Become a Small Batch Food Provider

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Become a Small Batch Food Provider

A Small Batch Food Provider is a small business (usually a sole trader) who makes gourmet foods in small quantities to sell commercially. Small Batch Foods usually consist of fancy confectionaries or decadent sauces or even pre-mixed baking packs and they are catering to niche markets such as Gluten Free or Vegan as there is now a huge demand for small batch foods like these.

If you are legendary at a particular dish, make the best chocolate bars in the world or have a cheesecake that your Mother would sell you for, then consider becoming a Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator!  Take a sample of your wares to various cafe’s and restaurants to show them what you’ve got!

I know of one small batch food provider that just makes her legendary Red Velvet Cupcakes here in Gympie, they are soooo good!

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A Small Batch Food Provider is a Low-Cost Business Idea

The best part about becoming a Small Batch Food Provider is that apart from the ingredients, packaging and labelling, you don’t really have any other out of pocket costs. Labelling can be done at home on your computer and we have listed some inexpensive packaging options below. The only potential cost is if you need to use a commercial kitchen to make your dish – and if you use places like your local CWA kitchen – that can be low or no cost. If you call your local Council they can give you a list of commercial kitchens in your area.

Some ideas for gourmet small-batch food ideas include:

  • Macarons in various flavours in a nice box
  • Unique chocolate bars
  • Jars of delicious steak or chicken sauces that just need to be heated
  • Make your own version of Kombucha
  • Sourdough Bread from scratch
  • Delivery Donut Boxes or Dessert Boxes
  • Gourmet Popcorn Flavours
  • Catering sized cheesecakes
  • Protein Powder Bliss Balls
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Think about Your Niche in Small Batch Food Creation

Niches in small-batch food creation can include:

  • Vegan Options
  • Raw Foods
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Organic

Outside the Box Ideas for Small Batch Food Creation

  • Make a raw mix and sell the pouches of dry ingredients

How to Advertise for Clients:

  • Make your masterpiece and take small morsels around to the local cafes and restaurants to try.
  • Advertise on your local Business Facebook Pages
  • Approach gift shops and home decor stores to sell your items (with commission) on their shop counter.
  • Start a stall at your local markets
  • Start a Food Truck (that will cost more than $100 to start though…)
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Where to Buy Boxes for Your Products:

You will need food quality packaging if you will be sending your product in the mail.  Here are some fantastic food-grade packaging suppliers to check out!

Legalities of Opening a Home Business in Food

If you are in Australia, you will need to check with your local Council for a Food Hygiene Permit – every Council has different rules and regulations. Here in Gympie you need to create all foods in a commercial kitchen or convert your kitchen into a commercial kitchen with a separate hand washing sink and a sealed floor. Remember your local Council is there to help you – so give them a call to see what requirements you may need.

Where Can I Learn More?

When advertising your services online, it’s all about the images – making that food look as delicious as it tastes.  But food is tricky to photograph!  Here are some great online courses to look at to improve your food photography skills:

Food Photography Course | Stay at Home Mum

Join our Community!

We have a secret Facebook Group called ‘Earn at Home Mum’ where we share more of our Small Business Secrets. It’s FREE to join! Come over and say hello and find a mentor in your area!

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Become a Small Batch Food Provider | Stay at Home Mum

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