Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies Australia

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Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies Australia

Thinking of Making and Selling Candles as a way to make some extra income?  Great! But first, where do you buy candle making supplies in Australia at wholesale prices?

A great way to create a good income doing something you really love is to make beautiful bespoke candles.  There is a huge demand for handmade candles and starting your own business making candles is a low-cost, high-profit small business.

But first – you need to purchase all the materials to make the candles at home.  That’s where we would love to help you.  Rather than having to do hours and hours of research – we have found the very best place where to buy candle making supplies in Australia.

Table of Contents:

1. Where to Buy Full Candle Making Kits
2. List of Cheap Candle Making Supplies from China
3. List of Soy Wax Wholesalers
4. Where to Buy Specialist Candle Making Supplies
5. Wholesale Candle Making Suppliers
6. Where to Buy White Label Candles
7. Where to Buy Wholesale Essential Oils
8. Other Candle Making Ingredients
9. Candle Making Courses
Where to Buy Candle Making and Melt Suppliers | Stay at Home Mum

1. Where to Buy Full Candle Making Kits:

Full candle making kits are perfect for beginners – you can find out what you like, what you don’t.  What you need and if you even like making candles at all!

Candlewick Bay

Candlewick Bay is a small company that puts together full candle making kits for one low price.  They are based in Australia and you can buy their candle making kits online via Etsy.

See their range

Complete Candle Making Kit Great Starter Kit | Stay at Home Mum

Riot Art & Craft

Riot Art & Craft not only have full candle making kits but they also sell candle wax and everything you need to make commercial quality candles at home.

See their range here >


Happy Wax

Happy Wax is a United States based Soy Melt Company.  They offer delicious wax melts in many different flavours.

Check out their range here ->

Luxury Candle Making Kits

This shop ships from the United States and provides full soy candle making kits for less than $60.

Candle Making Supplies
Luxury Candle Making Kit by Go to Shop US

2. Cheap Candle Making Supplies from China

There is a number of cheap candle making suppliers that you can import from China.  Sure they are cheap to buy – but you may have to wait up to three weeks or more for postage – so take this into account when ordering your supplies.

Dalaran Quality Store

– DIY Candle Mould Sets
– Cotton Wicks
– Candle Making Pigments
– Candle Dyes
– Candle Making Kits
Shop 1102127244 Store

– Natural Soy Wax Flakes
– Cotton Wicks
– Pure Natural Beeswax

3. Soy Wax Wholesalers

Soy Wax is the base of most types of handmade candle.  Here’s were to buy the most beautiful soy wax for the most perfect of candles!

4. Where to Buy Specialised Candle Making Supplies:


Stockist of candle making kits, soap making kits and candle making classes. They offer perhaps the largest range of candle making supplies including butters and specialty waxes, moulds, bottles and tins, fragrances and wicks.

Go to their website>

Aussie Candle

Aussie Candle has a large range of natural soy waxes, candle waxes, wicks, fragrances, dyes and glassware.

Go to their website>

5. Wholesale Candle Making Suppliers:

The following companies sell candle making supplies wholesale.  Some will require you to sign up to be a wholesaler and to provide an ABN.

Luxury Candle Supplies
Location: Melbourne
Candle Supply
Location: Both Sydney and Melbourne
Best Candle Supplies
Location: Burleigh Heads, Queensland
Aussie Candle Supplies
Location: Wangara, Perth

6. List of White Label Candle Suppliers

Here is a list of White Label Candle Suppliers in Australia, tell them we sent you!

7. Where to Buy Wholesale Essential Oils

Essential Oils are commonly used in candle making – and as you know, they can be quite expensive.  Luckily we have a list of where you can purchase wholesale essential oils, online here in Australia.

See our comprehensive list;

8. Other Candle Making Ingredients You May Want to Consider:

With new ideas starting up every day in the candle making industry – it’s good to look at new materials that you may want to incorporate into your own candles.  Here are some wholesale suppliers of these other ingredients.

9. Candle Making Courses:

See Candle Making Courses in Brisbane

Luxury Candle Supplies

Location: Melbourne


Candle offer candle making and soap making classes in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Check out their current courses here>

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