners, bandanas, or anything that’s made of cotton, polyester, or silk. It is perfect if you want the colours of the design to be vibrant.


Decoupage is basically the art of designing an object with any paper products. Even kids do this so I’m sure you can do this too! You can use coloured papers, magazines, newspapers, and the likes.

Make Cards

Cards are always a good alternative for gifts. In fact, there are people who prefer cards over objects because the former’s more personal and it has a great impact to the receiver more, especially if what’s written inside is very touching. This is a very inexpensive product to sell because all you need is paper of different kinds and with differing designs. You can also add other small objects or use washi tapes to enhance the overall design. You should have at least one card design for every occasion.

Make Stickers

It’s easy to make stickers because there are sticker papers available in the market, more specifically bookstores. You just have to work on the designs and the themes of your sticker collections and make sure that you have a printer that can print great quality images because that’s really important!


A colourful bookmark brings one’s reading experience to the next level. You can put motivational quote on it or make the colours brighter, and you can also not stick to the usual and think of other shapes so it can also entertain and encourage the reader to use the bookmark and read more!

Making Origami

Origami or paper folding originated in Japan but that doesn’t mean that only the Japanese can do it, or even sell it. Origami is a good home decoration because it’s very uncommon, so it will really capture the attention of visitors. Plus, it’s made of paper so it will last! Well, unless you let it soak in water. There are several tutorials that you can find all around the internet so prepare your materials now and begin folding!

Make Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are a great way to document one’s life in a creative way. But not everyone has the interest to design their own scrapbook, so why not offer to do it for them? If you have an artistic side, you can make scrapbooks and sell them to people who’d love to fill them in!

Create Your Own Line of Stationery

Handwritten letters and notes are very uncommon now because of the existence of smartphones and instant messaging. But the thing is, there are still people who prefer to be ‘old school’, so your business won’t really go bankrupt if you focus on stationeries. Creating your own line of stationery is great for you if you’re the kind of person who loves to design and is creative in nature because you really have to be artistic when it comes to the motif of each stationery set.

Paper Quilling

Can you make money twirling papers? Yes, you can! Paper quilling is the art of rolling strips of paper to form art. They’re a perfect wall decoration especially if they’re made delicately and are showing an image that’s impossible not to notice. It’s also better if you put them in a frame.

Recycle Used Papers

If you can already make a mountain out of all the papers in your home, you can make use of them again by recycling them. There are a lot of ways to recycle papers that you can find online. You can use them as scratch papers, dye them then use them as decorations for your child’s school project, or make a recycled notepad and sell them!

Make Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are perfect if one wants to chill in the bathtub and not think about anything. These are good for relaxation because they are too colourful to wash all the negative feelings away. Instead of sticking to one colour per bath bomb, you can also make multi-coloured ones or even add glitters for shimmers!

Make Homemade Laundry Soap

Laundry detergents that can be bought in the market are sometimes too harsh that they already cause damage to the clothes. And as most people are aware of the chemicals in the laundry soaps big companies manufacture, they opt to use one that is homemade and is made of safe and maybe organic ingredients.

Make DIY Lip Scrub

There are harsh chemicals sometimes in the lip scrubs we can find on skin care boutiques so sometimes, too, instead of making our lips soft, they even make the problem worse. Lip scrubs that are DIY and homemade are safer because they’re made from natural and organic ingredients, like honey and sugar, so people with sensitive lips will really like them.

Make Recycled Art

Recycling things that you don’t need or use anymore is a great and efficient way to get rid of the mess in your home. Those outdated newspapers in the living room? Make paper beads out of some and make jewelleries! That box of the appliance you bought last week? You can use it as a canvas for your next painting! There are people who like recycled art so just because the materials used aren’t new, it doesn’t mean no one will dare to buy it.

Wine Bottle Crafts

There are many ways to repurpose wine bottles so after you Netflix and chill, don’t throw the bottles away yet. You can use it as a flower vase, as a home decoration, as a planter, and so on so if you have the creativity to turn it into something useful, you will definitely earn money from it!

2. Food & Drink Hobbies To Make a Buck

Cook Nightly Meals for Others

No one hates food, we all know that. If you know a lot of recipes and are a good cook, why not make money cooking for other people? You can establish your own small diner and let your neighbours get a taste of your cooking!

Birthday Cake Maker

Or if you’re not into cooking that much but love baking, you can opt to bake instead and bake for events, or even have your own bakeshop!

