15+ Hilarious Drunk Texts and Emails That’ll Crack You Up

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15+ Hilarious Drunk Texts and Emails That’ll Crack You Up

What is it about drunk texts and emails and why is doing so soo interesting whenever we’re having drinks on a Friday night?

If there’s anything I am thankful about being old, it’s the fact that smartphones and the internet wasn’t a thing (yet) back then. It saved our drunk ass from digital humiliation. lol

You know what they say.. people show their true selves when they’re drunk. 🤷‍♀️

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Pretty sure Patrick sobered up real fast.

A Student Emails His Professor While Drunk. Results Are Amazing


there are idiots among us 37 | Stay at Home


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I’d say  you are most definitely drunk to the point of oblivion

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Who’s friend is this? 😂

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Okay, prof! 😏

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Alex you need a friend mate

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| Stay at Home

D R N U K are we doing scrabble

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Anha definitely needs to rest

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Ohh you little twinkie fluff!

they took party hard way too literally 640 high 21 | Stay at Home

What the actual fark!!! It took her some time to figure it out😂

Got So Drunk Last Night I Thought I Was Texting My Friend For A Ride, But I Was Just Texting Myself For The Whole Time


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Mum is having a good time!

This Ghetto Mom-15 Funniest Drunk Texts That Will Make You Lol

Now this one takes the cake! 🤣🤣🤣

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Like these? Want More?

These auto-correct fails are hilarious!

many texts - Imgur

Check out these Dads winning the internet here. .. 1 | Stay at Home
Via Bored Panda

Parents texted their kids and it went hilariously wrong!

| Stay at Home

15+ Hilarious Drunk Texts and Emails That'll Crack You Up | Stay At Home Mum

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