The Three Parent Types That Are Most Likely to Raise a Murderer

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The Three Parent Types That Are Most Likely to Raise a Murderer

As if we mums don’t already have a lot to worry about, it appears that there’s another concern that we should know.

Apparently, there are certain kinds of parents whose special skill is creating a murderer.

Let’s get this straight. Because you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you’re a real good parent and and fall into these categories. I sure hope so! But then, it won’t hurt to know and be vigilant, because if there’s one thing this society doesn’t need, it’s another vicious criminal.

This study was done by Dr. Elizabeth Yardley, Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Applied Criminology and an expert on violent crime, serial murder, and women studies. It’s not a surprise really that she has taken interest in studying the connection between parenting (particularly of mothers) and budding killers.

So what is it? What makes a murderer?

These are the 3 parent types that are most likely to raise a murderer according to Dr. Yardley.

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1. Anti-Mothers

Often victims of abuse and neglect themselves, anti-mothers have no idea what a happy and healthy home is. Dr. Yardley clarifies that not all women who experienced abuse go on to abuse their children. On the contrary, despite the trauma, many are able to create a healthy environment in their homes and raise well-adjusted children.

However, there are some women who can’t help but continue the cycle of abuse. From victims, anti-mothers are now the aggressors and perpetrators of abuse, often recreating their own childhood experiences.

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2. Uber-Mothers

Different from anti-mothers, most uber-mothers often come from traditional and relatively stable families. But because of external influences, they grow up to have a twisted idea of motherhood. They become fiercely protective of their children, determined that nothing (including “illegitimacy, poverty, minority”) should hold them back. Uber-mothers shelter their children to an extreme point, which sometimes causes the latter to also develop extreme and deviant behaviour.

Talk about good intentions gone really, really bad.

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3. Passive Mothers

Finally, passive mothers are those who fear society’s judgment. To them, this translates to being quiet, submissive, unassertive. They are careful to not cross any perceived lines or bring attention to themselves. When children test their boundaries misbehave, passive mothers tend to ignore and deny. Inaction is the passive mother’s primary line of defence.

This becomes a problem when these children grow up and begin doing more perverted and unacceptable behaviour. Because they never receive correction and discipline, the behaviour gets worse.

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Dr. Yardley adds that these kinds of parenting foster because of the value society places on privacy. A family can look healthy and stable at face value, but it is possible that an entirely different thing takes place behind closed doors.

So when it comes to parenting, should we really be just minding our own business?


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