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Some ice creams have too much sugar, which is bad for those with health problems. With homemade ice creams, you can monitor the level of sugar and of other ingredients and even have flavours that aren’t so typical. You can make vegetable-flavoured ice cream or fruit-flavoured one. You can also make one with no sugar at all so that health-concious people can also have a taste of your product!

Make Gourmet Chocolates

There are a lot of chocolate brands you can find everywhere but most of them are very unhealthy. Some are also so expensive. Homemade chocolates are better because apart from being cheaper, you can think of a twist that can make them more flavourful. You can add fruits, nuts, whatsoever and mold them into different shapes!

Make Homemade Cupcakes

Have you been to a bakeshop that sells cute cupcakes that make one drool? You can make those right at your kitchen too! And you can even make better ones!

Make Homemade Dog Biscuits

Of course, we shouldn’t only focus on the food the people eat because animals get hungry too! Homemade dog biscuits are a perfect alternative for dog food and, yes, the leftovers because you can mix all the ingredients that will make dogs healthier. All the nutrients and health benefits they need are one bite away!

Make Homemade Wedding Favours

Wedding favours that can be found in the market are more expensive compared to the homemade ones, so there really are people who are seeking for someone or a small business that makes homemade wedding favours! If you love weddings, you should support them!

Make Your Own Wine

Do you love wine? If you do, why don’t you try making them yourself and sell some? After all, the ingredients are cheap, and people will definitely love them because wines that are homemade are more inexpensive compared to store-bought ones!

Food Preservation

The purpose of food preservation is to hinder bacteria from growing. Food preservation is a good business because preserved foods are tasty and definitely healthy! The process of preservation increases folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B12, thiamine, and nicotinic acid contents of the foods, making them very nutritious!

Carve Fruits

Gone are the days where fruits are just straightly eaten after they’re peeled. They’re now one of the decorations that wow people! Fruit carving is a thing now and if you know how to carve woods, you should try it on fruits too!


Plain drinks are boring! But thanks to bartenders, they’re making them much more exciting! Mixing different types of alcoholic drinks are called bartending, and it’s actually not at all an uncommon thing. If you have the skills to produce a much yummier booze, work on a bar part-time or set up your own bar at home!

Home Brewing

If you don’t like wines that much and prefer beers, you can make beer right at your home! Like wines, homemade beers are also much cheaper compared to those found in the local market. One good thing about home brewing is that you can make your own beer recipe!

Food Tasting

Love food so much? Take the opportunity to be a food taster! Imagine eating a lot of delicious food without spending at all, don’t you like it? There are several restaurants that look for food tasters so they’ll know if people will like what they serve. This is common mostly for newly established restaurants so you should keep an eye on them!

3. Reading & Writing Based Money Making Hobbies

Freelance Writing

I bet you already know that freelance writing can make you money. There are a lot of freelance writers around the world and some of them are earning a huge amount of money that they can even already make a living doing it. Freelance writers are in demand because while everyone can write, not everyone can write effectively. If you are an effective writer, might as well enter freelance writing.

Creative Writing

Not all writers can write novels, short stories, poetry, and the likes because there are two fields in writing: technical and creative. If you are more on the creative side, you’re more comfortable writing fiction compared to technical writers. You can write and sell your own novel, but you can also ghostwrite for someone and write their novels or even their memoir for them.

Song Writing

You see, not all singers can write songs. If you have a natural ability to compose melody and write lyrics that can make the listener feel the emotion that the song wants them to feel, you should try song writing and write songs for other people. Aside from the pay, you can be credited for sure.

Proof Reading

Have an eye for details and can detect grammar, spacing, and spelling errors that easily? Not all can do that. It’s also time consuming so even some of the great writers tend not to care about errors. So why not try proofreading and help those that don’t have a very deep knowledge or don’t have the time to care about the rules of language? Your rate can be per page, per hour, or per set, it depends on you.

Blogging for Income

If you know the basics of blogging, like how to post, what tags to put, where to categorise, how to insert images, and so on, you should start blogging now and talk about the things you have knowledge about. Nonetheless, there are also some blog owners who hire someone to write on their blog due to their busy schedule. So if you don’t want to have your own blog, you can write for them instead.


