The Euthanasia Coaster: The Concept Death Machine

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The Euthanasia Coaster: The Concept Death Machine

These are the concept drawings of the Euthanasia Coaster.

The Euthanasia Coaster is a hypothetical roller coaster that has been designed to kill its passengers by starving the brain of oxygen, but still giving them a fun ride right to the end!

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Why Did This Dude Create This Thing?

The Euthanasia Coaster concept was designed by a Lithuanian man, Julijonas Urbonas in 2010. Mr Urbvonas grew up in a small Soviet amusement park and had always loved the feeling of being ‘swept up in the air’ by roller coasters.

He designed the hypothetical roller coaster as a way to end the life of the passengers ‘with elegance and euphoria. He presented his concept roller coaster at the Science Gallery in Dublin to show the ‘future of humans and technology. The project won the ‘Public Prize of New Technological Art’ in 2013.

Mr Urbonas says of his theoretical machine:

“At first, what was designed was just the fatal falling trajectory with no purpose but one: to kill the rider pleasurably and elegantly”


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What the Euthanasia Coaster Would be Like to Ride

Picture this. You travel 510 metres up to the peak (taking over two minutes to get there). From there, the roller coaster gets to the top (and you have your last chance to get off if you want), then the Euthanasia Coaster will suddenly ‘drop’ gathering speeds of over 360km/hour, close to terminal velocity.

From there, it flattens out slightly before you are thrown into the first of seven loops. These loops are ‘clothoid inversions’, where each inversion or loop is slightly smaller than the last, designed to keep you exposed to a constant G-force of 10 over 60 seconds of time.

How Does It Kill The Passengers?

When the brain is starved from oxygen, the body experiences a ‘euphoric’ feeling. Fighter pilots and astronauts frequently speak of that europhic feeling when exposed to such G-force just before the loss of consciousness.

The Euthanasia Coaster kills its passengers through ‘prolonged cerebral hypoxia’. Generally, this is a lack of supply of oxygen to the brain. As the roller coaster exposes the passengers to over a minute of this hypoxia, the lack of oxygen kills the brain, and the passenger.

It only takes six of the seven loops to actually die, the extra loop was added just to ensure death.

Want to See What The Euthanasia Coaster Might be Like?

A mini-movie was made about a wealthy man with a terminal illness who decided to take his own life in a thrilling way. Here is the movie:

Will the Euthanasia Coaster ever be built?

When the plans for this roller coaster were first released, there was outrage at such a preposterous idea. But as euthanasia becomes more socially acceptable and terminally ill people have a choice when it comes to their own fate, just maybe someone with enough cash will make it a reality.

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