7 Romantic Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day On A Budget

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7 Romantic Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day On A Budget

Valentine’s Day is but once a year and even if you’re married with children, it’s a great excuse to get some romance happening.

And celebrating Valentine’s day on a budget can also be a good choice.

I’ve read a funny frugal ode on Valentine’s day and it says ” Roses are red, violets are blue, retailers want a lot of money from you.” LOL.

True! It’s this time where people go lavish in fancy, candlelight dinners with wine and splurge a larger-than-life bouquet of flowers to show their affection for a loved one. But for someone else’s empty pocket sake, a grandiose Valentine’s date can be put off till next year.

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You don’t need to play the Grinch on Valentine’s Day this year! Here are some romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day on a budget.

1. Go for a movie night.

Rent your favourite movie, make or buy some movie snacks and snuggle together under a blanket in front of the tv. Watch something romantic like The Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love…..awwww! What happens next is up to you…

2. Pack a picnic.

Pack some delicious nibbles (click here for picnic food ideas), grab a blanket (yeah, it’s a Valentine’s must-have!) and head to your favourite spot. Choose a nice park with a view or the beach, or even just your backyard. Some tealight candles in a jar are a lovely idea to get the romance going!


3. Make it a family affair.

Valentine’s Day is about the ones you love so get the kids to help make a meal. Eat by candlelight as a family, then after the kids have gone to bed, have a fancy dessert for just the two of you!


4. Hide secret notes.

Write out a selection of love notes and sneak them into your partner’s pockets, lunch box, briefcase etc so he will find them during the course of the day. Go over the top soppy – Valentine’s Day is but once a year!

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5. Make some dessert.

Leave the kids with Grandma for an hour or so after dinner, and go out to a fancy restaurant just for dessert!  It’s much cheaper than a three-course meal – but will be just as special.

6. Repeat your first date.

Did you eat fish and chips and watch the sunset on your first date? Why not recreate it – even take the kids – it will still be very special and they would love the hear story of how you met!

 7. Run your partner a bubble bath.

Run a nice hot bath with a fluffy towel and bubbles, and let your partner soak to make him feel special. Don’t forget to leave his favourite book by the tub. Or if it’s a big bath, jump in together!

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a romantic evening. It only needs to be special for both you and your significant other!  

What are your frugal ideas in spending Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day On A Budget

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