There are people who don’t know how to research. Yes, it’s a skill. Skilled researchers know what keywords to use, where exactly to find materials, and so on. But sometimes, just because a person doesn’t research doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills. They just don’t have the interest to do it, maybe. If you’re the kind of person who’s fond of learning new things and of getting facts straight, then you can be a researcher.

Write eBooks For Profit

If you want to level up your writing career, write an eBook and talk about your knowledge about a certain topic or your personal story and sell it to people who might be interested to it. You can promote it through your blog or social media accounts, as well as through telling your friends and family relatives about it.

How to Create and Sell Ebooks for a Profit - Stay at Home

Review Books

There are many authors who look for book reviewers because feedback is really important for them to improve how they tell their stories and to know what changes they should apply to their next book. There are websites that encourage readers to give their opinion about the books they read but there are also some authors, or maybe agents, that directly reach out to readers.

4. Media & Technology Hobbies for Profit

Build a Website

Not everyone has the ability to create a website. They’re clueless about hosting, domains, and layout, and no matter how much they read tutorials about all of it, they just couldn’t get it. So they hire someone to do everything for them instead. And if you know how to do it, you can also be hired. They’ll pay you, of course.

Web Programming

Codes are incomprehensible for those people who don’t understand the language of programming. JavaScript, MySQL, C++, PHP, and the likes seem like a foreign language that intimidates some. So if you are fluent in the programming language, why not be of help to other people and earn money from your skills?


Photography today is pretty basic because of the existence of smartphones that capture high quality images. However, phone camera isn’t enough on some cases because even though its features are already enough for one’s Instagram posts, they still lack some things if one wants to have a perfect prenup video! If you have a good camera and love photography, build your portfolio now!

Photo Editing

Not everyone know how to edit photos. They don’t know how to adjust saturation, to blur the background, to delete the background, to restore old images, and whatnot. If you have the skills to work with photo editing software, there are people who need you.

Video Editing

Filming a video is easy, but video editing, for sure, is quite difficult and demands too much of your time. Fixing the transitions, inserting texts, inserting videos in between, etc. are among what video editors do. If you know how to video edit, you shouldn’t hesitate to help those who lack the skills to do so.

Create a YouTube Channel

Many people are already on YouTube and most are earning a lot just by posting videos there! Yes, a lot. YouTube is not anymore a simple video-sharing platform but also a source of income, and some even treat their channel as their full-time job. But of course, to earn a good sum of money, you have to have great quality videos so that people will watch them and will even subscribe to your channel.

Make Podcasts

If you don’t want to film yourself, you can instead opt to make podcasts to talk about the things you’re enthusiastic about or opinions that you think will help other people in their lives.

Review Products

In order for a product to improve, it needs feedback. And that’s why your opinion is important, and a lot of companies are actually looking for product reviewers. While there are some that really don’t pay you for your review, there are others that do pay. You just have to look for them on the internet and definitely reach out to them.

On the other hand, to let the people know the presence of a certain product or service, there should be people who’ll spread the word. Advertising is also one important thing for companies, especially manufacturers, because if their product doesn’t sell, they’ll have to deal with huge loss. So some of them seek for people who have great influence, and those are more probably the people who have a lot of followers on social media. If you have a million followers on Twitter, take advantage of it.

Take Paid Surveys

Surveys are also a way for companies and businesses to know if they’re doing their job well or if the customers are satisfied with their services. You can find a lot of paid surveys to take online so search for them now!

Be an Information Technologist

You don’t have to have a degree in Information Technology for you to know a lot about how computers work. So if you are the kind of person who are very technical and knows a lot about how to reboot the system, get rid of the virus, or upgrade the OS version, then you should consider lending a hand to that friend of yours whose computer needs to be reformatted.

Be a Social Media Manager

Even small business don’t have time to manage their social media accounts, so if you know some who are looking for one, grab the opportunity because more often than not, you don’t have to go to the office anymore because they’ll let you work at home! Some even offer a part-time position so, you know, you won’t have to deal with the lack of time.

Become a Virtual Assistant

A lot of companies even from other countries are looking for someone who will help them grow their business. And most of those that seek for Virtual Assistants are managing their business at home, so you’ll work at home as well. Being a Virtual Assistant is a great job for mum[s because you can work and take care of the house and your kids all at the same time. And who wouldn’t want to work wearing their pyjamas, right?

Read our article on ‘How to Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia’ for more information.

