How to Start Your Own Online Fashion Boutique Right Now!

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How to Start Your Own Online Fashion Boutique Right Now!

I think it is nearly every girl’s dream to start our own Online Fashion Boutique. But although fashion is a competitive market, there is always room for a new fashion store!

Find a line of clothing you really love and start your own small online fashion boutique.  Purchase fashion from places like Etsy or even look at having clothing custom-made overseas in the styles you love.  You can also sell your fashion through Etsy, eBay or start your own Shopify store!

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Want to Design Your Own Fashion?

If you want to design and manufacture your own line of clothing, you can start small but still be prepared to pay at least $1000 for your first small line.  Have a look at this Free List of Fashion Wholesalers and Manufacturers which might help you on your way!

Also, check out this article on ‘A Beginners Guide to Launching Your Own Clothing Label’.

If you don’t have the cash to design and make your own fashion line, perhaps you should consider Drop ShippingDrop Shipping is selling other people’s products, and then the manufacturer sends the item directly to your customer – so you don’t need to buy stock – you just pocket the difference.  I’ve got more information on Drop Shipping here!

If you are looking for fashion manufacturers – try these!

Buying Wholesale Fashion to Sell Retail

Most people wanting to start their own online fashion boutique start by finding wholesale fashion, purchasing that fashion then marketing up the price (usually around 30%) and pocketing the profit. The biggest problem most people have is actually finding clothing wholesalers.

Luckily – we have loads of contacts who are more than happy to take your enquiry!

Once you have purchased a line of clothing – the next step is to find somewhere to sell your fashion!

Where to Sell Your Fashion

There are a number of options when it comes to selling your fashion. But because we are about selling online, here is a list of platforms that will suit an online fashion boutique.


If you are wanting to create your own website specifically for selling your fashion – you really can’t go past Shopify. It will cost you from $29 per month for a basic shop – but it is relatively easy to use, can be scaled up easily and looks very professional. There are a number of Shopify Themes that are specific to the fashion industry. You can also sign up just for a trial if you want to try before you buy.

Facebook Buy Swap and Sell Pages or Facebook Marketplace

If you don’t have the cash to start a website – you can start by selling your fashion on Facebook Buy Swap and Sell Pages. It is totally FREE and reaches your local area. This is also a great option if you just want to sell your unworn second-hand fashion. There is always a demand for fashion, particularly designer second-hand fashion, handbags and shoes. Make sure you write a good description of the condition of the item, the sizing, any faults or imperfections and the price.


Etsy has been the start of many successful fashion boutique. It is a great worldwide platform to use if you aren’t web savvy but want to own your own online store. The only drawback is that they are heavy on the fees, so ensure you build the cost of the fees into the price of your fashion!

The Legalities of Starting Your Own Business

If you are just selling to family and friends, or your fashion empire is purely a hobby, there is no need for legal stuff. But if you are wanting to take it to the next level, you will need to formally declare that you are a business. Sounds scary – but it really isn’t!

We have step by step instructions in our ‘Beginners Guide to Setting Up a New Business’.

Other information on an Online Fashion Boutique Start-Up:

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