These Witch’s Bubbling Cauldron Inspired Brownies Are Deliciously Evil!

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These Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron Brownies are seriously awesome!

How creative are these!? Definitely worth a try to make your Halloween extra spooky!

Everyone will love these brownies! especially the kids – get them to help around the kitchen and get involved with a recipe that is super fun for them.

Deliciously Evil Witch's Bubbling Cauldron-Inspired Brownies | Stay At Home Mum

Create witch’s cauldrons, magic wands, pumpkin heads and all of the other fun and creative bits and bobs to make it look like you put too much effort for Halloween – but really you didn’t do much. lol!

Via The First Year

They are so easy to make and look extra tasty, give them a go, you’ll love them!

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