25 Easy Businesses You Can Start Under $100

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25 Easy Businesses You Can Start Under $100

Everyone dreams of one day being their own boss. But usually funding a new business venture is out of reach. Not with these though – we have 25 Easy Businesses You Can Start Under $100

You don’t get rich working for other people.  And why work hard building someone else’s business when you can grow your own!   We believe that investing in yourself, and putting all that hard work into something that will only benefit you, has many advantages.  But the one thing about starting a new business is the sheer cost. Well, you can no longer use ‘Cost’ as an excuse. 

We have 25+ easy businesses you can start with less than $100.

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25 Easy Businesses You Can Start Under $100

Some need a bit of equipment (all under $100), others need insurance – some need nothing at all but your time and energy! So here are 25+ easy businesses you can start with less than $100!

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The Legalities of Starting a New Small Business

We also have all the legal and formalities associated with starting a new business – which sounds scary but it really isn’t.  Check out our article ‘Small Business Start-Up Checklist’

Here is a list of all the businesses that you can start for under $100 – and how to go about starting them!

1. Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator

A Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator is usually a home cook who goes into cooking for commercial use of their yummy goods in small quantities.  It can be a lucrative small business to get into if you find the right niche.

You can start this business for under $100 if you use that money wisely!

Become a Small Batch Food Provider | Stay at Home Mum

2. Flat Lay Instagram Photographer

With nearly everyone having their own website these days – beautiful imagery is required to make your website content really pop. And Flay Lay Images are in high demand at the moment!  Why not become a Flat Lay Instagram Photographer? Best of all, you can start this business for under $100.

Flatlay Instagram | Stay at Home Mum

3. Make Money Becoming a Seasonal Holiday Decorator

If you are just looking for additional money around the school holidays, and you adore home decor and Christmas, this can be a lucrative little business to have!  Loads of people will happily pay to have their Christmas Decorations put up (and then taken down) every year.

Make Money Becoming a Seasonal Holiday Decorator | Stay at Home Mum

4. Start a Small Business Marketing Business

You don’t need a degree in Marketing to start a career in promoting small businesses.  You just need a  computer, smartphone and a whole lot of tenacity! This is the perfect business to start that will cost you less than $100 to get going!

Start a Business in Small Business Marketing

5. Start Your Own Business in Home Organising $100

If your pantry is a work of art, and your filing cabinet is organised down to the last beautiful colour-coded tab – why not organise other people’s homes – and charge a premium for it!  Home Organising is becoming a huge industry where you can charge upwards of $100 per hour!

Home Organising | Stay at Home Mum

6. Morning School Run Coordinator

Families are busier than ever, and getting out of the door, dropping off the kids and getting to work on time is getting harder.  If you have a large vehicle, are reliable, and are available during school hours, why not get paid for doing the morning and afternoon school runs?

Start Your Business Being a Morning School Run Coordinator

7. Start Your Mobile Spray Tanning Business

You don’t need qualifications to become a mobile spray tanner, you just need basic equipment (that is easily purchased for under $100 – we show you where) – and good attention to detail.  We show you how to advertise your new business and where to get qualifications should you wish to scale up big!

Become a Mobile Spray Tanner | Stay at Home Mum

8. Become a Professional Youtuber

It is every boy’s dream to become a Professional Youtuber and have fun whilst you work doing videos.  But Youtubing is hard work and you really need great content and consistency to make a real go of it.  But we show you step by step how to get started!

How to Become a Professional Youtuber

9. Freelance Writer for Websites and Blogs

The demand for website content is HUGE and if you have a home computer and internet a knack for writing, you could earn serious dollars by becoming a Freelance Writer for Websites and Blogs.

Earn Money by Becoming a Freelance Writer

10. Pet Daycare or Pet Sitter

If you love animals and would like a job working with them, why not consider starting a business as a Pet Sitter or start a Pet Daycare Centre.  Sure, there are a few insurances you will need – but we cover all that in our article!

Start a Pet Sitting Business or Pet Daycare Centre

11. Hold Online Cooking Classes

The advantage of holding online cooking classes as opposed to in-life cooking classes is cost.  By doing them online you cut out the ingredients costs and commercial kitchen costs.  So if you can cook a great cake or make pasta like an Italian Grandma – perhaps consider starting a business selling online cooking classes.

How to Hold Online Cooking Classes

12. How to Start Your Own Makeup or Skincare Range

Starting your own line of makeup, skincare or haircare products is easier now than ever before.  There are companies that have done the hard work of putting the product together and have them approved for use on people. If this is an area you want to start a business in – read more!

How to Start Your Own Makeup or Skincare Range with a Small Start Up Cost | Stay at Home Mum

13. Make and Sell Gift Baskets for Profit

If you have a great talent in choose beautiful gifts for people and can arrange products to look enticing – consider starting a business making and selling gift baskets for a profit.  

Make and Sell Gift Baskets for Profit

14. How to Start an Online Tea Business

Tea has been popular for thousands of years.  There is a huge demand for unique tea blends, skinny tea, detox tea and a million other niche tea businesses!  We show you where to buy your tea and tea accessories wholesale!

How to Start at Online Tea Business

15. Upcycle Second Hand Furniture To Sell at a Profit

Upcycling second-hand timber furniture is a great way to start a small business from home – and you don’t need much to start!

Upcycle Second Hand Furniture to Sell at a Profit

25 easy businesses you can start under 100 pin | Stay at Home

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