Are you in the ‘Most Evil’ Star Sign?List of Notorious Australian Criminals by Star Sign - Which one are you?

Which Star Sign Is the Most Evil??

Whether you believe in Star Signs or not, it is interesting to see what hardened criminals fall under and see if their crimes, characters and general crimality have anything to do with where and when they were born.

Plus we tell you – which Star Sign IS THE MOST EVIL OF THEM ALL (**INSERT SCARY EVIL LAUGH!!!!!!**)

We have sorted the worst of the worst of Australian criminals by their star sign traits…..

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Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

“The Dark Dreamer”

Aquarians think that they know it all and are thorough and logical, but they live in their own heads so much, this is just what they tell themselves.  They are however quite clever, charismatic, charming and manipulative.  They try hard to be the black sheep, but just don’t cut it.

Most Likely Crimes:

  • Murder for Revenge

  • Thrill Killers

  • Bank Robbers

  • Hustlers

Abominable Aquarians:

David John Birnie – The Moorhouse Murders

David Birnie is an Aquarius, born 16 February, 1951. He brutally murdered four women together with his partner Katherine Birnie in his Western Australian home located in Willagee. David raped and murdered each of the women between ages 15 and 31 in the year of 1986. After attempting to kill the fifth woman he abducted she escaped and ran to the police immediately where both David and Katherine were then exposed as murderers. David Birnie committed suicide in prison in October 2005.

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James William Miller – ‘Truro Murderers’

In 1978 and 1979, James William Miller killed seven women between 16 and 26 years of age. It was believed he has a blood clot in the brain which caused severe mood swings and killing impulses and these murders were considered “thrill kills”. His accomplice and homosexual partner Christopher Worrel admitted to a female friend of theirs the “thrill killing” incidents, which she then repeated to police. By this time James Miller had passed away, but Christopher was arrested.

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Pisces (18 Feb – 20 Mar)

‘The Anti-Hero’

Pisces often have a lack of direction as they just don’t know what they want to do.  They are vacant, aloof and also rarely see past anyone’s facade. They have a searing hot temper and often have a dark side they show to no-one.  They are very easily led.

Most Likely Crimes:

    • Drugs

    • Serial Killers

Poisonous Pisces:

Eric Edgar Cooke ‘The Night Caller’

Born 25 February, 1931, Eric grew up in a violent and dysfunctional family and ended up in and out of foster homes. Eric would escape the rages of his drunken father by sneaking out at night. Crooke killed each of his victims at night and used different methods, which made him hard to catch – he varied his crimes using shootings, strangling and stabbings scissors and an axe. He ended up murdering eight, raping one and attempted 14 other murders.After police found a rifle with his fingerprints, Crooke was arrested and confessed to each of his crimes.

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Bradley John Murdoch

Born 19 February 1958, Bradley is known for killing an English backpacker in 2001 and raping several other victims. He has been sentenced to life in an Australian prison after eye witness accounts made him the main suspect in the disappearance of English backpacker Peter Falconio. The location of Peter’s body is still a mystery, though handcuffs linked to the murder have been found. The motive for the murder is still unknown.

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John Myles Sharpe (The Sharpe Family Murders)

John Sharpe murdered his wife and daughter in 2004. His daughter Gracie who was two years old, had orthopaedic and sleeping problems which put strain on his marriage with his wife Anna. Anna soon fell pregnant with another child which was a surprise for John, as he felt having one child was enough burden. After a fight with Anna one night John took out his spear gun and shot his wife in the temple. She was still breathing so he once again shot the spear into her head, killing her. The next night after getting Gracie from daycare, her put her to sleep in her cot. He later got the spear gun and shot her in the head five times. After police and family members found it suspicious that Anna was missing, John was arrested and later confessed to the murders. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

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Aries (Mar 20- Apr 20)

‘Death Obsessed’

Aries are considered the most ‘impulsive’ of all the star signs.  They are primal and have a deep dark side they rarely show others. They can be lazy, self-absorbed and they only ever think of themselves.  They lust for power. They are obsessed with death, especially their own.  They are also painfully stubborn and hate being told what to do.

Most Likely Crimes:

    • Hired Killer

    • Rage Revenge Murder

Apocalyptic Arians:

Paul Denyer “The Frankston Serial Killer’

Paul Denyer was known for his obsession with stalking and killing women. He was a violent psychopath who admitted to “boiling over with rage until committing murders” and was found guilty of not only killing and raping women but also killing animals. Paul killed four women between 17 and 22 years of age, all around the Frankston suburbs. Once caught, Paul was sentenced to life imprisonment, where he pleaded with authorities to allow him to become a transgender woman. He was been denied.

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Lindsay Beckett ‘The Bega Schoolgirl Killers’

Lindsay Beckett and accomplice Leslie Camarelli both raped and murdered two young school girls aged 14 and 16 years old. The men abducted the two girls and drove them 200 km out of Canberra where they raped them over 5 times each, until Lindsay ordered Leslie to stab both the girls to death. Lindsay was already convicted for other sexual assault which led to the discovery of the school girl murders.

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Keli Lane

Keli was convicted for murdering her fourth baby after being denied an abortion. Keli claimed this was the first baby she had ever given birth to. Later after hospital records and investigation of sexual partners, Keli was found to have murdered 3 other babies beforehand and the fathers had no clue of their existence. After constantly lying under oath, Keli was sentenced 18 years in Jail.

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