25 Low Cost Products with High Profit Margins (and where to buy them!)

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25 Low Cost Products with High Profit Margins (and where to buy them!)

25 Low Cost Products with High Profit Margins (and where to buy them!)

Trying hard to think of a product that you can afford to purchase to then on-sell at a profit?

Or have you seen some of these products advertised on Instagram and are wondering where they get those products (and you see the huge mark-up on them)? Well not to be a party pooper – but we show you exactly where the stockists get their products from – and you can too!

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What Makes a Good Product to Sell Online?

When considering a product to sell, ensure you calculate the total costs to you as a business and how much money you will make for every product you sell.

If you look at the most prolific sellers on platforms such as Ebay or Instagram, they tend to stick to the one range of products – and do that well rather than having a large range of products.

Costs you have to take into account include:

  • Actual cost of the product to purchase
  • Shipping costs to get it to you
  • Packaging Costs
  • Shipping costs to your customer (do you add shipping or include shipping)
  • Any insurances you might need
  • Marketing and Promotion Costs
  • Insurance Costs

Choose a Trending Product that is Selling Well

We have a list below of the trending products that are selling well right now. All you have to do is find a wholesale supplier (which we have a list of) – and do it better. Offer a better price, and better customer service and you have yourself the perfect online business!

How to Market a One-Product Business?

Set up a simple landing page website on something like Shopify (we highly recommend Shopify) which will cost you about $29/month – and then start promoting the product on social channels. If you can film some easy video content – brilliant!

If Shopify is out of your price point – there are other e-commerce platform alternatives – but the simplicity, scalability, flexibility, and add-ons for Shopify, by the time you add these up – they crap on free e-commerce platforms.

Low Cost Products with High Profit Margins

Below is a list of the 25 hottest products that don’t cost a whole lot to purchase – but you can re-sell them for as much as 300% markup in price! That’s pretty decent and gives you a head start when it comes to starting a new small business. Best of all – we also give you a wholesaler list!

1. White Label Health Supplements

Supplements have been popular for years, and are still one of the top-selling products with a huge profit margin. We list reputable laboratories that will put your branding on their products – it’s called white labeling and it is only going to get bigger!

White-label supplements can include protein powders, weight-loss shakes, protein bars, vitamins, and more!

bigstock 190510186 | Stay at Home

2. Sex Toys and Other Adult Products

Sex toys have a HUGE markup in value. So if you can afford to import adult products from China and re-sell them – you can make an exceptional amount of money. The key though is to be able to purchase adult products in bulk. But we show you where to import them for a bargain price!

bigstock 223091743 | Stay at Home

3. Wholesale Jewellery Supplies

Jewelry is a huge spectrum. There are plenty of fine jewelry sellers – but we aren’t talking about those. Instead, fashion jewelry like earrings and unique hand-crafted friendship bracelets are what is selling online.

You can expect to put up to 300% profit margin on every piece you well!

il fullxfull.1323751267 bt25 | Stay at Home

4. Women’s Boutique Fashion

If you’re considering a career in fashion, you might be wondering where online fashion retailers get their clothes. You can’t simply ask them at your favorite store, you know! You’re in luck since we have a list of the places, some of which are in Australia and some of which are abroad, where fashion stores often get their apparel.

bigstock Smiling Proprietor Holding Boa 411786055 | Stay at Home

5. Wholesale Lingerie Suppliers

This guide is for you if you’re interested in beginning your own lingerie business. We look at all of the finest sources to acquire wholesale lingerie for your company.

It is crucial for a small lingerie business to offer a wide range of options that will satisfy the demands of different body types. These wholesale lingerie vendors will not burn a hole in your wallet, so that should help!

Where to Buy Affordable Lingerie Online | Stay at Home Mum

6. Wholesale Makeup and Beauty Products

If you want to open a physical business or an online store to resell cosmetics, these wholesale providers are fantastic! Typically, the cost of wholesale cosmetics is 30% less than the full suggested retail price.

jealous weekends cjadYPpTpeE unsplash scaled 1 | Stay at Home

7. Candle Making Supplies

Thinking about creating and distributing candles as a side business to supplement your income? Great! But first, where can I get wholesale candle-making materials in Australia?

Making gorgeous custom candles is a terrific opportunity to earn a solid living while doing what you truly enjoy. Handmade candles are in high demand, and beginning your own candle-making business is a low-risk, high-reward opportunity.

bigstock Woman Making Conifer Candle At 306106165 | Stay at Home

8. Wholesale Fabric Supplies

Sourcing wholesale fabric suppliers online or nearby is the first step in creating a local fabric shop or garment line. This list of wholesale fabric suppliers will provide you with the information you need, whether you’re from Australia, the UK, or somewhere else in the world.

fabric | Stay at Home

9. Wholesale Crystals

If you wish to launch your own online store selling crystals or things linked to crystals but don’t want to import your crystals from China (although if you do, we have a list of them too! ), we offer an option for you. All of the wholesale crystal vendors we have included have received good reviews and are arranged by country of origin. We’ve already done all the grunt work for you!

bigstock A Top View Image Of A Bowl Of 420566018 | Stay at Home

11. Collagen Powders

Imagine taking a daily supplement that would make your skin seem young and healthy, your bones stronger, your cuticles stronger, and your joints pain-free. All of these are the claims being made by several businesses that market collagen supplements in powder, pill, and liquid form.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that collagen powder has become a well-liked dietary supplement in the health and beauty sectors. So, what’s stopping you from starting your own collagen biz?

bigstock Hand Holding Scoop Of Fish Col 389708977 | Stay at Home

12. Wholesale Kids’ Clothing

Finding wholesalers of children’s clothing might be challenging. However, if you’re considering starting a small business selling children’s clothing, then this is the list for you!

