What Happened To Tegan Lane?

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What Happened To Tegan Lane?

Any parent looking at the case of Keli Lane can’t help but feel a wave of sadness for the unwanted baby who died at her hands. Her name was Tegan Lane.

Baby Tegan Lee Lane was born at Auburn Lane Hospital on the 12th of September 1996. Her mother was just 21 years old, and a promising water polo player who, in 1995, had won a silver medal with the Australian Junior Women’s team in Quebec, Canada. She also had no plans to have children, with her goal being to represent Australia in water polo at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. .au | Stay at Home

Two days after Tegan was born, Keli Lane and her then partner, rugby player Duncan Gillies, attended a wedding in Manly. Tegan was nowhere to be seen. For reasons that remained unclear for many years, the baby simply dropped off the face of the earth, with nobody the wiser as to her disappearance.

The Disappearance of Tegan Lane

Sadly, the disappearance of baby Tegan went entirely unnoticed until 1999 when Keli Lane gave birth to another child. Lane intended to adopt the baby out, and informed the social worker that this child was her first, and that Gillies was the father. However, Gillies denied this and fearing for the safety of the child, social workers took the baby into temporary foster care. .au 8 | Stay at Home

It was at this time that, undertaking necessary checks on Keli Lane prior to adopting out the baby, that social workers realised that Lane had given birth to Tegan Lane in 1996. In fact, what they uncover about Keli Lane and her past surprises everybody, not in the least her family, friends and partner who had no idea what had been going on right under their noses.

To get a good understanding of the mindset of Keli Lane, it makes sense to delve into her past a little bit, and see the strange path she had taken to end up where she is today.

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