15+ Hilarious Drunk Texts and Emails That’ll Crack You Up

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15+ Hilarious Drunk Texts and Emails That’ll Crack You Up

What is it about drunk texts and emails and why is doing so soo interesting whenever we’re having drinks on a Friday night?

If there’s anything I am thankful about being old, it’s the fact that smartphones and the internet wasn’t a thing (yet) back then. It saved our drunk ass from digital humiliation. lol

You know what they say.. people show their true selves when they’re drunk.

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Pretty sure Patrick sobered up real fast.

A Student Emails His Professor While Drunk. Results Are Amazing



I’d say  you are most definitely drunk to the point of oblivion

Who’s friend is this?

Okay, prof!

Alex you need a friend mate


D R N U K are we doing scrabble

Anha definitely needs to rest

Ohh you little twinkie fluff!

What the actual fark!!! It took her some time to figure it out

Got So Drunk Last Night I Thought I Was Texting My Friend For A Ride, But I Was Just Texting Myself For The Whole Time

Mum is having a good time!

This Ghetto Mom-15 Funniest Drunk Texts That Will Make You Lol

Now this one takes the cake!

These auto-correct fails are hilarious!

many texts - Imgur

Check out these Dads winning the internet here. .. 1 | Stay at Home
Via Bored Panda

Parents texted their kids and it went hilariously wrong!

| Stay at Home

15+ Hilarious Drunk Texts and Emails That'll Crack You Up | Stay At Home Mum

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