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10+ Unique Online Business Ideas Anyone Could Do

I do love to try and help people find their ‘calling’.  And seeing I have found so much pleasure in starting my own online business, I always try and find ideas for others too.  These are ten unique ideas for small online businesses.  None require a university degree, but all will take drive, passion, work and commitment, which is what small businesses are all about.

Stay tuned as I will be doing a series of these!  Remember to grab my new Ebook on How to Find, Source and Sell Products Online which gives you a huge list of wholesalers and will also tell you what sells well, what is trending and what you should consider before starting a new business.

I wish you all the luck in the world!

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Always Trendin

is your one-stop-shop for creating your own clothing line in the most ethical and sustainable way. From designing garments to customer delivery, they help you with the entire production process. Creating tech packs, low MOQs, and speedy sample turnaround times are what they do best. If you’re ready to create your own label or brand, Always Trendin is an excellent starting point.

Write Ebooks for Other People

Every second person today is a blogger.  Rather than becoming one as well, why not take advantage of that and do some of the work that they don’t have time for!  If you are great at writing on a particular topic, try writing an ebook and selling the rights to bloggers who can than rebrand it as their own.

It saves them the time of writing, editing, formatting and gives them an ‘End Product’ that just needs their logo at the end.  They can then sell the product as a part of their business!

You could sell a nearly-complete 30-page ebook manuscript for $300 – $600

How to Buy Sell and Source Products Online | Stay at Home Mum

Check out our latest Ebook on ‘How to Find, Source and Sell Products Online‘ .

Create Your Own Line of Hair Products

If you are a hairdresser or just have a great idea for a line of products, now is easier than ever before to achieve this because there are companies that have done all the hard work for you.  They have produced a product, bottled it – and just need a label with your logo on it for you to start selling your very own haircare products.

Or if this isn’t your thing, you can have a laboratory actually design and make a ‘bespoke’ line just the way you like it, using the ingredients you most desire.

If you are looking for ‘White Label’ Hair Products (that you just brand yourself) – try the following:

Laboratories that offer a bespoke made product include:

Buy a Niche Drop Shipping Website

Dropshipping is selling products on your website, but instead of stocking them, you are buying them directly from the wholesaler – who then sends the product directly to your customer.  You just keep the profit in the middle.

Keep an eye on the Small Businesses for Sale group as we add dropshipping sites all the time.  Or you can look at getting a pre-made fully functional Drop Shipping website – ready to go.

Places like Dropship For Sale do this – and if you use the code STAYATHOMEMUM you get 10% off your website!

Dropship For Sale

Check out their Niche websites – they are actually very pretty and extremely affordable.  Use the code STAYATHOMEMUM for 10% off!

They have other niche websites like:


Women's Fashion Website


Start Your Own Adult Product Store

There are many party-plan businesses, but why not start your own version of party plan with ‘Adult’ products that would be perfect for a Hens Night.

Check out our article on ‘Where to Buy Wholesale Vibrators to Sell at a Profit’.

Don’t just stop thinking vibrators though, you could also do niche adult products such as:

  • Plus Size Lingerie
  • Cosplay Outfits
  • Toys for LGBTQ
  • Products especially for transgender people.

wholesale adult products | Stay at Home Mum

Source Ethical Clothing Basics for Fashion Start-Ups

There is a huge demand now for ethical clothing made from natural fibres such as bamboo.  If you could find a direct supplier either here in Australia or Overseas and be willing to import them, you can easily make a good profit on selling the clothing for other fashion houses to brand it as they see fit.


Create a Bespoke Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are HUGE right now, and there are new boxes coming on the market all the time.  If you have a unique idea for 5 – 7 mini-products that you can box beautifully and sell every month – you could be onto a winner!

Check out our article on ‘How to Start Your Own Subscription Box Business‘ for step by step instructions.

subscription boxes that are all the rage | Stay at Home Mum

Digital Photo Album Organiser

Now, this is a job I would happily employ someone to do for me!  Do you have literally thousands of photographs of multiple devices that need to be sorted, possibly printed or at least saved in one location in order so that you don’t lose them?  It is a hugely time-consuming job, so if you enjoy organising other people, why not do this as a small business idea!


Vintage Fashion Supplier

If you love to sort through the racks at second-hand clothing stores and grab the labels that stand the test of time, why not focus on having your own fashion store for vintage clothing items.  If you sell through Etsy, not only do you not need to spend a fortune on a website, but you can sell to people all over the world that are looking for just that!

Example of who has done it:

American Archive is an Etsy store that currently has this listing for a 1900’s Antique Lace Bridal Gown.


Specialise in Fertility Teas

Many women are wanting to try natural therapies for infertility before trying IVF.  Fertility Teas have grown in popularity.  Many have already been put together by Naturopath’s, however, if you are willing to try different teas (and ensure they are safe) – you can put together your own version.

And it isn’t just Fertility Teas.  There are Tea’s for depression, tea’s for better sex, tea’s for regular periods.

Create Your Own Activewear Line

You can now create your very own range of Activewear, in any colour, style and shape you wish!

To find a manufacturer that will make your activewear to spec:

Find more information in our article ‘Free List of Fashion Wholesalers and Manufacturers’

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If you want to start selling online, need help on marketing strategies, website development, content creation, video production and much more! We could help you to start your business online!

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