We Interviewed the Secret Man Behind Casefile PodcastMy favourite Podcast In The World!

Podcasts are taking the world by storm.

Personally, I listen to them every time I get in the car, as it is such a great way to pass the time, and learn something at the same time.

My favourite Podcast of all is Casefile. It is a True Crime Podcast that focuses of many infamous cases from around Australia and the world. And if you are into True Crime, look no further. It is in the Top 10 Trending List – and rightfully so.

We Interviewed the Secret Man Behind Casefile Podcast (1)

We made contact with the team at Casefile recently and submitted these 9 questions!

What case has ‘haunted you’ the most?

Snowtown. It stayed with me for a while afterwards. I didn’t know anything about that case before I started researching it. I knew it was the ‘bodies in the barrels’ case, but that’s about it. I wasn’t expecting a pleasant story, but how much evil and depravity was actually involved was quite haunting.

Is there a particular story that got you interested in True Crime?

The TV show Blue Murder. Although it had a creative license, it was still based on actual events. After seeing that I got hooked on all of the books about the characters involved, Neddy Smith, Roger Rogerson, Sally-Anne Huckstepp, Michael Drury and all of the other players. I found that whole series of events fascinating.

Have you ever started researching a murder and found you couldn’t /shouldn’t wouldn’t turn it into a Podcast?

I haven’t come across anything like that yet. Generally, the only thing I won’t cover are cases that have been done numerous times by other podcasts, or cases that have entire podcasts dedicated to them aleady.

What is your favourite Podcast to listen to?

The Joe Rogan Experience. It’s the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. The variety of guests is amazing. I also love Hardcore History. The research that goes into the show and Dan Carlin’s storytelling is phenomenal.

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You only very rarely give us a glimpse of what you are really thinking and feeling on a case..

What makes you want (or not want) to comment?

I’m a big believer in presenting all of the facts I can find and letting people come to their own conclusions. So much of the true crime genre is incredibly biased. They only present the facts that suit their particular narrative or angle. I don’t like that. I try to remain completely neutral and let the facts tell the story.

Which Podcast has given you the most ‘flack’ in the media?

(If I had to pick, it would be the Catholic Mafia) – and how do you go about responding to your critics.

There is nothing that I’m aware of from the Catholic Mafia episode, although I was expecting some. I’m not aware of any one episode giving us flak in the media. I don’t actively search for comments or critiques though, so it is possibly out there. I’m just not aware of it.

I love the fact that you have kept your identity anonymous, why did you decide to do so (if you can share!).

The show is about the story, not a host. I let the facts speak for themselves, and stay out of the way. So it works really well being anonymous.

How do you go about choosing your case every week – what’s the process like?

There is no real process. Some cases are chosen because I have heard of them, but knew nothing about them. The Wanda beach murders and Snowtown would be examples of this. Others have been suggested to us by listeners and after looking into them I knew I had to cover them. Lisa Marie Young and Lindsay Buziak are examples of this. Others Like Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, I randomly stumbled across while researching other cases

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Do you ever have a ‘clash of opinion’ with the other Casefile members about how to portray a murderer or how things played out?

No not at all. So far so good! The great thing about the Casefile team is that there is a complete lack of ego. Everyone is open to ideas and critiques. I’m incredibly lucky to have assembled such an amazing team. It has all run very smoothly so far.

Please please please – go listen to Casefile!!!!


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