5. Creativity & Design Hobbies for Profit

Graphic Design

Graphic design is too much for people who don’t have the ability or the  creativity to, well, design graphics. But instead of judging them, why not take the responsibility from them in exchange of money? After all, you can do it even with your eyes closed.


Drawing is hard especially if you weren’t born with a delicate hand. But if you were and you have the skills to draw, then you should draw for those who struggle with it.

Sketch Portraits

If you want to be more specific, you can offer portrait sketching as your main service.

Digital Drawing

Digital drawing is for people who don’t want black and white drawing. It is also difficult to learn this skill because not everyone was born with the ability to choose the right colours and style for an artwork. So if you’ve been doing this for quite some time now, might as well you make money from it.


If your passion is painting and you are good at putting emotions to your artwork, you shouldn’t just let it be a hobby because you definitely can earn money from it.

Chalk Pastel Painting

However, if you don’t want paint brushes and watercolours and want your fingers to get dirty, you can opt to do chalk pastel painting instead.

Design Logos for Small Businesses

One thing that a business needs for it to flourish is to give a good impression to people, so it should have a good business name. But, you see, a mere good business name isn’t enough because people are visual and they get attracted to beauty. And that’s where the brand logo comes in. If you have the skills to make a brand logo that wouldn’t fail to get the attention of other people, don’t hesitate to start a business focusing on it.

Design Your Own Line of Clothing

Have you seen a dress that’s just so beautiful you couldn’t look away from it? Have you been to a fashion show and found your jaw dropping because of how classy the clothes the models were wearing? Well, I bet those clothes were designed by a great fashion designer! A great fashion designer is very keen to details and knows what colours to use. If fashion designing has always been your passion, you should pursue it and work with dressmakers!

Design T-Shirts

The good thing about designing a t-shirt is that it’s very simple because the canvas is already there, and the only thing that you should do is to work with the designs, which you can even find all over the internet. The t-shirt printer machine is quite expensive but don’t worry, there are a lot of people who love t-shirts. So for as long as your designs are catchy, your expenses will be given back to you. Well, if you already have the machine, then great!

Design Wristwatch Straps

Most wristwatch straps especially of those watches for the older ones are plain. So why not give them colours and designs that will definitely make people buy them more?

Design Jewellery

Jewellery designs have to be planned in order for them to be stylish, elegant, and classy because those are 3 of the main reasons why people wear them. If you have an artistic side in you and has a deep interest in jewelleries, you have to do something about it and help jewellery makers.

Design Phone Cases

Phone cases aren’t anymore just for protection. They’re now also used to add creativity on and to even personalise phones. Designing phone cases is easy because there are lots of plain phone cases that can be bought for a cheap price and what you just have to do is to add beads, quotations, ribbons, or whatever items you like to add.

Design Mugs

Well, who wouldn’t want a beautiful mug when they drink their morning coffee? Designing a mug is very easy and you can even just use different colours of sharpie markers!

Decorate Interior

A good interior matters because it reflects to the personalities of the people living in it. But not everyone knows where to put the wall decorations they bought, their furniture, the mirror, and so on. And that’s where the interior decorator comes in. If you have the ability to beautify interiors, you should try being an interior decorator.

6. Nature & Environment Hobbies for Profit

Create Terrariums with Succulents

Some people prefer succulents in a terrarium because it’s more classy and more customisable. Unlike with the typical succulents, you can put small toy animals in the terrarium and make it look like a tiny garden where animals are happy to be in. You can also add other objects from nature, like stones and pebbles, just to add more drama.


It’s much more enjoyable to spend time in a garden that’s planned. You know, those gardens that are filled with beauty and are giving people the lightness they need to let all their stresses out. If you know landscaping, be of service to those who need you!


You can be more specific instead and just focus on gardening. If you’re fond of plants, flowers, trees, and the likes, you can volunteer to take care of your neighbour’s garden or the garden in your town’s park. You can also have your own garden and sell those flowers that already blossomed.

Flower Arranging

Flowers are beautiful. But if they’re put together and arranged properly, they become magnificent! If you know how to arrange flowers, you should try this.


Beekeeping is a good activity because aside from the free honey, you can also get several other products that the bee hive produces, which you can sell!

7. Dance & Music Hobbies


If you have a talent in dancing and had been dancing for years until you got married and had your children, it’s not too late to dance again! Talents don’t fade just like that so you shouldn’t hesitate to do it whenever someone invites you to do so. You, together with your dance group, can still dance on some events!