List of Kids Clothing Wholesalers in Australia and International Suppliers

13. Wholesale Essential Oils

You might want to start with making your own essential oils so you have something to call your own, right? So, we’ve included a list of the many essential oil distributors from Australia and other countries where you may get your essential oils, putting you on the road to launching your own essential oil company.

120921 DAV4901 1 | Stay at Home

14. Blank T-Shirts

If you have a sense of style and creativity, starting your own t-shirt printing business may be quite profitable. But before you can put your design on them, you need to obtain good-quality blank t-shirts. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the top wholesalers of blank t-shirts, both in Australia and abroad (suppliers that will mail to Australia). Let them know we sent you!

bigstock Hipster girl wearing blank whi 285256585 | Stay at Home

15. Eco Friendly and Vegan Clothing

This list is for you if you’re considering beginning your own fashion brand and want to focus on eco-friendly and vegan clothes. Fashion that is manufactured slowly, sustainably, and ethically is a terrific method to do it and is highly valued by those who are concerned about where and how their clothing is made.

veganclothing | Stay at Home

16. Active Wear and Loungewear

Today, activewear is one of the most popular choices for apparel since it comes in a huge range of various styles and is really comfortable! So, we’ve compiled a list of the top online shops where you can find the widest selection of apparel, including dance, plus-size, and overseas stores.

ACTIVE WEAR | Stay at Home

17. Teeth Whitening Kits

Looking for a product to buy on sale and sell again for a profit? The ideal product could just be teeth whitening kits! Whether you want to offer Teeth Whitening Kits on your own as a startup company or add them to your portfolio of beauty or health goods, we show you where most companies get Teeth Whitening Kits wholesale.

bigstock Brunette Woman With Beautiful 423057293 | Stay at Home

19. Bamboo Clothing

Not just because bamboo is a sustainable fabric for apparel, bamboo has a ton of other incredible advantages. People who are ecologically aware, enjoy the smooth, airy feel, and suffer from allergies frequently choose clothing made of bamboo.

clothing | Stay at Home

20. Solar Lights

Solar Lighting OutdoorWebsite
Aucato Official Store (China)Website
Gasister Official Store (China)Website
Canmeijia Official Store (China)Website
Wonder Light Store (China)Website
Matt Light Store (China)Website
Welpur Official Store (China)Website
bigstock Garden Design Small Solar Gar 472364703 | Stay at Home

21. Portable Blenders

All-Win Appliance Store (China)Website
Factory Direct Collected Store (China)Website
Homegeek Official Store (China)Website
All-Category StoreWebsite
Balashov Healthy Life Store (China)Website
Mini Portable Blender Wireless Electric Juicer Lemon Orange Blender USB Charging Juicing Cup Squeezer Smoothie Blender Machine | Stay at Home

22. Wholesale Mulberry Silk Scrunchies and Pillow Cases

Coming Soon

23. Wholesale Fake and Magnetic Eyelashes

Meet Hunny (Australia)Website
Kumari Cosmetics (Australia)Website
Aust Beauty Express (Australia)Website
Bloop Australia (Australia)Website
Zebrelle Luxe (Australia)Website
image 179 | Stay at Home

24. Wholesale Phone Cases

There is a huge markup in Phone Cases – so it pays to buy them in bulk (we have listed bulk sellers in both China and Australia) and then make your unique changes before on-selling them for 400% of the purchase price!

Aliexpress (China)Website
Hello Moca (Australia)Website
Tigraa (Australia)Website
Smart Cindy (Australia)Website
3C Digital Shopping Store (China)Website
image 180 | Stay at Home

25. Wholesale Pet Beds

The average Australian household owns two pet beds and replaces them at least once per year! That is one hell of a lot of pet beds being sold! So purchasing them wholesale and on-selling them can be very lucrative! Here’s where to purchase pet beds wholesale:

Thank You Giving Store (China)Website
Pet Bed Store (China)Website
Always Love Pet Store (China)Website
Pet Happy Home Store (China)Website
A Home For Pet Lovers StoreWebsite
House Sleeping Cats Cats Pet Products Cat Pumpkin House Pumpkin Bed Cats Cat Kennel | Stay at Home

We will be adding more wholesale suppliers as we find them so bookmark this article to see the regular updates.

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25 Low Cost Products with High Profit Margins (and where to buy them!) Pinnable

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