13 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $100

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13 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $100

Everyone dreams of one day being their own boss.

Sure, having your own small business isn’t always easy, but investing in yourself, and putting all that hard work into something that will only benefit you, has many advantages.  But the one thing about starting a new business is the sheer cost.

But there are a lot of business ideas out there that are really cheap to get up and running, plus they can be very profitable if you put in the time and effort. So here are 13 businesses you can start with less than $100!

Yes – no catches – just your time, enthusiasm and dedication. All these businesses are relatively easy to start and don’t have huge start up costs – in fact, very little start ups costs.  So grab your $100 and spend it on your own business!

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Here is a list of all the businesses that you can start for under $100 – and how to go about starting them!

1. Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator

Make and sell a delicious range of gourmet goods – there is a huge demand for homemade goodies, especially after Covid where people are valuing good homemade food done well.

Find out how here –>

2. Flat Lay Instagram Photographer

If you have a good eye for photography and know how to make a product ‘pop’ – consider becoming a Flatlay Photographer and sell your images to Instagram Influencers. This business can be started for under $100.

Find out how here –>

3. Home Holiday Decorator

If you only want seasonal work and a bit of extra money during the holidays, think about becoming a seasonal holiday decorator.

Find out how here –>

4. Small Business Marketing

Start a Small Business Marketing business at home from only $100 in start-up costs.  All you need is access to a computer, a diary, a phone (most of which everyone has already) – and a tenacious attitude.

Find out how to start —>

5. Home Organiser

A Home Organiser goes to people’s homes and makes changes with the home owner to better utilise their things and space.  You can earn up to $100 per hour!

Find out how to start —>

6. Morning School Run Coordinator

7. Mobile Spray Tanner

8. Become a Professional Youtuber

9. Freelance Writer for Websites and Blogs

10. Pet Daycare or Pet Sitter

11. Hold Online Cooking Classes

12. Make Your Own Bespoke Cosmetics

13. Eco House Cleaning

14. Take and Sell Photographs for Stock Photography Websites

15. Start a local newspaper or news website

16. Make and Sell Unique Gift Baskets

17. Unique Tea Blend Creator

18. Make Second Hand Furniture Fabulous

19. Start and Monetize a Blog

20. Start Your Own Subscription Box Business

Coming Soon:

  • Resume Writing Services

  • Dropshipping E-Commerce Business

  • Niche Blog

  • Write and Sell E-Books

  • Business Plan Writer or Grant Writing

  • eBay Seller

  • Local Tour Consultant

  • Genealogy Researcher

  • Fashion Consultant

  • Home Stager for Real Estate

  • Menu Planner

  • Professional Product Reviewer

  • Domain Trader

Morning School Run Coordinator

Got a large vehicle?  Are you always reliable, good with kids and available?  Then perhaps consider becoming a morning school run coordinator!  Loads of Mums have to work – and they have to leave for work before they can get the kids to school – and if the kids are in late primary and high school – and you are going in that direction – perhaps approach Mum’s to do the pickup and drop off in the mornings.

Even consider doing school lunches for the kids too to ‘Up-sell’ your business.

Of course, you will require a Blue Card and appropriate car seats in your vehicle.

How to Advertise for Clients:

  • Advertise at your local school through the newsletter.
  • If you have a larger vehicle with multiple seats, approach local childcare centres to do the pickup and drop of runs.
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