Be a Choreographer

Or if you really don’t want to dance anymore, you can opt to be a choreographer and teach those aspiring dancers of the dance steps you’d learned when you were still young.

Be a Fitness Instructor

If you don’t want to dance nor be a choreographer, you can be a fitness instructor and teach those like-minded people moves that help in improving muscles and nerves and in promoting a good outlook in life. After all, you yourself also need to take care of yourself as there are lots of responsibilities you have to deal with as a mum.


If singing is your talent, you can always sing on occasions like birthdays, wedding receptions, family reunions, and the likes. Music helps in making people be emotional enough to appreciate whatever’s happening around. There are also restaurants that hire singers to sing so that customers wouldn’t feel bored.

Be a Vocal Coach

If you have more time, you can also be a vocal coach and develop kids’ singing voice and teach them proper breathing techniques.

Play an Instrument

If there’s an instrument you know too well how to play, you can play it on events that are peaceful, like funeral rites, wedding ceremonies, and the likes.

Teach How To Play a Musical Instrument

Or if you don’t want to play anymore and you just want to help others learn the skills to play an instrument, you can always offer to lend a hand. You can conduct lessons on weekends or maybe on summer breaks.

8. Sports Hobbies for Profit

Be a Martial Arts Teacher

Danger is always there and people won’t be able to get out of it if they don’t know how to defend and save themselves. If you know martial arts, you can teach other people your skills and let them learn to fight for themselves!

Be a Sports Trainer

Behind every good player is a great trainer or coach. If there’s a sport you’re very good at, you can teach the young ones and make them best at it as well.

9. Mentoring & Planning Hobbies for Profit

Be a Life Coach

If you’ve been through the same or know a lot about life and want to help other people overcome their struggles, you should be open about giving lots of helpful advice to them that they can use to heal.

Be a Financial Planner

Some people just don’t know how to spend their money properly so if you know a lot about budgeting, saving money, investing, and other finance-related things to learn, you should save them from losing all their assets!

Become an Event Planner

Know how to organise events? Be an event planner. There are a lot of busy people who need you for their wedding, birthday party, class reunion, and other occasions.

Be a Tutor

If you want to use what you’d learned in school, you can tutor children and help them do their homework, with their exams, and the likes. You can also let your own children sit on the table with you so that they can also learn.

Teach Foreign Language

Learning a new language is hard, especially if you’re just relying on language books alone. You have to talk to someone who understands the language to be able to be comfortable speaking it, and you have to have the concentration and determination to be successful learning it. So if you’re fluent in several languages, you can help other people be fluent in those too! They need someone to guide and correct them so your presence will be very helpful.

Be a Translator

You can also be a translator if you know different languages. You can do it written or oral – translate one’s written work or help people understand one another by translating everything they say to each other.

Conduct Online Courses

If you don’t want to teach personally or want to do something else on top of tutoring, you can opt to conduct online courses. It’s also teaching but virtually.

Public Speaking

Have the confidence to speak in front of lots of people and talk about your knowledge about a certain topic? Be a public speaker and speak on seminars, conferences, and the likes.

Be a Genealogist or Historian at Home

If you love digging up the past, you can try being a genealogist or a historian at home.

10. Beauty & Relaxation Hobbies for Money

Be a Makeup Artist

If you have the talent to hide those open pores, enhance eyes using different colours of eyeshadow, contour, and the likes, you should make use of your talent and be of service to people who don’t know how to even wear a lipstick the proper way!

Be a Stylist

If you’ve been a fashionista all your life and are very fond of dressing up, there are people who don’t even know how to match their outfit with their hairstyle so you should help them and make them more beautiful!

Do Nail Art

Good nails are attractive. If you’re very detailed, have lots of creative ideas in mind, and know how to paint nails, you can be a nail artist.

11. Events & Party Hobbies

Supply Party Supplies

Of course, parties wouldn’t be alive and much happier if there are no party supplies! There are a lot of ideas you can find online and some even have tutorials so make use of the internet!

Do Kid’s Face Painting

Face painting is very common in children birthday parties because kids are fond of it! If you have the skills, let the parents know so they can reach out to you if ever they need a face painter for their child’s birthday.

Henna Tattooing

The good thing about henna tattoo is that it’s temporary and will fade in about a week. But make sure that the person doesn’t have any allergy to henna or dye before you put some on their skin.

12. Buy & Sell for a Profit


There are people who love antiques so much. That even though they’re not working anymore or have defects, it doesn’t matter to them because merely collecting and surrounding themselves with old items already give them pleasure and happiness. If you love antiques as well, you can connect with fellow antique lovers by showing them your collection and letting them buy if there’s something they want to add to their collection.


With a perfume business, you can do buy and sell. However, there are several perfume boutiques that offer a wide range of fragrance but sometimes, the choices are still not enough and people still tend not to find the right smell that suits their personality. Hence, you can make your own perfume line and maybe formulate some fragrance that the other boutiques don’t offer.


Plants give fresh air to the surroundings so it’s almost a must for every household. Plus, they lift up any negative feeling because they’re natural and they promote freshness, so they’re really a good add to one’s home. Plants won’t fail to sell.


Selling clothes is one of the businesses that are rampant nowadays. There are several clothing stores everywhere where you can buy in bulk so you really won’t be problematic when it comes to finding inexpensive clothes that people would want to wear.

Used Clothes

If there are lots of clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t plan to wear anymore, you should get rid of them now and let them be used by other people who want to wear something stylish but cheap!

Used Books

If you have books at home that you haven’t read for so many years, maybe it’s already time for you to let them all go. After all, books are meant to be read. And isn’t it great to let other people know how those books made you feel? So don’t let them rot on your bookshelf and let them receive the attention they deserve!

Have a Garage Sale

If one day you notice that there are a ton of mess in your home, collect them and sell them in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, you can just put them all in front of your house and let your neighbours adopt the items that they want! Not for free, of course.

Dabble in the Stock Market

Investing really helps for you to grow your money. Although it’s quite risky to get involved in the stock market, if you know how it works and if you’re disciplined enough, you’ll definitely increase your net worth.

13. Other Services for Profit


If you have a car, carpool. Commuting is often stressful and the price of gas is increasing so carpooling is really helpful for you to save money as well as for them because they’ll have the convenience of going to their destination.

Be a Courier

If you have a bicycle at home, you can be a courier and deliver items in behalf of a person to a person. You can also do that if you’re going somewhere and your neighbour has something they should give to someone who lives around where you’re going.

Buy Grocery Items for Other People

Some mum’s are so busy to such extent that they can’t refill their cupboard anymore. If you’re the kind who goes to the grocery every weekend, you can volunteer to buy their grocery items for them!

Pet Sitting

Dogs are supposed to guard one’s home when everyone’s not around. But have you experienced not being able to get out of the house because there’s no one to look out for them? If not, there are people who experience that, that they can’t just leave their pets alone. So maybe you should try pet sitting next time.


There are moments in mums’s life where they have to go somewhere alone, without a child beside them. If you have time and love for babies, you can volunteer to take care of their child.

House Sitting

If there are no people living in a house, ghosts might settle in there! So if you heard that your neighbour is going out of town and will be staying there for a long period of time, try volunteering to take care of their house.

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House Cleaning

Mum’s are always cleaning at home, making them an expert at it. But don’t limit yourself to the mess in your home. Clean other people’s house too and get paid for it! You don’t have to do that everyday, maybe once a week is enough.

Be a Local Tour Guide

Too bored at home because your kids are still at school? Then consider being a local tour guide in the morning to afternoon and help the vacationists know where to find the best restaurant and the most beautiful scenery around your town, as well as the history of it.

Get Paid to Stalk Cheaters

Have you experienced stalking your crush back in secondary school? Then maybe you still have the skills until now so why not get paid to investigate? Nope, you definitely wouldn’t be like Sherlock Holmes. You’ll just observe and maybe interact with the target to get some useful information.

Become a Mystery Shopper

If you love shopping (and who doesn’t!), why not become a Mystery Shopper and get paid to shop? Don’t worry, the money that will be used will be coming from the company that will hire you!

Find out the companies you can join to become a Mystery Shopper in our article ‘Is Becoming a Mystery Shopper Worth it?‘ We even list the companies that you need to sign up with to become a Mystery Shopper!

Made it all the way to the end, well done to you. You are serious about starting your small business! Please don’t forget about book keeping with your new small business!

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What other unique hobbies that can be turned into small businesses can you think of?

150 Unique Hobbies That Can Be Turned Into Small Businesses

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